Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flying over Caledon

As the steampunk hunt ends soon i want to write about one hunt gift i really like. The hot air balloon from Julia Collection.

It could be parked somewhere and has then about 30 or 40 Prims. But you also could just rezz it when you need it.

Its possible to sleep on the balloon.
And you also could go on a tour. Here we started in one of the Caledon Sims and got carried over them by the second life winds.
We even nearly hit a tower but we managed to let the balloon fly up so we didn t get hurt.

The balloon got a simply menu. You could decide if only you could use it or everybody. You only could let the ballon fly up and down. As in a real hot air balloon you can t change the direction yourself. Most surprising is simcrossing in the balloon. As it flys very slowly its more like "hm did we just cross a sim?"

Balloon: Julia's Collection Unique Furniture : Julia's Hot Air Balloon (Steampunk Hunt 0 Linden)

Add on: I asked Suzie Sewell if its ok to use the balloon in Avilion and this was her answer: "Suzie Sewell: Dagmar - wonderful idea with balloon. It is definitely allowed. One of the reasons we expanded the charter in August was so that people could bring some interesting Victorian things into the land, so please feel free to use it :)"

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