Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bunny year

Its chinese new year and this year its year of the bunny. So they think that they would have the right now to talk a lot. Like carrots are the best food. Carrot cake for the masses and gras we do not eat gras we want carrots ... the only solution is to press the hands on the ears till they have finished their odd talk or have sore throats and stop talking because of that.

At the Ozimal sims a hunt to the chinese new year is taking place at the moment. As the hunts before you need to search for objects and get keys you could use in the stores on the sims to get the gifts. The dress and the tattos on the picture are from katat0nik. The skybox comes from moch and the wristlet from Frippery. The bunny bench is the gift from
Skybox: +mocha+ - Bunny with Me (0$ Huntgift)
Outfit: *katat0nik* Eva Bunny Tattoo Sleeves , *katat0nik* (black) Eva Bunny Outfit (0$ Huntgift)
Bench: *F&TFC* Year Of The Rabbit Hunt Gift 2011 (Oz) BOXED (0$ Huntgift)
Wristlet: ET~Year of the Rabbit Bracelet (Ozimals Exclusive) (0$ Huntgift)

An other great hunt gift is this golden fairy like dress. Its very shiny so i took the picture in black. The dress is the gift from *PDD*.
Dress: *PDD* LineGold Dress for hunt (0$ Huntgift)

Then my wish had been granted

Finally culottes!! ok so with this whole outfit they're a little more like hareem pants, but they're culottes really they are! IZM has come good yet again, and not only by providing us culottes (yeah yeah the culotte thing was a personal challenge of mine) but they put them on the lucky board! eeeeeeeeeek! so they come complete with the belt and cute embroidered bag attached, also with the leggings with tie around the knee.I have a feeling these with be a firm favourite of mine for a long time.

Culottes: Free group lucky board item > Izm
Top: L$10 white sari top > Zeery's
Jewelry: L$99 Warrior jewelry set > Ganked
Shoes: Free group gift ( set of 4 ) > Tram
Hair: Free gift > Yuna's hair

In which I grab my purse and head to the shops

It's not often you can say that when you pick up your purse that it has more in it than the last time you looked! but that happened to me today and I think it was the work of pixies, I love pixies! ;P If you want a purse like mine (contents excluded) go grab this group gift at autre. Whilst you're out pick up this shirt on the lucky board at !1mm. There are 2 different coloured versions at the both stores and come with a tie, however I detached it and added a scarf instead. I picked up this pink version at the main store.

Shirt: Free lucky board item > !1mm
Hair: Free gift ( says demo on the ad ) > Yuna's hair
Purse: Free group gift > AuTre
Shoes: Free group gift ( comes in a 4 pack) > Tram
Scarf: L$5 gift silk sun scarf- english rose > Zeery's
Pants: Former subscribo gift  relax pants ( could still be in history) > Pesca

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pretty Green

Just an excuse to make a song I love fit the title of a blog post really....well, that and the fact that my outfit is very pretty , um and also green! very green...Oh dear! anyway this gorgeous dress that I wear is a new store opening gift at !1MM. Yes that store that I almost always blog about in every post, well how can I not when the place is full of such fantastic items at bargains prices!

Dress: Free group gift > !1mm
Scarf: L$5 gift > Zeery's
Tights: L$1 Part of a 4 pack ( asian stockings- green) > Awram viie
Boots: L$50 ( fifty linden Friday item ) > Tiny bird

3 years A:S:S

Sitting at home after having taken a bath. Smoking a cigar and eating a piece of the a:s:s birhtday cake while thinking about the tricky questions which lowrise trousers to wear. Which makeup to put on and which shirt to add to the trousers. A:S:S (anotherstupidtshirtshop) is a great store. They got cool trousers, cool shirts and supercool makeup. To say it short i love their stuff and the love and the creativity which is put in every item. This weekend its the 3rd birthday of A:S:S and i d like to wish an happy birthday of course. And go on like this.One of their latest releases were those 69 shirts. Of course they are also sold for 69$. They come on all layers including a primpart which has an inbuilt belt.
So here a picture of all of them. The feathers for the head are also from a:s:s as well as the trousers.
Tops: A:S:S - 69 Raglan (one 69$)
Trousers: A:S:S - Zipper pants - black (75 $)
Feathers for the hair : a:s:s : Feather hair clips (50$ each or 120$ for the fatpack)

