Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Which Sian's Soul Enters a Hall of Mirrors

For someone who takes so much concern for her appearance Sian only owns about three pairs of eyes she actually wears, and two of those she made herself.

So when Photos Nikolaidis of A:S:S (blog here, inworld shop here) made an offer on Plurk of a free pack of eyeballs to, um, eyeball, Sian got right in there and nabbed some before any of the other EE peeps could get a word in.

All of them come with optional prim attachments, and Sian loves them all. She particularly likes the tattoo layers and glistening teardrop attachments that come with the Tears in Your Eyes set that make it look like you're actually very sad, and the glowy prims on the Soultrap eyes are eerie and beautiful, and eerie and beautiful is a big plus for our Sian.

Sian loves these, and is actually intending to wear several of them, review copies or no (at the time of writing, she's wearing the Soultrap Eyes, in fact). Given that they're yours for the bargain sum of L$50 apiece (Sian is told there's also a "gatcha", offering different sets at L$10 too) she can't recommend them highly enough.

Top to bottom:
Darkness in your Eyes - cinnamon
Eclipse Eyes - atlantic

Top to bottom:
Heterochromia Eyes - blue
Heterochromia Eyes - blue and hazel
Homesick Eyes - helsinki

Top to bottom:
Moonlight in Your Eyes - plum
Resurrection Eyes - lt teal (small pupils version, also available with big pupils for that interested look)
Soultrap Eyes - blizzard (glowyprims not worn here)

Top to bottom:
Sparkles in Your Eyes iii - sunset
Tears in your Eyes - wheatfield
Vampiric Eyes - blue

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