Saturday, June 11, 2011

The magical owl

A merciless sun raged rampant at noon, as waterwards wandered a thirsty baboon,
He staggered and teetered and started to totter , In all of his days he'd never been hotter
At the water's edge he stretched out his lips and sucked in the water in long luscious sips.
Revived to his mischievous self by his drinking he saw his reflection which started him thinking.
"I wonder why someone as clever as I should look so dull and drab to the eye? how can I change that
Hmmmm , let me see GOT IT a sign on the Baobab tree!"BORED WITH YOUR LOOKS? WANT SOMETHING NEW? MEET HERE TOMORROW AT DAWN IF YOU DO.  That's what he painted thats's what it said, that's what everyone passing by read.

Zoo theme

The fingers of dawn had scare touched the sky when a host of animals all gathered nigh.
"friends" Baboon said "good morning to you , I presume you'd all like to wear something new?
I've found a magical owl, which as you know can magic whatever you wish to be so, swapping our looks would be easy to do Ostrich my friend may I swap with you?. Ostrich and feathers were very soon parted, with that all the swapping and switching was started.

"My stripes for your spots I'll help you arrange them" said Zebra to Leopard who answered "Exchange them!"Giraffe and Lion swapped spots for mane , now lion was spotty, Giraffe hairy and plain.
Then up snorted warthog " who'd like my warts?" sniggers and jeers were the only retorts no-one took first choice second or third , giggles and titters were all warthog heard. "Now" Baboon said "it's time for inspection, at the waters edge you can see your reflection"

Down by the water's edge one by one they peered in and cried "oh what have we done!" there were grunts and roars and screeches of fright "Baboon" they wailed "we must wish ourselves right, that magical owl where is he we need him?!"  "friends" he replied I'm sorry I freed him" and in their stunned silence they heard warthog say "I think a warthog looks better this way, truth to tell such distinctive features make us the most unique of creatures" The others lamented the looks they had lost "SEE" they exclaimed "what our vanity cost!"


After years in captivity Owl was glad to be free, so he flew and he flew and straight into a tree! with feathers all ruffled and slightly forlorn Owl wandered hazily onto a lawn.
"oh look you poor dear" Sister Fauna exclaimed and scooped up the poor bird bedraggled and maimed
"Dear Nun" squawked the owl all shaken and stirred "I think I've been rather a silly old bird", please help me recover and I promise you this I'll grant you my last and most magical wish"
So after a week of T.L&C the magical Owl was as good as can be, Sister Fauna whispered her wish then harked with delight as they made off to the roof for her very first flight.


For this weeks Taste of SL deals there is a zoo theme with many many animal print items, but what I particularly loved were the poses and props, so that is what inspired my most peculiar post. The Elephant  comes from Magnifique with 5 different poses , the owl is from Lauria complete with 6 poses.. The Nun outfit is from 22769 and is their fabulous offering for the Hollywood walk of fame hunt (details here) check the orange hunt hint poster for hint.

Elephant & poses: 99L  > Magnifique
Owl & poses: 75L > Lauria
All other animals (apart form the cheeky monkey who only came on loan for a few minutes): 0L - Midnight mania board items > Neon Frog
Nun outfit: 0L - Hollywood walk o fame hunt item > 22769

In Which Sian Indulges in Love Poetry

Sian writes poetry sometimes. This is a sonnet Sian wrote for her lover, Columbine. The scene is the garden on the roof of Sian's home.

Poem 1

You would not speak to me directly. You

Had made your face an actor's mask, immobile.

Poem 3

Your lips now black like velvet, painted to
Affect a hollow chinadoll's half-smile;
Your skin and eyes retextured, white like teeth.

Poem 4

You - Lavender in Monochrome - spent hours,
Distracted, sweetly cursing me beneath
My grove of alien trees and gleaming flowers,

Poem 2

Still unresolved but not restrained in love,
A second death between not-mine and mine.

Poem 5

If lagging still, you moved just fast enough
To be the avatar of Columbine
Whose bitter jests could crash us both forever.
I wanted you, my fetish, more than ever.

