Monday, June 6, 2011

Blue Blood sometimes means black and white

Sira hated it when she was asked to spend time in the sun. Not that she did not like the sun but she had spend years on becoming pale and now she was asked to watch a childrens party in the outside. Luckily she had managed to find a dress with long sleeves and also fitting socks so that she would not get that tan. But she was still worried about her face.
blue blood sometimes means black and white
Blue Blood sells adorable goth style dresses. This one is one of their latest releases. It is called Ivana and could be worn on the many ways which are typical for blue blood. The Top could be worn without the black shirt under it. The skirt is also included in a version wich is open at the front and of course it works as lingerie when wearing it without the skirt. Of course it is also available in other colours. The pale lea skin from L.Fauna goes very well with the dress. When adding the included pinup makeup it fits even better. The Yumi hair from wasabi pills has the option to tint the bow black with white dots. This fits very well to rockabilly outfits (Im not sure if the hair worn like this ould fit to rockabilly) and also to goth or alternative outfits. I really like this hair and it is great to see that it could be used for a nice all day look as well as to create a gothgirl outfit.
Fauna skin with pinup makeup
Dress: +++BB+++ Ivana WG WHITE (150 L$)
Skin/Shape/Makeup : L.Fauna Skins : Lea (1000 L$ per skintone)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Yumi Hair (250 L$ per colourpack, 1500 L$ for the fatpack)

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