Saturday, September 24, 2011


The puppets were most likely the oldest things in the theatre. Anastasia had inherited them from her mother who had gotten them from her mother and so on. It was not exactly clear how old they were. Of course sometimes they got new clothes but the wooden parts were ancient. Anastasia knew that she would only have one child which would be female and that her daugher would become a puppeteer as well. Other people had choices but none of the women of her family would ever have the choice to decide which job they would have. But they made choices for others. She only needed to play something with her puppets and it became true. If she would have been lazy she could just have played that she would be hired in theatres to play there but her shows were extraordinary. Nobody who had seen one was able to forget it. And now and then somebody found his or her true love in her shows.
Puppetmaster Contraption takes part in the macabre hunt. They have even two huntgifts the uniform on the picture is the one for females. It comes with two puppets to hold in the hands and a pair of flying puppets which follow the avatar who owns them. The prim parts are mod. To make the part with the sleeves fit I had to edit the single prims as the size limits for some of them seemed to be reached but this was not a problem. The texturing and sculpting is of course wonderfully done. This is especially visible at the puppets which look very unique and cute.
The boots come from death row designs midnight mania. They are great to fight with others and also perfect when having dancing classes as it won't hurt when the dancing partner steps onto your feet when you wear those boots.

Outfit: [ContraptioN] Paimon - Macabre Hunt Gift (0 L$)
Boots: Death Row Designs bootslazy2 buck black (0 L$ Midnight Mania)

The picture has been taken at the Dark Secret Theatre in Aracadia.

Shoes shoes shoes!


My favourite shoe designer Goran Osterham Of Skifija has just released some fabulous new shoes 'Mistress serpents' which I want to gush about for so many reasons. It's a totally unique sculpt, the quality is amazing, attention to  detail is fabulous but a culmination of all these things paired with the fact he gives you a hud with every pair of shoes that enables you so many options it's just incredible and makes for a rather special mix - hence why I am such a fan!

At first I said to Goran don't bamboozle us with so many options! his reply was that yes it might seem a little overwhelming at first but once you start to play you will love! and he was so right I did start to play and couldn't stop. Basically Goran sells you a pair of shoes that will adapt to any outfit. You'll always be able to get the colour perfect! I have to say that my favourite feature of the hud is 'the shiny' I love the glossy look that you can achieve with this. I know I'm such a magpie! shiny demonstration below.

shint effect

To coincide with the new release of the Mistress Serpents shoes Goran has reduced the price of some other items in store - not that he really needs to as the prices are so unbelievably reasonable anyway.

Skifija shoes

Hair: 0L - Vintage - Red by Darkerside@ >Savior hair
Skin: 800L - Gori tan skin J2 bt > JeSyLiLo
Dress with corsage & scarf: 0L - current group gift > Gizza

Mistress serpents: 299L > Skifija
Classic high heels - summer: 25L > Skifija
Andromeda: 149L > Skifija

Friday, September 23, 2011

[make me fly]

[make me fly]
Make me fly and forget
all the sorrows of

Hold me in your arms
and protect me

Miamai has just recently released their latest Blacklabel-Collection named Chod, and I immediately fell in love with it. Black pearls, embedded in luscious, almost ethereally arranged folds of sheer cloth, fur and delicate lace are the main themes of those carefully crafted items - and a lot of dark glamour. I particularly love the overlong 'goth-sloth' sleeves which also look stunning worn without the rest of the jacket, and the loose-sitting and wide pants are not only comfortable, but also rich in detail and continue the jacket's theme, making them a perfect match.

[make me fly]

The Begtse-pants are available in both black and white, whereas the Skanda-jacket comes in black only. However, they are unisex, so all of you fashionable gals don't need to feel left out and can feast your eyes on those beautiful pieces as well. In honour of the new collection you can also grab the matching Warcry necklace as a group-gift in the new Blacklabel building - there is a slightly different female version up for grabs, too, so don't miss out on those!

On Storm

Hair: RAW HOUSE - Destroyer
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Vincent February
Eyes: Negaposi - Creature Eyes - Burnish
Beard: *Valiant & Sacred* - 2.0 Chin Patch v2
Horns: *~*Illusions*~* - Cylindriculus Horns (previous hunt gift)
Piercing: [ni.Ju] - Chain Chomp Piercing w/ flexi chain
Hairbase: custom - not for sale
Eyeshadow: A:S:S - Goth makeup - 04

Jacket: MIAMAI_Skanda (M)
Pants: MIAMAI_[BL]_ChodCollection_Begtse Black
Necklace: MIAMAI_[BlackLabel]_Chod_WarCry Necklace (group gift in store - joining fee!)

