Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jack and Jill Part 2

As promised - here comes Jack...


. : VyC : ., .Pekka, KracKer, B*FLY, Latreia-, .:ellabella:. ,*Birth*, PM Poses

. : VyC : . , 22769, .:ellabella:., *Birth*, PM Poses

Endless Pain, ::GB:: , SuPerBia, .:ellabella:. , Heartless:, *Birth*, PM Poses

And finally together again... Jack and Jill
Jack :  Endless Pain , :::insanya::: , SuPerBia, .:ellabella:. , *Birth*, Wet Cat
Jill :  +REDRUM+, Intrepid::, ::mar::CS. , [SHOCK], { dollle* }, Wet Cat

Here again for ya - the SLurls, and all those clues! Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jack or Jill - Part 1

Ooh yeah!  It's back again, the dual strand gender bending hunt from Depraved Nation. Fifty stores for the Jills - all you lovely ladies, and fifty for the Jacks - all you beautiful boys! Of course, you can hunt them all, and see what you can find - some things just look great on everyone! Here you can take a look at some of the items - a far from exhaustive list - from both tracks.

Please remember - should you choose to take on the challenge - that hunting has an ettiquete all of its own. Don't go shouting out locations of prizes, or TP people directly to them. Don't moan that you have to spend some time actually hunting for your prize. It's not a pile of goodies ready and waiting under your Xmas tree. Bad mouthing the people giving high quality items away for free is utterly counterproductive. It stops hunt happening. Problems will always occur - prizes may get moved by owners after someone has given away a location - the hint may become out of date. Be polite. Ask for help. Ask for a hint. And - being a two way street - the businesses should be giving a reasonable hint where it's in the ethos of the hunt to provide them.
Rant over... enjoy the beautiful stuffs!!!

Just the Jills tonight - it's 2am... Boys and both together will follow tomorrow (later today)

[bubble] , ::Para Designs::, ...:::Scrub:::... , :Hebenon Vial: , .:BTS:. , [MC]


{alterego} , =krautuve= , ::Para Designs:: , .HW. , MiWardrobe , ::mar::CS.


{alterego},Wunderland ,+REDRUM+,[VIRTUAL/INSANITY],.::CENSORED::.,::mar::CS., *Epic Eyes*


{alterego}, DuckNipple, +REDRUM+ , Intrepid::, ::mar::CS., *Epic Eyes*


{W&R}, Pink Acid, +REDRUM+, Intrepid::, ::mar::CS., .::CENSORED::., *Epic Eyes*

You can find all the SLurls, and of course the hints, on the Depraved Nation website.