Friday, June 3, 2011

Caught in the spotlight


Ok so I've been caught red handed , or rather red shirted! ....sigh sorry bad joke! but how great is this complete set which is new at Vero Modero, it comes with 2 collar sizes, in this picture I have opted for the smaller version but the larger one has a great dramatic impact.

There are so many hunts on at the moment knowing which one to choose has been hard, so I went for the zombie popcorn hunt, and have picked up some amazing items, and I intend to blog a few. I really love this skin from Natural beauty which actually has a deeper colour than my picture shows, I picked up another hunt skin while I was there, which was a super added bonus! what I adore about the skins that I have from this store is the strong colours.

It's great to pick up hunt items, which to me is a great help to choose which stores items I love the most. I only ever blog things that I really truly many items so little time :)

Hair: 0L - wang - steel > Vive9
Skin: 0L Zombie Popcorn hunt item > Natural beauty
Outfit: 450L -  Vesti set > Vero Modero
Boots: 250L - Boho boots - Black & dark brown > Les Petit details

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