Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alone and pregnant

She dreamed always of having a family. Blond children jumpin around her asking for a hug. Drooling on her clothes and making a mess in a house. She always thought she would love it. Now she is married. She thought a dream would come true when she recognized that she is pregnant. But the relation to her husband changed. He started to work very late. Often she only saw him when he woke her when he slipped into the bed in the middle of the night not caring if she is sleeping or not. But the new secretary of her husband is such a good baker. She brings her a cake every day. Its the only joy she has at the moment.
Dress: **[studio m] Group Join GIft (boxed)
Skin: GIFT: Skin Eret!ka---> Maelys Free and exclusive!OBSCURE (Groupgift)
Fudge: KK - Brownies and Ice Cream with Hot Fudge (Midnight Mania)
Mouthcookie: Sanu Teasing you with Torte (groupgift)

There is an other skin in the groupgifts of Eret!ka.
Skin: GIFT: Skin Eret!ka---> Maelys Free and exclusive!
Outfit: ~Sassy!~ Glitter - black (Midnight mania)

Gun chick

When the men came and killed her family she hid inside her closet looking through an knothole seeing everything. Two days later she came out went to the forest searching for the place where the ancients performed their bloody rites. She never spoke after her pact with the morning star but soon the men who killed her family have been silent forever.
Dress: *elymode* BANDwagon Peekaboo mini - lucky pink (lucky chair)
Skin: g. Eret!ka---> Isis Tan skin -wound- 07 (gift 0 Linden)
Gun: CrackShot Gun Club COLT ROOT 1855/Boxed (lucky chair)
Hair: A&A Loreley Hair Lightbrown (midnight mania)

Visiting Mcskin again

I haven`t been a while at McSkin so i went there today and found a groupgift. Which is allready old i suppose but well i like it.
Outfit: McSkin201001GroupGift (0L)

On the lucky board there is at the moment a blue skin. Its named drow skin but im not sure if i know any drow with a blue skin. But i think its a good skin for roleplay. For example becoming blue after having eaten some strange berrys.
Skin: ++McSkin++(Mc016W02) 20100215drowskin
Underwear: deviousMind: FeatherQueen DiamondLingerie *ABSINTHE* (Lucky chair 0 Linden)

Treasures from Kouse

Once i met a nice Lady. Her name is Kouse. She had a shop in Avilion vale. But today i heard her shop moved. So i got curious and went there and found a treasure box.
I found also a small paper with informations about the treasure box. A human was so nice to explain it to me (dragons don`t read).
You could dip into the treasure box every minute. You could find jewlery in it (necklaces and circlets). And also gold and silver coins, gems and gift cards (worth 450 Linden).
For five gold coins you could chose a gown from Kouse's sanctum. For five silver coins you could choose a piece of jewlery. And for 12 different gems you get a 500 Linden giftcard.

I was very glad about winning a giftcard. But it was tricky to decide which gown would fit me.
The sign above the treasure box gives a notecard with all needed informations when you touch it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Black or white?

A simple question but difficult to answer.
Dress: :KR: Pandamonium! Gown - Blue (Panda hunt)
Skin: Skin Eret!ka Giselle Dark --red lipstick and scar (Lucky board and chair)
Tattoos: super possessed: Arkanist Tattoo (Lucky chair)
Dress: Simply Fae : [Boaz] Daphne (0 Linden Panda hunt - i got there an other dress in the same hunt a week ago. This one looks better in my opinion)
Skin: g. Eret!ka---> Isis Tan skin -wound- 07 (gift 0 Linden)
Tattoo: super possessed: Arkanist Tattoo (Lucky chair)

I decided to wear white and a handsome and brave lord was willing to dance with me.

Flying over Caledon

As the steampunk hunt ends soon i want to write about one hunt gift i really like. The hot air balloon from Julia Collection.

It could be parked somewhere and has then about 30 or 40 Prims. But you also could just rezz it when you need it.

Its possible to sleep on the balloon.
And you also could go on a tour. Here we started in one of the Caledon Sims and got carried over them by the second life winds.
We even nearly hit a tower but we managed to let the balloon fly up so we didn t get hurt.

The balloon got a simply menu. You could decide if only you could use it or everybody. You only could let the ballon fly up and down. As in a real hot air balloon you can t change the direction yourself. Most surprising is simcrossing in the balloon. As it flys very slowly its more like "hm did we just cross a sim?"