On Khaokash

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair – Branches
Skin: SCALES xy +Fallen Gods Inc. +SKIN+ TERRA arkanum
Eyes: Sterling Artistry - sa_DragonEyes_FieryVision
Horns: /Wasabi Pills/ - White Death Horns
Shape: [CS Shapes] - Declan Shape

Pants: MIAMAI_[BL]_ChodCollection_Begtse White
Harness: Al Jamal - Daeva harness

Pose: :+:SS:+: - Running Up That Hill 3 - Couples Pose

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Helper

Elemental Earth DesignsThe water was still warm from the summer. Emma enjoyed walking barefoot through it. The feeling of the soft wet sand under her feet was amazing. She went every afternoon to the lake to spend some time with trying to find nice shells. It was the only time of the day when she managed to escape her duties. She was a fairy helper. So she spend a lot of her time with telling fairies how to dress and to behave so that humans would not recognize them as fairies. Lessons about how not to dance in public and how to avoid flying when the feet hurt from walking a lot. It was very exhausting. The most fairies weren't very smart but their lands became smaller everyday so they had to live among the humans. Emma tried to help them as good as possible. Only the ones of them she ate found out about her true nature.
Love for pink
This gown comes from the mini mania at Evie's closet. I needed a while to win it but this time was definitly worth it. The dress comes on the trousers and the jacket layer and of course the primskirt and a primbow on the back. It is possible to mod the skirt but it fit me directly so there was no need to do so. The top comes in two versions one with floral patterns on it and one without. Its a cute dress which works well for fairies who do not want to show their legs or as ballroom gown. The amber wristlet is a new release from Elemental Earth Designs which is currently sold at the jewelry fair. Amber is a stone of amazing warm colours and the designer managed to transport those into sl. The item has a resizescript and its possible to make it smaller. I hardly wear any other eyes than the Dragon ones from Sterling Artistry. But I really like those from les Fleurs du Male. The eyes are very bright and detailed. They are a dollarbie which is available on the marketplace or as a gift in a store. The hair is a freebie from Magika.
Dollarbie eyes

Dress: Evie's Closet - Coppelia Gown (Blush) (0 L$ Minimania)
Wristlet: *EED* Kiowa~ Amber (comes in a set for 300 L$ sold at the Jewelry Fair)
Eyes: FDM ALIVE EYES - Grey promo pack (0 L$ or 1 L$ on the Marketplace)
Hair: Magika - Delora (0 L$ its the colourdemo hair)
Pose: { Just A Pose } Get Yer Rocks Off - Standing Jewelry Poses (100 L$ for 5 poses or 25 L$ for one currently sold at the Jewelry fair)

The Pictures have been taken at Waterland.

Monday, September 19, 2011



I adore this new luckyboard offering at Awram Viie the red ethnic top with it's billowy sleeves. and couldn't wait to team it up with these gorgeous shorts that I've been itching to wear. They are a marketplace special and come with with a colour change belt, shirt and the fishnet socks for 0L!

Yipee tis the season to introduce boots and I couldn't be more thrilled to own these new releases from Les Petits Details. They're so on trend I love the detail, the colour choices, everything about them - I can see these being part of just about every outfit I wear for a long time!

Hair: 0L - Murret hair - Brown/black > Rock Candy
Skin: 0L - Luckyboard item - Maria > Mother Goose's
Top: 0L - Luckyboard item -  Red Ethnic top > Awram Viie
Scarf: 0L - Luckboard item  Scarf Tai - type 04 > Nerd project
Shorts , tights & belt: 0L - Hot denim - light wash > Bukka
Boots: 200L - Oh Susanna - Beige > Les Petits Details

