Saturday, May 18, 2013

Down at the Sea Hole

Decades could pass without there being a night to rival this one. Years had infact, since these two, in one form or another, had been together last. In the world as is was now - such things could happen. One had remained in the city most nights, causing trouble and looking after her cat. The other, well, it was her story to tell, and it would unfold through time. One thing had not changed though the intervening years, despite deaths, possessions, insanity and a desire to shop.
Vyl & Cadence - closerThat night, it had been all about the 1950s. An amusing remembrance for one, perhaps a first time thrill for the other as she pulled on the ruffled silk and net layers of the full flared skirt. Hair high, heels higher, and with Spot for company, they would find a dive somewhere in town with a swinging beat, and dance till dawn. Vyl & Cadence 50's Special
Oh, as much as I loved shopping for this - I am more saddened at the impending closure of the store the beautiful items came from. The Sea Hole est. 2008 will be closing at the end of May 2013. Over the years creator Drinkinstein Sorbet - who also has one of the best names I've seen in SL - has created really really beautiful clothes. The colour palate is one of muted elegance, with an occasional sidestep into summer brights. Classic tailoring and style are the norm - with a crazy sprinkling of haute couture madness thrown in - check out the Octo-dress. I can't claim any knowledge of the reasons behind the closure, but can only wish Drinkinstein the best - and as is my usual selfish way - keep my fingers crossed for a return someday.

Until then - you have until the end of May to get to The Sea Hole and pick up some bargains as items have been reduced to L$ 50 each. Here, Cadence and I are wearing the Lorette Mesh skirts from the Gatcha - L$125. Cadence is in Crimson, and I'm wearing it in Enchanted Pool.
My look:
Hair : >TRUTH< Sassy w/Roots - chocmint
Skin :  :Sugar: [4] DB Bay / InK {1} Clevage
Shades :  - so old I don't know!
Top :  The Sea Hole - Studded Chiffon Dress - rainwater
Skirt :  The Sea Hole - Lorette Skirt - Enchanted Pool
Spot : Zooby Ultimate Domestic Skeleton Cat 

Helps if I give the LM!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Block 100!

The 100 Block – A Full Sim Block Party / A Creative Fusion of Fashion, Music and Art.
The Depraved Nation always manages to arrange great events. This one is no exception. One full sim crammed with amazing designers - who have selected some of their finest items to showcase in boutique stores. Each have also created a new and exclusive item - available at 50% off normal selling price! The event is running until may 31st.
Here are some of the things my magpie eye rested on and just had to buy. More to follow!

Skin & Shape: [ S H O C K ] : Dakota - Noire V3 HB (Charmed) & [ S H O C K ] Dakota - Noire  Shape  Set - L$ 200
Fantastic skin and shape set - one of several looks available at Block 100 - this one reminded me a bit of The Crow - so it was a must buy
Top : *+S.F.+* Sweet Fireflys : Simple Summer Top -  Cherry  MESH  L$ 70
Effortlessly cool top - whole range of sizes, and negative colour options in each pack.
Skirt : _CD_ CandyDoll : Leather Skirt Black - MESH   L$ 200
Beautifully rounded mesh leather mini!
Boots : (r)M~(LegWarmer) Platform Boots~No.07  L$ 283
One thing I'm blown away by just now is the range of options in the HUDS that come with items - such as these boots. You can change around just about every part of the boot to a colour range that would match your outfit of the day. Versatility!
Skin & Shape: [ S H O C K ] : Dakota - Noire V3 HB (Charmed) & [ S H O C K ] Dakota - Noire  Shape ( Set ) - L$ 200
Corset : ...::: Scrub :::... Do you have a time? BRONZE  MESH    L$ 175
Ooh yeah I love a corset - and with studs? I'm all over that. Lovely underbust version here makes a nice change.
Jeans : Lapointe & Bastchild Mesh Jeans (Heel Ver)- XS Divine Blue BootCut    L$ 299
Love the design - have these in the black leather collection. While I'm not generally a fan of blue jeans - these are a great washed and worn texture and colour - not fresh off the rack - jeans that have lived a story with you.
Eyeshadow : {Dead Apples} Eyeshadows Swan Edition - Pest - Colourpack  L$ 99
Beautiful shadows from Dead Apples - colours are rich and the shading is very flattering.
Top : DeeTaleZ Tops hot vintage top black    L$ 140    Lola's applier L$100 
Oooooh yeah. Superhawt or classy - crank up those appliers to choose just how risque your look.
Shorts outfit (with suspenders and stockings) : Razor /// Femme Fatale - Leather Outfit  L$249
Did I mention options yet? These shorts are so full of them, you would think they would need to be bigger. There are colourstripes on the hips - posebombed out here unfortunately - and these along with the suspenders are HUD controlled to a range of colours to suit your mood.

More pictures on my Flickr - and you can make your way to the Block 100 Event here...