Balloon: Julia's Collection Unique Furniture : Julia's Hot Air Balloon (Steampunk Hunt 0 Linden)

Add on: I asked Suzie Sewell if its ok to use the balloon in Avilion and this was her answer: "Suzie Sewell: Dagmar - wonderful idea with balloon. It is definitely allowed. One of the reasons we expanded the charter in August was so that people could bring some interesting Victorian things into the land, so please feel free to use it :)"

YAY Dollarbies!!!!

Every time in a while I like to make a search for dollarbies at Xstreetsl, so today i grab a cup of coffee, and i started with the dirty work...

And guess what: i found some pretty good stuffs in there
So no more words and lets take a look at this items


Purple pants L$1

Apple ballerinas L$1

Sculpted winter Boots L$1

Sculpted plataforms L$1

Obsession Lingerie L$1

Heart Undies L$5

Empire Gown L$1

The the background of the pics N.1, 2, 3 was made for my lovely friend Mariella who made such an amazing word with pics.

I hope you enjoy it....
......... Hugs, Ania

House Of Beningborough!!!

Hello There!!

Today i found this 2 group gifts from House Of Beningborough. The first one is a black capri, and the second one is a beautifull blue gown, that has 2 differents options: with the skirt layer or without. So run all the way out to this amazing shop, join the group and enjoy it...

Black Capri
With Skirt

Without Skirt

House Of Beningborough


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring time

The Tomoto store has been rebuilt and there is also a new item on the lucky board there. Its green yay. The dress is not flexi so sometimes the legs are visible. But on the other side its perfect to present cute undies. I like the texture as i suppose i haven t seen something like that in sl.
Outfit: tomoto, fleur ete - chou

This dress is an other gift from Mimi's choice. And well the undies go well with the tomoto dress.
Dress: MIMI'S CHOICE Women!!! :sf design sundress april

Mimi mimi mimi

Mimi's choice has this elegant and uncommon dress as limited gift.

I like the cut very much its very special. Here a picture of the backside.
Dress: MIMI'S CHOICE Women!!! : *Connors* MIMI's Choice Ladies'(GIFT Hemp Bag)

Also at Mimi's choice this great vest with shirt is available. I like it very much as its elegant without being to posh. I combined it with shorts from 22769 and a pink handbag which i officially don't own (dragons have neither handbags nor they have pink things).
Top: MIMI'S CHOICE Women!!! : sf design fair isle vest and short sleeved shirt - womens
Bag: MIMI'S CHOICE Women!!! :*OC* Lovely Bag (candy version)
Trousers: 22769 black jeansshorts (70 Linden)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tyger in disguise

Tyger, Tyger giggling bright, in the closet during the night. Well this outfit is cute but i doubt that i will ever wear it again. But it made me giggle for 5 minutes and so it was worth to win it. Its from Ray Skin a japanese shop with a bunch of lucky chairs lots of groupgifts and kawaii things.
::**Ray Skin**::: *Start Your Day 2010* :::Tigers:::

These are some of the groupgifts.
Left: :::**Ray Skin** Group Gift ::: Villages :::ai:::
Middle: :::**Ray Skin**::: Group Gift #1 *Indy*
Right: :::**Ray Skin**::: Group Gift #2 *Jayro*

And last school girl outfits from the lucky board.

Left: **Ray Skin** :::Final MIX::: *Noel no.7* #1
Right: **Ray Skin** :::Final MIX::: *Noel no.7* #2

Spending time with Ania

Ania is our new blogger and a good friend of mine. Today we did some mischief together. Welcome to look what the cat brought Ania. Im so glad to have you here.

Today i danced wild with ania.
Pose: *L'Amour* Gecchu+++ (0 Linden)
But then i felt onto the ground and hurt my leg.
Pose: **LAmour 'couple Healing +++ (1 linden)
She comforted me with a kiss.
Pose: *L'Amour* KiSS POSE +++ (1 linden)

and picture made by ania

Monday, March 22, 2010

Freebies from the last period sim

I was so often hanging around at ruru@pino so i decided to explore the rest of the sim. And found freebies. And i like them.