Poem 6

Sian is wearing:
Boots: [Leezu!] Courtisane Esprit de Sable Old White L$450
Pants: [Leezu!] Britpants Silver L$320
Corset: [Leezu!] Lea Vivendi Pants L$190
Bracelets: [Leezu!] India Bracelets (modified) L$0
Body Tattoos: [AVM] TCC1-11 Sleeve Tattoo L$129
Pasties: From [Graves] G222 Crossfire White
Eyes: [A:S:S Vision] Darkness in Your Eyes - Cinnamon L$50

Columbine is wearing:
Outift: [Caverna Obscura] Arlecchina L$599
Skin: [Nuuna's Skins] Playing Card Skins L$300
Makeup: [Nuuna's Skins] Tattoo Eyebrows L$300
Lashes: [Catwa] 3D NoAlpha Lashes #2 L$100
Eyes: [A:S:S Vision] Soultrap Eyes L$50

Friday, June 10, 2011

In Which Sian Wears Shiny Shoes in Space

Sian received for review these fabulous shoes from Goran Osterham of SKIFIJA, which are smooth, shiny, immaculately cut, and with that all-important "delete" button for those resize scripts.

A nice thing the shoes have is this chat-activated script that fixes your feet meaning that you don't get that thing you get with some shoes where your prim shoes make your feet go all funny when you sit on some chairs. Is that common? Sian hasn't come across that before. She likes it, anyway.

Wearing a hunt freebie from last month's Dark Future Hunt that she hadn't got round to unboxing, Sian took a trip to Necronom VI for the photos, taking care to go when no one else was there so she didn't get people asking if they could sexually assault her and stuff.

Hello SpaceGirl 3

Hello SpaceGirl 1

Hello SpaceGirl 2

Catsuit: [Blue Blood] Murderella lite (Hunt Gift, no longer available)
Shoes: [SKIFIJA] Full Speed Tornado Silver

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Queen of the night


Oh there she goes again stealing song titles for the title of her blog posts but it was always my favourite from the magic flute. Still trying to catch up on the fabulousness! oh oh this dress! how gorgeous is it! what struck me about it's design is that how well it suits so many different genres , it's a fabulous piece of formal wear but also I love how it fits a gothic / vampiric look too oh just imagine a skin like the one that Storm blogged (don't tell him but I drool over that picture, I might run up and bite him later). Now the hair I wear is a unisex one and is a group gift at Salon de Glow, but as I went to check out the landmark the store looked a little deconstructed, so i'm not sure if it about to move or having a refit , but i'll update the post once I know more. The boots have that Victoriana feel about  them & have a squared off toe , I haven't seen many boots or shoes like that in SL so that makes me love them even more and they come in many yummy colours...ahhhhh.

Hair: 0L - group gift  > Salon de Glow
Outfit: 600L -  Goldie flower dress > Vero Modero
Necklace: 180L - Round set (comes with matching earrings not visible here)   >  JD Design
Boots: 350L - Flora boots - black > Lassitude & ennui
Pose: 55L each - from she's so shy range > Lauria

[rockin' the coffin]

Leather, studs, bones and feathers - your blogging cold one is indeed in a rocking mood today... even though he's crawled out of his coffin only 30 minutes ago. But then again, I couldn't figure a better start into the day than rock and vertebrae, so here's the look!

[rockin' the coffin]

Leather first! Those smexy, tightly fitted pants are from Miamai, and I particularly adore the flared legs and the well-made side lacing - just the right things to make it a beloved piece of your wardrobe and give it a sturdy feel and look. Perfect footwear matches were the 'New Rock'-boots from Little Britain Designs, sculpted goodness in the shape of the RL-brand I own as well, with shiny textures and a look that screamed "BUY ME!" when I spotted them in store. And of course I did!

The 'Vampire Coat' from Amerie has been around for a little longer, but it's still one of my favourite pieces. The combination of elegant pinstripe fabric and chains is simply gorgeous, and I love the decadent looking sleeves and collar made from black and peacock feathers. The coat's prim-parts are resize scripted, and you can also choose to wear the collar without the small chains and cross dangling from it - just in case you don't get along well with crosses.

I guess the body is actually my fav in this post: not only because of the stunning eyes from Poetic Colors, which are brand new and still on a 50% off sale through Sunday, June 12th, but also because of the rather extraordinary hair from Miamai that immediately tickled my fancy. It looks a bit like a high, teased ponytail, with vertebrae of silver crowning it, and the hairpiece blends in perfectly with the hairbase - to be honest, I haven't seen such a fluent transition between sculpts and textures before.

After wearing [Buried]-skins for a long while when wanting to go for a more juvenile look (and never being quite satisfied with the nose texture on my shape), I think I now gained a new obsession after my friend Monica showed me the lickable skins from [.:Mascarade:.]. I love the androgynous, youthful appearance and soft definition of the body, and the unusual look of the eyebrows is also a really big plus. Besides, you can snatch up each for 300L$ for the less recent and 500L$ for the newer skins, a real deal!