Teaching Snakes

The grass was still wet with dew when Octa went on her usual walk through the templegarden in the morning. The snakes seemed to be very quiet today. Normaly they talked with her about everything they thought she would need to know. Informations about the secret relationships of ministers and other important persons or just rumors they heared. She was the high priestress of the most important snake temple on the continent. So she got all the really intresting informations.
Miamai dakini white
Snakes were the holy animals of the country. Everybody who could manage to pay the costs for their food and the care they needed had at least one of them. But only the priests knew that some of the snakes were way smarter than everybody else thought. Those were the ones which grew up in the temples. Octa spend several hours a day on teaching them. The main theme were human relationships. Snakes seemed to have many problems to understand all the shades of human interaction. Although some of them were quite sly form birth they were still surprised about how much better humans were in the art of deception. But at the end they wer ethe perfect spys. And of course every politician was proud when he got a temple snake as gift.
wasabi pills reptile hair
The Chod Collection from Miamai's Blacklabel has been released to the Modavia and is now available in the Mainstore. It is a great collection of unique clothes made with love and creativity out of luxory fabrics. The white pants are called Dakini. They are also available in black and rose. They look like being made of a very thin but shiny cloth with lace on the top. The parts for the legs consist of sculpted prims which are mod. The trousers are held up with a bow made of lace. The Yama top comes on three layers with a primpart made of feathers and pearls. It leaves one nipple uncovered but of course its possible to wear pasties under it. The design of it is as amazing as the one of the pants. It looks like being made of silk with some very fine lace. As the trousers it is decorated with pearls. In my opinion its definitly worth to take a look at the Chod Collection as the items are so unique and wonderful.
The hair with the snake comes of course from Wasabi Pills. It looks like a snake which curls around a pretty decorated ponytail. It is possible to choose between several textures for the snake and the metalic parts of the hair. Those who do not want to have a snaketongue all the time on their forehead have the possiblity to let it disappear. The hair includes also the hairbase. It is of course hair which is most awesome for pictures and for roleplay. It might be great on nagas who have their child on their head or as the familiar of witches and wizzards.

Top: MIAMAI_[BL]_ChodCollection_Yama (450 L$)
Trousers: MIAMAI_[BL]_ChodCollection_Dakini White (500 L$)
Pose: Miamai (50 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Reptilia Hair (1500 L$ Fatpack, 250 L$ colour pack)

The pictures have been taken at DarKness Forest.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autumn colours


Autumn colours

Loving the autumn fashions that are making their way into all the stores the moment and in particular this  lovely vibrant red hair which is a Red seal hunt gift from Raspberry Aristocrat, the hunt gift also includes an outfit by the way. The scarf  from Zeerys THE best scarf store in the whole of SL is also a gift from the same hunt. The hunt is a sim based hunt and you must join the group to be able to get the gift, slurls & hints can be found HERE.

The beautifully shimmery hazelnutty brown eyes are a 10L weekly special from Sterling Artistry so be sure to head down there ASAP if you want to get them at this bargain price. Oh oh and the glasses which are fantastic and part of the taste of SL weekly event by Acid & Mala come with 5 wear options - a fabulous thoughtful idea, I particularly like the option to wear them on a chain around your neck.

Hair: 0L - Red seal hunt item > Raspberry aristocrat
Skin: 1L - Henna III (box on the floor)  > Mother Goose's
Eyes: 10L - starlight eyes - sienna shine > Sterling artistry
Glasses: 60L - Magenta reader glasses > Acid & Mala
Dress: 0L - luckyboard item > !1MM
Scarf: 0L - Red seal hunt item > Zeerys

Feeling the wind

The wind blowed softly through the long fingernails. It promised rain maybe even a thunderstorm and the return of a bird species which had not been seen for more than 30 years. At the most days Saran was annoyed about her fingernails but with the right kind of wind she was able to foresee the weather and a bit more with their help. Today was one of those days. She would sell the informations later. She hoped that she would once manage to foresee something which would allow her to cut her nails. But the wind was never really intrested in the future developments on the stockmarket.
lucky board top with like a prayer wristlet Diapop has a new luckyboard. The prize is asheer grey top. It consists out of a system layer (on the jacket, shirt or undershirt layer) and a primbody. The body can be modified so its possible to make the top fit to the avatar. Although some suppose that the owner of Wasabi Pills is a violet monster, which nearly only eats cheese and is covered in bottle caps and cookies instead of scales, their latest release is very cute. Its short hair which has some longer streaks in the front. It could be either worn with or without the bow. The bow itself can be tinted in different patterns. I like the unique cut of the pony of the hair which reminds on a triangle. The hair is available in several colours and might even work when wanting to roleplay a housewife from the 50s. The really long nails come from Virtual/Insanity. They are included in 3 sizes in the set and it is possible to choose between several colours for every nail. The makeup, the wristlet and the shoes come from the same store. The makeup also contains more than only one colour in the set and the wristlet is just pretty. The Pose is a new release from Just a Pose. Its a set to show jewelry and of course also nails. The poses are currently sold on the jewelry fair.

Top: * [DIAPOP] * sheer. tee (0 L$ lucky board)
Trousers: * [DIAPOP] * liv jeans ::low rise:: (similar ones in store for 69 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Mimi Hair - (1500 L$ fatpack 250 L$ colour pack)
Makeup: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] MAKE ME UP - Mermaid (150 L$)
Legwarmers: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] BASIC BLACK LEGWARMERS FOR FLATS (old limited item not sold anymore)

Pose: { Just A Pose } Get Yer Rocks Off - Standing Jewelry Poses (100 L$ for 5 poses or 25 L$ for one currently sold at the Jewelry fair)