Thinking secretly about treehugging but then deciding better not to do that.
Outfit: [ Last Period ] LPset 0014 Blue [ 100 person gift ] (groupgift)

Sitting bored in a gear. In a very short dress.
Dress: [ Last Period ] onepeace 9998 Green [ LP LB ] (Lucky board but you need to be group member)

And finally making plans in a pretty dress.
Dress: +HONEY+Dress* : Last PeriodOpenGift (O Linden)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lika Ruby China dresses

In one of my first blog entrys i wrote about the groupgift from Lika Ruby. At the clothing fair i felt for a fatpack of dresses from that store. They are very sophisticated. First you decide which underdress you want to wear. Then you pick a overdress which is a mesh. When combining over and underdress you get something new.
These are the underdresses. They got a pretty pattern and i like the colours. Its of course possible to wear those dresses without a mesh dress.
Here a picture of the overdresses. There is also a black one which i used for the first picture. Its of course also possible to wear those alone but you might like to wear some underwear under them.
So how much are those dresses?
Fatpack with all mesh and all under dresses: 790 Linden
Fatpack of all mesh dresses: 490 Linden
Fatpack of all under dresses: 390 Linden
one Mesh dress: 100 Linden
one under dress: 80 Linden

The Lika Ruby rezzday gift is also still available for 0 Linden. You only need to be a member of the Lika Ruby group.
Top: +Lika Ruby+REZday gift (0 Linden)

Medivial Roleplay dresses

A lady standing at the sea wondering what to wear. Hm the cut of that dress is nice but will it impress others? She isn t sure so she tests an other one.
Dress: ::DS:: Q4E Gift 1 (F) Sharlot Gown (0 Linden)

She likes the blue but this gown is for a ball in her opinion so she looks in her closet again.
Dress: Secrets of Gaia/Blessed Clothing Lady of the Lake Set(Boxed!) (o Linden Excalibur hunt item)

And beams when finding a simple and elegant dress, with a nice leafy extra. But is still a bit insecure if this is the right dress for her plans.
But then she imagines the face of her oponents when seeing the gown and smirks.
Dress: East Bend Shoppe: Elven Lore Princess (400 Lindens)
I felt for the dress because of the blue. I normaly prefer green dresses but this blue is so stunning. East Bend Shoppe has a small shop at elven forest. Its worth to take a look of the store as they also sell outfits fae could wear in roleplay.

Love cats

I have to admit i love cats. So when Blue Blood put the Wonderland dresses with those cute cat faces on their lucky boards i had to use that to write a bit about cats in sl.

This black cat is a bit bloody and a gift from a lucky board. And very slender i need to write that else nobody belives it.
Dress: +++BB+++ Wonderland RED
Cat: *M**Rouge Forest* Main Shop: *M* bloody cat HUG

The shouldercat comes from kowloon a very cool sim in my opinion. Best i like of that cat that she always looks in the direction of the person who is looking at her. You could move as you like the cat still stares at you.
Dress: +++BB+++ Wonderland BABYBLUE
Cat: neo kowloon kitten (Jet) original (30 Linden)

This cat is a groupgift from *SHOP SEU* . It has only one prim and moves its head and if you touch it it makes "miaou" and opens its mouth.
Dress: +++BB+++ Wonderland PURPLE
Cat: *SHOP SEU* GroupGIFT -1prim cat- (join group to get it (its in the notices) but it will expire soon and cost then 120 Linden)

This kitten is my favourite cat. It was horribly expensive (900 Linden) but it could walk on a leash, play with a ball and run around. It comes with a bath (here on the picture) and also a feeding bowl so you could feed your kitten.
Of course its also possible to carry it around. It provides even different attatchment points.
Dress: +++BB+++ Wonderland GREEN
Cat: A.I.F Pets : A.I.F SIAMESE (900 Linden)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry : sa NekoProwlinEyes_MidnightAmber (50 Linden)

And for those who don`t like cats. Well the yearning ottermaiden seems to have had some fun with her mate. Because there is a baby otter now.

Dress: +++BB+++ Wonderland PURPLE
Otter: *M**Rouge Forest* Main Shop: otter baby stand
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Nina Ugly Catt!! (Lucky board)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry : sa NekoProwlinEyes_MidnightAmber (50 Linden)

The background textures i used have been a gift in the starlust hunt from Made by Moo - Vagine Textures (5 colors and textures with baseboards included) and i stole that information from a blog entry from the starlust blog.