Thursday, March 25, 2010

YAY Dollarbies!!!!

Every time in a while I like to make a search for dollarbies at Xstreetsl, so today i grab a cup of coffee, and i started with the dirty work...

And guess what: i found some pretty good stuffs in there
So no more words and lets take a look at this items


Purple pants L$1

Apple ballerinas L$1

Sculpted winter Boots L$1

Sculpted plataforms L$1

Obsession Lingerie L$1

Heart Undies L$5

Empire Gown L$1

The the background of the pics N.1, 2, 3 was made for my lovely friend Mariella who made such an amazing word with pics.

I hope you enjoy it....
......... Hugs, Ania

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