Coat on the first picture: A:S:S - Oscar - black (95 Linden)

(this weekend all the items are sold for 50% so hurry to get a bargain and maybe some cool feathers)

Happy anniversary Ezura

Its the 2nd anniversary of Ezura. A great store for gothic and romantic fashion. And well also for sexy stuff. The store is named after the Designer and she seems to like it when its only needed to take the skirt off to wear something sexy which looks good in every bedroom. Which is great as great lingerie worn under a great dress but being not completly covered by the dress could sometimes look extremly nongreat.

The latest release from Ezura are the Willow gowns. And for men there are fitting suits to the dresses available. Which is an as great idea as creating outfits which could be also used as lingerie. The gowns are available in 4 colours, black, mocha, emerald and teal. Dress: + ezura + Willow Lady *Mocha Gown Set (458$)

As i have a thing for teal i like the teal version of the dress best of course. The dresses come with sleeves for the arms but could also be worn without.
Dress: + ezura + Willow Lady *teal Gown Set (458$)

The dresses are not only available in a gown version. There is also a version sold which comes with a short skirt or a skirt which is short at the front but long at the backside. In the gown version are also open skirts included. But those are open at the side not at the whole front. Both versions have in common that they could be worn as lingerie. For that its only needed to take off the skirt and maybe also the sleeves.
Dress: + ezura + Willow Lady *Emerald Mini + Ero Set (458$)

Currently for groupmembers the blue version of the Willow Gowns is available as groupgift. But only for people who have joined the Ezura group before the anniversary event started. At the moment the group is closed. On the lucky board the Mini version in blue could be won at the moment.
Dress: + ezura + 2nd Anniversary VIP Lucky Board (0$ you need to be a groupmember)

As written there are also fitting suits for men available. This is a picture of the black one. It also suits women well. I like the lightly stripped trousers a lot.
Outfit: + ezura + Willow Male *Coal Set (458$)

When taking pictures at this great location (its somewhere in the City of lost Angels) i had to take an other picture of one of my favourite gowns from Ezura its the Winter Night gown in black. I still love all those flowers on it so much.
Dress: + ezura + Winter Night Set *Black (488$)

There is also a sale takeing place at the store. Some items are sold for 50% the sale takes place from 28-31th Jan and 4th-7th Feb.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catching up on the freebies: part 2

Skirt with belt : Free gift ( comes in 2 version , with/without fringing) > House of Fox
Socks: Free group ( white ) > Salire
Scarf: Free Gift > Mr poet
Glasses: Free lucky board item > Black owl
Top: L$59 ( zebra - white) > Awram Viie
Shoes: L$195 Flower pumps > Black Owl

Hair: Free Valentine's day group gift > Dura
Head band:  Gacha item L$15 red kamiribon > Tokidoki
Jacket: L$25 Stacie's strength jacket - red > Phoenix rising
Skirt: Free lucky board item > Lemon ginger
Tights: L$1 > !1MM
Shoes: Free group gift ( multi-pack) > Maitreya

[the poet's imagination]

According to Wikipedia, Luna blessed us with "...a vague, unscientific color term which may be used to refer to almost any grayish-brown, brownish-gray, or warm gray color" this 12th week - and that is 'taupe'. I had a slight idea of what to go for, but I guess it's just up to everyone's imagination what and what not to see as taupe - just as it's the poet's artistic freedom to see an abandoned beach and wolves underneath the city's silvery moon.

[the poet's imagination]

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Shaved
Hair: Dura - Boy15

Shirt: Pig - Tableau Guayabera (previous gift)
Pants: A:S:S - FF Pinstripes
Jacket: Alphamale - Classic Leather Jacket - Beige

Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: - Inka
Book and Pen: ~Scribble~ - Drops Notebook (previous 50L Friday Exclusive)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catch up with the freebies

I'll cut the chat this time and let the clothes speak for themselves. I've so many outfits to blog that I barely know where to begin!

