Saturday, September 1, 2012

Candy Coated Dream

It had been a long time coming, this new world. A lot of work had been put into it, making it as realistic as a dream could be. It was a dream after all, the imagination of a mind too large on a world to small for its desires. Each grain of sand had been selected, cleaned, sanitized and shipped. The water, purified and filtered, irradiated and shipped up in tankers larger than those still slugging across the tainted seas below. The air itself a concoction of stripped and polished atoms, recombined in its new concentration, the additional oxygen making the eyes shine in the faces of each occupant in this haven.
Fuze Candycoated
It wouldn't work of course. She knew this, just as all the scientists did, had they had the opportunity, or bravery to look into their hearts and speak out. No life could exist, or thrive in such conditions. This bubble of a world they had created would die off, it was too perfect, no dirt, no disease, no unengineered life, nothing for anything to feed from that was natural, it could not last. The plans to ship the wealthy off the planet they had ruined would come to nothing. "Fair enough" many who knew had said. "Let them die up there". This she couldn't allow. Taking that which was good from the world, only to have it die along with the autocrats was not a fate that should come to pass. It had to be stopped.
 Fuze Candycoated
Having pooled all their money, and fabricating an account to show they had what they did not, now the planet had this one shot. Scrubbed and cleaned, tested and scanned, she passed their tests. Now in the bubble, this pastiche of paradise, it was time to unleash life, to save it. This candy coated dream was about to show its real strengths were under the surface. Stepping into the stream of warm water, her makeup, so cunningly prepared and applied began to smear. carried across the ground in the water, and up into the air in the steam was the pollen, the dormant bacteria, the minute seeds, having shown only as flecks of glitter on her face were now germinating, reaching out across the refined atmosphere. She was the fuse. It would be the candy coating that would ruin this dream for those who dreamed it, and made it a reality for all those it had excluded and damned.

Ooh you had better be quick for these beauties!  S u g a r  has released a new range of skins, and as ever, they are beautiful, come with a tonne of add-ons cleavage, blush, dimples, teeth and so on! They are available on limited release only 50 that's right FIFTY of each tone available. There are six new skins, each with five skintone options. More pictures will be coming soon. The skin shown here is Fuze - CandyCoated.
It is available at the new  S u g a r   mainstore for L$ 899

Friday, August 31, 2012

Leaving the matrix

It had been a long way out of the matrix. But not long enough to cool her anger. Hidden behind her mask she pressed her eyes together when the pure light hit her eyes. Time to leave the matrix III Oh she was ready and the dance would follow her beat. Care to Dance II
Clockwork Orange is one of those books and films which somehow always stayed in my mind.
The black boots from GOS somehow reminded me on it. So I decided to try to put an outfit together which would also remind others on it. GOS is currently having a sale in their location at the Truth District which hopefully will help them to cover the costs they have because their cat got badly injured and they want it to be fine again.
The sale contains more or less only items for females.
When pondering about a fitting weapon I remembered the Baseball bat Messer Co released some time ago. Besides of being useful in any CCS or Lindendamage fight it looks great. The bat comes in two different versions and has a resizescript as well as the possiblity to choose between different amounts of blood and dirt on the bat. It can either be worn in the hand or carried on the belt which also belongs to the set.
To find a fitting bowler I had the help of Paco Pooley, one of the owners of 22769 who told me that I might find one at the vintage fair. He did not remember which store made it but luckily  Ravi Shelter had blogged it and was able and willing to help.
He also recommended me the pose used in the second picture, it is a gift from H<>W Pose. 
The pose on the first picture is contained in a prop which reminds on matrix. It is an other item in the sale to help with the vet costs and comes from Bent.
The Anais Hair from Wasabi Pills suits the look although it is long hair. But it goes great under hats as well as without them.
I m not sure if the guys in the film wear masks but the gin tattoo mask from #7 seems to fit to the outfit.
As shirt any white shirt works. This one belongs to a set from Phoenix Rising. It isn't possible to make the sleeves smaller but in this case that is bearable.
The white pants are available at the 100 L$ sale which still seems to be going on.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Anais 2 Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
 Baseball bat and belt: [M e s s e r Co.] BALL-BUSTER (1150 L$)
Hat: Bubble Electric: stylish bowler hat  [black] (~ 150 L$ had been sold at the Vintage Fair)
Mask: [ #7 ] gin tattoo mask  (49 L$)
Shirt: -Phoenix Rising- Stolen (Red) (25 L$)
Pants: {Gisaci} Brindisi Slacks - White (100L$ sold at theWarehouse)
Boots: [Gos] MESH Triumph Boots in Worn (currently 398 L$ in the sale at Truth District to help the vet costs to get their cat healthy again)

1. Pose: BENT. Cyber Matrix (100 L$ GOS Cat Fundraiser at Truth District)
2. Pose: H<>W Pose - Samurai Single Poses (0 $L Menstuff Hunt gift)

The pictures have been taken at a private sim. Send NightTurist an im if you are interested in visiting it. Tunneled

