Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Bubbles were floating through the big room. Later it would be crowded with people. Sarfenia was satisfied with the decorations. There wasn't too much of it and still everything looked nice.
She was already dressed for the party. As normaly she was mainly wearing green. A green dress, green shoes and she had even used moss to make her antlers green. Normaly those were white and reminded on bones but that wouldn t have fitted to the dress. And it would maybe have scared possible guests away. Seawitches were not to popular. A reason for this might have been their massive thirst for blood an other their love for war and a third their yearning to be rich. The last one was the most important one in Sarfenia's life. It helped her to have all the interesting ideas. The bar had been her last one. In combination with a little bit of magic it allowed seapeople to look for some hours like humans and to do all the things they thought humans would do. Green and Blue III 22769 created some wonderful classic dresses for the vintage fair. The Jacky ones go well for business as for taking tea with a friend. They are made of mesh and the pack contains all five standard sizes. Besides green the dress is also available in blue, red and black.
Despite having a fantasy origin Wasabi Pills made some hair which makes every woman to somebody a future mother in law likes. The Veronica hair has that certain mix of being open and still classy. The Daisy high heels are one of the latest releases from Miamai. The shoes are available in many colours and made of mesh. Skins from Mirror's Enigma normaly come with fitting great shapes and is the same with their Socordia skin. The sets contain three shapes which are very well made. The skin itself is cute and versatile.
Poses are always important for pictures. The one used for those belongs to the Stella set by Purple Poses. It is currently sold at the Fashion Voodoo.
The background is the Water Disco by Garden of Dreams. It  looks like a underwater club. Being made of 274 prims it comes with dance poles, dancing animations and places to sit. It is a great place for pictures and to hang out with friends.

Dress:  22769 ~ [femme] Jacky Sheath Dress Green (mesh) ( 160 L$ sold at the Vintage Fair)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Veronica Mesh Hair - (sold at the Vintage Fair)
Skin and Shape: [:ME:] Socordia V2 Pale Skintone (Nude Pack) (300 L$)
Shoes: Miamai_Daisy_Snake Myrtle (350 L$)
Nails and Ring: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] NABOO Rings & Claws (66 L$)
Background: ~*GOD*~  Water Disco (1600 L$)
Antlers: Material Squirrel
Wristlets: ~silentsparrow~ Strawberry Girl Prize Set - (old huntgift)

Pose: Purple Poses STELLA (sold at the Fashion Voodoo)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[the doctor's secret]

If they'd ever find out what he was actually doing in his lab at night, instead of working on a cure for the living, he'd most likely be as dead as the human guinea pigs he had on his examination table. Their obscenely opened bodies, sprawled out on the blood soaked wood, gave him an insight not only into their mysterious anatomy, but also brought him closer to the fulfillment of his most secret ambition: his desire to find the last, the final ingredient he needed to brew the potion of eternal life... a passionate, loving heart.

[the doctor's secret]

Welcome back to Vintage Fair! Yes, it's still open and running until the 29th of August, so here's a little reminder in case you want to go and purchase some of the delectable and unique outfits and accessories being offered there. Today I'm featuring A:S:S's contribution, the Bryant outfit, which is named after a famous American romantic poet. This mint-teal coloured set contains the socks, breeches, vest, shirt and the sumptuous coat in all possible layers so you can mix and match it, and the tricorne is available in 4 different variants. No matter if you're involved in periodic roleplay or need a costume for a party - the Bryant suit is certainly not going to disappoint you!

Hair: TRUTH - Lourdes
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Adam
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Paris Green)

Outfit: A:S:S Decades - Bryant [get it at Vintage Fair]
Furniture: Noctis

Monday, August 20, 2012


The summer was in its autumn, the days still hot, nights still more or less warm, and each evening saw the flaming orb of the sun swell, turning red as it dipped into the ocean, gilding the world with warm pink hues of dying light. Each day they would head to the beach, and when the chance arose, they took to the sea on the yacht...

Rising with the dawn was easy knowing you could spend all day on the waves, friends and music, food and sunshine all along for the ride. The summer days were long, the seas calm, and only the coming of evening meant it was time to head for port, not yet for home. Calli thrived on the salt air, was adept after many years handling the yacht, and loved nothing more than spending her days this way, with her friends. As sundown came, and their yacht, the Kittiwake, eased back into port, the first chill entered the air. Still warmed by hours under the clear blue skies, all she needed for the evening was her cardigan... Oversized and comfy, still stylish, as it bore the design of the exclusive yacht club. Stepping onto the dock she pulled it on, wrapping it around her, but letting it fall from her shoulder in an accidental shrug she knew suited her well.
Yacht1 New from S U G A R at the Stuff in Stock event is this Yacht Club Cardigan. Its MESH, and comes in 5 standard sizes, from XS to L. Shown here is the cardigan in red, it also comes in navy. Looking closely on the second picture,inside the cardigan on the left you can just about see the reverse yacht club logo, an anchor and life buoy ring. I'm still in two minds about MESH. On the one hand, the sizes rarely fit my av well, regardless of the shape I use (and I hate modding shapes to fit clothes!). On the other hand, this is pretty awesome. After years of often infuriating flexi, or skin tight clothing layers, here we have clothing that looks like clothing. Its rumpled, it has odd angles, and it moves with you. This cardigan is available for just L$80. Follow the link below, and head up in the lift. The theme for this Stuff in Stock event is Nautical, so there are lots of items you can use to build a great look, none for more than L$80.

S U G A R Yacht Club Cardigan (mesh) L$80 @ Stuff in Stock