Skin: [.:Mascarade:.] - Nilan
Hair: Miamai - Dem (hairbase sold separately)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Classic - November Ice
Beard: -dD- Beards - Rodrigo

Coat: AMERIE - Vampire Coat
Pants: Miamai - Regalia Black Homme Pants
Boots: New Rock - Black Leather Knee Boots

Piercings: -.HoD.- - Dimpled Piercing
Nailpolish: A:S:S - Nailpolish - Deep Crimson

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In uniform


Oh would you look at me sat on that whopper cannon! well only a woman in uniform could get away with that and wow what a uniform hey?! There are 4 uniforms to choose from in the military pinups range new at Alexohol Fashions, all very sexy so it's hard to choose! all outfits include the hat, stockings and gloves. This outfit would be awesome for roleplay but actually i've enjoyed zipping around in it too!

 I think the shoes fit perfectly with this outfit but then they could go well with so many other things too . This particular version are amazingly  free in the Black butler hunt, but there a lovely range of colours instore at Lassitude & ennui too, detailing  as usual is incredible so do please go check them out. The black Butler hunt runs from 1st June to the 30th and has some super little gems , there are quite a few of my favourite stores taking part check here for Landmarks.

Hair: 0L group gift > D!va
Skin: 0L luckyboard item - sarah - spring > Perception
Uniform: 200L -   Army pin up uniform >Alexohol Fashions
Shoes: 0L Nostalgia pumps - Black Butler hunt item > Lassitude & Ennui
Pose: 20L per pose -  salute model pose >Magnifique

Miss Nuenza

Miss Nuenza was one of the best known illusionists. She let houses disappear and stones dance. Nobody knew much about her past. Her fame was based on the old rabbit trick. She was able to get so many out of her hat that even her colleagues had no idea how she did it. When she started her career her audience consisted out of many other illusionists - most of them more famous than she at that time - who tried to find out how her tricks worked. She got invitations from many of those men who tried to seduce her and to win her heart so that she would tell them how the illusions worked. None of those attempts was ever successful. Miss Nuenza was kind, sometimes she stayed of night but the men forgot what had happened in the time they had been alone with her. She was smart enough to let them believe that she had spend a time full of pleasures with them and their egos were big enough to believe her. The truth was Miss Nuenza wasn't an illusionist at all. She was a changeling. Her elven parents had exchanged her for a human child. She had not been aware of this for a long time but when she finally found it out she visited the elven lands, filled with romantic thoughts and ideas but returned soon disappointed and decided to use her natural talents. The trick was to let the tricks look like they would be an illusion. And to know where she put the houses she let disappear. The last time she had lost one had been annoying for her. But much more annoying for the inhabitants of the house which she had also let disappear.
Questioning the bunny
The black butler hunt which is going on at the moment has a lot really well made and cute gifts. For example this suit with the long coats from Bubblez Design. It is made for guys but fits of course girls too. The prim parts have all a resize script which could be deleted. The chain which connects the both sides of the jacket is a nice detail. The hat has a black veil at the side and a bow wrapped around it. It is made for girls in my opinion. The lolli is also a huntgift. There are several mouthies included which could be worn too. For example tarrot cards or chocolate bars.

Suit: BB - Sebastian Outfit for Black Butler Hunt #7 (0 L$)
Hat: [ ANCAYI ] Black Butler Hat (0 L$)
Lolli: Bitter Rabbit - 05 (-Atypical-) Black Butler fun pack (0 L$)
Bunny: Hunt item in the black Butler hunt

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Which Sian's Soul Enters a Hall of Mirrors

For someone who takes so much concern for her appearance Sian only owns about three pairs of eyes she actually wears, and two of those she made herself.

So when Photos Nikolaidis of A:S:S (blog here, inworld shop here) made an offer on Plurk of a free pack of eyeballs to, um, eyeball, Sian got right in there and nabbed some before any of the other EE peeps could get a word in.

All of them come with optional prim attachments, and Sian loves them all. She particularly likes the tattoo layers and glistening teardrop attachments that come with the Tears in Your Eyes set that make it look like you're actually very sad, and the glowy prims on the Soultrap eyes are eerie and beautiful, and eerie and beautiful is a big plus for our Sian.

Sian loves these, and is actually intending to wear several of them, review copies or no (at the time of writing, she's wearing the Soultrap Eyes, in fact). Given that they're yours for the bargain sum of L$50 apiece (Sian is told there's also a "gatcha", offering different sets at L$10 too) she can't recommend them highly enough.

