Saturday, June 11, 2011

In Which Sian Indulges in Love Poetry

Sian writes poetry sometimes. This is a sonnet Sian wrote for her lover, Columbine. The scene is the garden on the roof of Sian's home.

Poem 1

You would not speak to me directly. You

Had made your face an actor's mask, immobile.

Poem 3

Your lips now black like velvet, painted to
Affect a hollow chinadoll's half-smile;
Your skin and eyes retextured, white like teeth.

Poem 4

You - Lavender in Monochrome - spent hours,
Distracted, sweetly cursing me beneath
My grove of alien trees and gleaming flowers,

Poem 2

Still unresolved but not restrained in love,
A second death between not-mine and mine.

Poem 5

If lagging still, you moved just fast enough
To be the avatar of Columbine
Whose bitter jests could crash us both forever.
I wanted you, my fetish, more than ever.

Poem 6

Sian is wearing:
Boots: [Leezu!] Courtisane Esprit de Sable Old White L$450
Pants: [Leezu!] Britpants Silver L$320
Corset: [Leezu!] Lea Vivendi Pants L$190
Bracelets: [Leezu!] India Bracelets (modified) L$0
Body Tattoos: [AVM] TCC1-11 Sleeve Tattoo L$129
Pasties: From [Graves] G222 Crossfire White
Eyes: [A:S:S Vision] Darkness in Your Eyes - Cinnamon L$50

Columbine is wearing:
Outift: [Caverna Obscura] Arlecchina L$599
Skin: [Nuuna's Skins] Playing Card Skins L$300
Makeup: [Nuuna's Skins] Tattoo Eyebrows L$300
Lashes: [Catwa] 3D NoAlpha Lashes #2 L$100
Eyes: [A:S:S Vision] Soultrap Eyes L$50


  1. I adore this post and the poses are amazing! I can see this must have taken you such a long time to orchestrate what wonderful theatrics well done dear!!! xx

  2. Columbine LavenderJune 12, 2011 at 8:08 AM

    Beautiful. Like a dance. And I love how the skin changes from Spades to Hearts at the end.