Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Forest Guardian

The Forest Guardian

Laerornel Treesong eyed the suspicious bump protruding from the smooth and even forest floor. „Oh, those pesky moles!” – she thought - „They are up to no good again…” As Forest Guardian, she was supposed to keep the little parcel of ground in pretty neat order… no disorderly vines spreading their sneaky tendrils wherever they wanted to, no red poppies in the ocean of white flowers. The bump moved again, almost invisibly, yet it moved. Something green appeared among the soft clods of deep brown earth. It was not a mole. It was... a plant. It had something colourful, like a bud, on the stem that drilled through the earth with determination. “I should uproot this rebel!” – Laerornel Treesong murmured to herself; then she stood still for a while. “Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. Maybe it is an unauthorised plant... but it might also happen that it’s utterly beautiful”. She tiptoed away from the newcomer in the forest, already looking forward to next day’s visit at the silent and peaceful patch among the trees.

Spring is indeed around the corner IRL, too… so why not to wear something fresh and green, with flowers and tree leaves?
Outfit (staff and boots included): „Forest Guardian Female” by Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions (Tayren Theas) – the outfit is a special 50 L$ offer until this weekend, as part of a Saint Patrick’s Day Sale.
Tree bark accessories (armband, necklace and skirt): part of the „Spring Birch Dryad” outfit by Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing) – the complete outfit is 595 L$.
Flower crown: „Thorns and Grace” Crown in Yellow by LODE (Chirzaka Vlodovic) – gacha in the shop, 50 L$ per play.
Skin and shape: „Catalina” in Cream by :Soul: (Lerochelle Destiny) – this is a Generation 1 system skin; please visit Charlie’s shop for updates and mesh body appliers.
Eyeshadow: „Shamrock Eye Shadow” by Vengeful Threads (Vixn Dagger) – available at the „Depraved Nation Luck of the Irish” Gacha Event until 31 March, 35 L$ per play.
Tattoo: „Celtic Heart Green Henna Tattoo” by VengefulThreads (Vixn Dagger) - – available at the „Depraved Nation Luck of the Irish” Gacha Event until 31 March, 35 L$ per play.
Ears: „Uni Ears” Blix by :Soul: (Lerochelle Destiny) – 499 L$.
Hair: „Mystic V2” in Monotones by Ploom (Helyanwe Vindaloo) – gacha in the shop, 99 L$ per play.
Eyes: „Triumph Eyes” in Armor by IKON (Ikon Innovia) – former group gift, now available for 150 L$.
Pose: „Fantasy Pose 048” by Musa (Filomena Quinnell) – 30 L$.

Vixn, Charlie, thank you so much for your generosity! When I need something from you and I howl for help, you always oblige.

The picture was taken at one of the most beautiful fantasy sims I have ever seen in SL… The Lost Unicorn Gallery and unicorn sanctuary, lovingly kept by a charming elf in both lives, Natalie Montagne. I owe her many, many thanks because it is the Lost Unicorn Gallery where my fantasy pictures are on show inworld, together with the works of some of the best fantasy artists and photographers in Second Life. Thank you, Nat, again and again!