Sunday, March 21, 2010

Love cats

I have to admit i love cats. So when Blue Blood put the Wonderland dresses with those cute cat faces on their lucky boards i had to use that to write a bit about cats in sl.

This black cat is a bit bloody and a gift from a lucky board. And very slender i need to write that else nobody belives it.
Dress: +++BB+++ Wonderland RED
Cat: *M**Rouge Forest* Main Shop: *M* bloody cat HUG

The shouldercat comes from kowloon a very cool sim in my opinion. Best i like of that cat that she always looks in the direction of the person who is looking at her. You could move as you like the cat still stares at you.
Dress: +++BB+++ Wonderland BABYBLUE
Cat: neo kowloon kitten (Jet) original (30 Linden)

This cat is a groupgift from *SHOP SEU* . It has only one prim and moves its head and if you touch it it makes "miaou" and opens its mouth.
Dress: +++BB+++ Wonderland PURPLE
Cat: *SHOP SEU* GroupGIFT -1prim cat- (join group to get it (its in the notices) but it will expire soon and cost then 120 Linden)

This kitten is my favourite cat. It was horribly expensive (900 Linden) but it could walk on a leash, play with a ball and run around. It comes with a bath (here on the picture) and also a feeding bowl so you could feed your kitten.
Of course its also possible to carry it around. It provides even different attatchment points.
Dress: +++BB+++ Wonderland GREEN
Cat: A.I.F Pets : A.I.F SIAMESE (900 Linden)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry : sa NekoProwlinEyes_MidnightAmber (50 Linden)

And for those who don`t like cats. Well the yearning ottermaiden seems to have had some fun with her mate. Because there is a baby otter now.

Dress: +++BB+++ Wonderland PURPLE
Otter: *M**Rouge Forest* Main Shop: otter baby stand
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Nina Ugly Catt!! (Lucky board)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry : sa NekoProwlinEyes_MidnightAmber (50 Linden)

The background textures i used have been a gift in the starlust hunt from Made by Moo - Vagine Textures (5 colors and textures with baseboards included) and i stole that information from a blog entry from the starlust blog.

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