Friday, June 10, 2011

In Which Sian Wears Shiny Shoes in Space

Sian received for review these fabulous shoes from Goran Osterham of SKIFIJA, which are smooth, shiny, immaculately cut, and with that all-important "delete" button for those resize scripts.

A nice thing the shoes have is this chat-activated script that fixes your feet meaning that you don't get that thing you get with some shoes where your prim shoes make your feet go all funny when you sit on some chairs. Is that common? Sian hasn't come across that before. She likes it, anyway.

Wearing a hunt freebie from last month's Dark Future Hunt that she hadn't got round to unboxing, Sian took a trip to Necronom VI for the photos, taking care to go when no one else was there so she didn't get people asking if they could sexually assault her and stuff.

Hello SpaceGirl 3

Hello SpaceGirl 1

Hello SpaceGirl 2

Catsuit: [Blue Blood] Murderella lite (Hunt Gift, no longer available)
Shoes: [SKIFIJA] Full Speed Tornado Silver

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