Top to bottom:
Darkness in your Eyes - cinnamon
Eclipse Eyes - atlantic

Top to bottom:
Heterochromia Eyes - blue
Heterochromia Eyes - blue and hazel
Homesick Eyes - helsinki

Top to bottom:
Moonlight in Your Eyes - plum
Resurrection Eyes - lt teal (small pupils version, also available with big pupils for that interested look)
Soultrap Eyes - blizzard (glowyprims not worn here)

Top to bottom:
Sparkles in Your Eyes iii - sunset
Tears in your Eyes - wheatfield
Vampiric Eyes - blue

Birthday Princess

At Saturday was my rl birthday so I wanted to be dressed elegantly in second life too. And I wanted to feel of course like a princess in both lives. So when seeing that Icing takes part in the disco deals at the moment I went there and got me this elegant black dress. It comes with a sculpted and a flexi skirt. As at all dresses from icing the shading is great. On the shoulders it has cute bows. The dress is also available in other colours but I liked it best n black. I added some of the happieness shared jewlery from frippery. Those consists out of many flowers and let the dress look a bit less strict.
princess like in black
Before going to get the dress from Icing I opened the birthday gift from a dear friend. The lingerie he has choosen is gorgeous. The set comes with the top and the bottom on the undies, undershirt and pants and shirt layer. It is lovely how many details the texture has. The cut with the seams let it look elegant, feminin and sexy and everything but cheap. Included into the set are several pairs of stockings. All of them have the classical look with seams at the backside.
Birthday lingerie front
Dress: * *ICING* Minuet - Black (50 L$ Disco deals)
Ring: Frippery~Happiness Shared in Blueberry & Sky (450 L$)
Wristlet: Frippery~Happiness Shared in Apple & Clay (450 L$)
Lingerie: OLD TIME PRIMS : Black Merry Widow Undergarment Set (wonderful gift so no looking how much it costs)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Blue Blood sometimes means black and white

Sira hated it when she was asked to spend time in the sun. Not that she did not like the sun but she had spend years on becoming pale and now she was asked to watch a childrens party in the outside. Luckily she had managed to find a dress with long sleeves and also fitting socks so that she would not get that tan. But she was still worried about her face.
blue blood sometimes means black and white
Blue Blood sells adorable goth style dresses. This one is one of their latest releases. It is called Ivana and could be worn on the many ways which are typical for blue blood. The Top could be worn without the black shirt under it. The skirt is also included in a version wich is open at the front and of course it works as lingerie when wearing it without the skirt. Of course it is also available in other colours. The pale lea skin from L.Fauna goes very well with the dress. When adding the included pinup makeup it fits even better. The Yumi hair from wasabi pills has the option to tint the bow black with white dots. This fits very well to rockabilly outfits (Im not sure if the hair worn like this ould fit to rockabilly) and also to goth or alternative outfits. I really like this hair and it is great to see that it could be used for a nice all day look as well as to create a gothgirl outfit.
Fauna skin with pinup makeup
Dress: +++BB+++ Ivana WG WHITE (150 L$)
Skin/Shape/Makeup : L.Fauna Skins : Lea (1000 L$ per skintone)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Yumi Hair (250 L$ per colourpack, 1500 L$ for the fatpack)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Love for beavers

Ellen was a typical indie girl. Her body was mainly covered by colourful tattoos. Not even her parents remembered her natural hair colour. But she started having a love for beavers which irritated most of her friends. She adored beavers and had even started a label to sell beaver inspired fashion. The success was surprising but she did not mind it at all.
friend of the beavers
Arnadi takes part in the zombie popcorn hunt. They made a tattoo as gift. It comes on all layers. For the hands they put the tattoo on the glove layer. It is unisex and looks pretty good. The necklace comes from Virtual/Insanity. The nails are from the same designer. Virtual/Insanity is always great to visit because they have so many stylish accessories which give the little extra which makes an outfit unique. The nails are available in two versions and come in three hand sizes. They are menu driven and so it is possible to choose between eight textures. The skin and shape come from L.Fauna. For this picture they are combined with a makeup which is included in the skinpacks. It changes the look a lot with the dark eyeshadow. The beaver shirt is a cheapie from 22769. There is also a version for those who love ferrets available. And the hair comes of course from Wasabi Pills.

Skin/Shape/Makeup : L.Fauna Skins : Lea (1000 L$ per skintone)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Yumi Hair (250 L$ per colourpack, 1500 L$ for the fatpack)
Tattoo: [arnadi] - Tattoo Hell Mex - ZombiePopcorn Hunt (0 L$)
Necklace: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY]: Asia Choker (125 L$)
Top: 22769 basic heart beavers tank (7$)