Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tyger in disguise

Tyger, Tyger giggling bright, in the closet during the night. Well this outfit is cute but i doubt that i will ever wear it again. But it made me giggle for 5 minutes and so it was worth to win it. Its from Ray Skin a japanese shop with a bunch of lucky chairs lots of groupgifts and kawaii things.
::**Ray Skin**::: *Start Your Day 2010* :::Tigers:::

These are some of the groupgifts.
Left: :::**Ray Skin** Group Gift ::: Villages :::ai:::
Middle: :::**Ray Skin**::: Group Gift #1 *Indy*
Right: :::**Ray Skin**::: Group Gift #2 *Jayro*

And last school girl outfits from the lucky board.

Left: **Ray Skin** :::Final MIX::: *Noel no.7* #1
Right: **Ray Skin** :::Final MIX::: *Noel no.7* #2

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