Saturday, November 23, 2013


The snow felt good under her boots. And so felt the fact that she had managed to escape the party finally.
in winter1 Not that she had disliked it too much, the food was decent but her friends had thought it would be a good idea to invite one of their male friends just so that they could meet and so on. And the guy was horrible. At least in her opinion. He did not only like popmusic he also read the wrong books and drove the wrong car.
in winter2 And the whole evening he had been trying to figure out what she liked and everytime she admited something he suddenly liked it as well. The last thing she had come up with was some hobby she called jojotinning. In wich people would throw jojo's at tins. As he told her that he had really good things about that she could not stand it anymore and left. The trees would be a better company than a mindless man.

Amanda Randall joined Captivity posemaker and started doing amazing work for this already very good posestore. The used poses come from the laying set and a set with the name Leila. Both are single poses. The other items come from the Collabor88 event. The hair from clawtooth is available there in a pack which contains several colours. The capecoat is very cute and comes from u.f.o it is made of rigged mesh. When using a very active ao it can look sometimes a bit messy but at the same time it is so cute that this is not really a reason not to buy it. The skirt comes from ison. It is very elegant and still at least a bit playful with the ruffles at the side. The boots are made by Hucci and as all items from this event they are available in several colours.

Hair: Clawtooth: Heart Attack and Vine (C88 November Dip Pack)
Poncho: ::{u.f.o}::ponpon cape coat - black
Skirt: ISON - side ruffle skirt (black)
Boots: ::HH:: Hucci Tottori Boots - Midnight
All available at Collabor88

Poses: [Captivity Co.] Poses

The pictures have been taken at Winter Scenes By Incendia Outdoors