Top: Free Midnight mania item  ( Part of a whole outfit )> Delights by Talena
Jean: Free group gift ( shorter  version)  > Airflow
Boots: Free Euphoria hunt item Pirate boots - beige Muism
Scarf: Free subscribo/group  gift > Paperdoll
Hair with hat: Free luckyboard item > HNF factory
Belt: L$1 > Frenzy

Top: Free lucky board item > Cherrish
Jeans: Free group gift ( longer length version) > Airflow
Belt: Free group gift > Tokidoki
Shoes: Free Lucky board ( Mommy and me flats ) Baby Monkey
Hair: Free Group Lucky board > Cherry girl
Scarf: Non Free > Maitreya

Vest: Free gift > Jane
Skirt: Free gift ( part of multi-pack) > Jane
Jacket: Free Group gift > Latte
Tights: Free group gift ( purple) Latte
Socks: Free group gift ( pink) S@BBiA
Boots: Free group gift > Coco
Hair: L$1 Exile Kyanna - Greystone @ Enky's dollar store

Outfit: L$1(includes vest, shorts, bracelet & boots with socks also available in 3 other colours) Glad rags
Hair bow:L$20  Gacha item !1mm
Sweater : From UFO but it seems that it is no longer for sale :( 

Monday, January 24, 2011


The feathers for the hair from a:s:s are just brilliant. I love how elegant the white swan feathers are. And how well the raven feathers go with white hair (they are of course also elegant).
The macaw one is pretty and colourful.
And of course there is a peacock one available.
The feather hair clips come copy. Thats useful at it takes a bit time to adjust them (at least when you are as bad as i am in that) but not more than 5 minutes which is ok in my opinion as every hair is different. They also could be worn in different ways. For expample when planing to be an elegant ferret.
Feathers for the hair : a:s:s : Feather hair clips (50$ each or 120$ for the fatpack)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Alice wandering around searching for the rabbit. But she can't find i at all. She had met a crazy cat. Drunken strange drinks but no bunny and no rabbit. Its annoying. So she decides to go home. There she spends some time with searching for a turtle after that she has to go to bed.
When trying to win this alice like dress i only thought wow cool thats a cool dress i could use in roleplay. But then when getting the reations while wearing it i started to understand oh oh it looks like the dress alice in wonderland wears. I only read the books and do not have a tv so i had no clue about the films (i have a big lack in education in those things). Its kind of funny that i won at the next days fitting hair and even a fitting skin for the outfit. The hair is from trico and the skin from mothers goose. The eyes are from Sterling Artistry eyes the only eyeshop i visit.
Dress left: +NK+Maid Revolution_alice (0$ Lucky board)
Dress right: + NK + -2011_U- red (0$ Lucky board)
Hair: :::{{trico}}:::GINETTE for LB limited color
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. Prida(2)LB/winter (0$ Lucky board)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes: sa_StarlightEyes_GlisteningDew (50$)

Bedtime for Dragons

A little dragon not wanting to sleep. So it jumped onto the cupboard screaming down "nooo i do not need to sleep. Noo its not late yet. Nooo my bed is not comfy". At the end it only needed some cookies and some milk as bribes and the Dragon went to bed. Good Pjs are rare in second life. There is lots of good looking lingerie and you also could get good looking undies for men at stores like vitamen. But how about cute and funny pjs? Intrigue has this cute dragon pj. It comes even with a tail and dragonslippers. To say it short its adorable and lovely and just the cutest pj i have seen for a long time. The set comes with a version for guys and one for girls so you could make a dragonpj party with your best friends. Or you get yourself one of the other pjs from Intrigue. There are more which are made like this one available at the store. I only liked the dragon one best as i roleplay as dragon and so its not only a pj its also a great item for roleplay.

Pjs: Intrigue Co. - Dragon PJs (100$)