Tuesday, August 28, 2012




comicskirt2 What did she care about the names they called her? They didn't know her, perhaps they never would, and that was their loss. Not their only loss, not by a long way. She pitied them, as they wouldn't experience the magic, the worlds you could slip into between the pages. Glossy and crisp, scented with ink straight from the printer, or crumbling old pulp that sucked the moisture from your fingers as you turned each leaf. Super heros and their arch rivals, each villain wicked in their own way, each and every character flawed, some weakness to be found and exploited, and through which, their only hope of redemption.
She never could decide which it would be better to be, hero or villain. As she browsed the latest arrivals at her favourite store, flipping their plastic wrapped covers, searching for something, not knowing what, other than that she would know it when she saw it. The same conclusion as ever came to her mind, fingers walking through the copies, closing on the faded print in its shiny protective envelope, lifting it reverently from the rack. It wasn't the character that mattered, she would be every one of them as her gaze fixed on their antics, frozen in each square. It was the story itself, and the chance to be part of it.

Stuff in Stock has a new theme! Its all about the comic, the graphic novel, whatever you like to call it. It's always nice to be able to add a bit of your past, or your heros to an outfit, and this is a perfect excuse. Here shown is the : S u g a r : Puff Skirt - Vintage Comic, available at Stuff in Stock for L$75. Its MESH, a puffball skirt, with the fabric made up of a collage of scraps from vintage printed comics, from Dick Tracy to Superman.

: S u g a r : Puff Skirt - Vintage Comic L$75 @ Stuff in Stock

Monday, August 27, 2012


It had been a good season. Thanata was quite satisfied with her work. And even more happy that she finally could go home. Now she would rest for ages maybe play some computer games and even found a band. Founding a band was something she always had wanted to do. Not that she played an instrument but she was sure that she would be able to learn it quickly if needed. Since she could remember she had been a harvester. It was the job she had been born for. Like others were born to be planters. And she was good. The souls she took hardly ever got damaged when she collected them. That kept them so nicely tasty. Bathing in the sunlight IIBut now the only thing she wanted was getting home again. She just had managed to double her planned target, only by visiting one of those places where the weak souls came together. A nurse would be arested for killing all her patients but that was something Thanata was not able to think about. She only wanted to catch the next boat which would cross the styx. Bathing in the sunlight I September is the time of great storms and colours. Fitting to this mood there will be a hunt running through the first weeks of this months. Organized by the EGO CO. more than 50 stores will take part in the Summer Harvest Hunt. 22769 is one of them. Their gift will be a wonderful dress made of mesh. The cut is very open so that it looks like only two bands of fabric connected to a collar covering the top while the skirt reminds on a big scarf being wrapped around the hips.
It is a great dress and hopefully the designers will make more versions of it.
The hair comes from Wasabi Pills. It is very cute and somehow a bit messy. The diagonal cut of the pony reminds a bit on the way how children cut their hair when playing hairdresser. It is made of unrigged mesh so it is possible to resize it with the help of the inbuilt script.
The skin and the shape are available at Mirror's Enigma while the poses come from Miamai poses.

Outfit: 22769 for Summer Harvest Hunt [#34] (0 L$ Hunt starts at 1st September)
Skin and shape: [:Mirror's Enigma :] Invidia Light Brown Skintone (Envy Bundle) (800 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Cookie Mesh Hair - (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
Pose: Miamai Poses (traveller set)

Sunday, August 26, 2012


The meeting would be soon. Ira (her real name was way longer and a human would have gotten massive headache even when trying to think it) was not sure if she was looking forward to it or not. Of course their race was rare and he was her soulmate the one who made her complete. But often she wished to feel complete alone.  Starpeople II
They met at the usual location. Later some scientists would maybe wonder about a temporary black hole at that location this was one of the reasons why they only could meet for a short time. Of course their meetings were way longer than the lifespan of the halfsheer dreaming clouds on Treta Xanos or the purple froglike creaturs on Sasaraxinquonte. But for them they were short. Even the mightyest Gods can not escape time. Starpeople I
So they stood together for a while. Stars exploding near them and planets becomming covered with ice as the stars which had kept the climate on them comfortable for livings beings suddenly moved away. Not able to resist the pull of two hearts of the universe meeting. Starpeople IIIWasted time in Ira's opinion. But he always wanted to have the chance to see every little change of her appearance. In his opinion they both changed with the universes they wandered through and he thought he would manage to see what was going on just by the changing patterns on her skin. While she could only think of the moment in which they would have to part again.
Starpeople IV
The Fortune Teller found his way back to Fallen Gods Inc. when finding your 100% match you receive a pack of skins which contains the depth skin in a male and a female version. The skins are great and although the name reminds on oceans the skin itself also remind on the universe. The black outfit comes from the same store. It is unisex but there are different sizes for males and females included. The yellow/orange coat with the beautiful patterns and the fitting pants come from 22769. The set is currently sold at the Gallery Gift Shop one of the cutest sale events on the grid. Both parts are made of mesh and come in the standard sizes. A version for females is available at the same event.
Both hairs come from Wasabi Pills. The short one is currently sold at the Zombie Popcorn brand. It is made of unrigged mesh. This means it is mesh but it is possible to make it smaller or bigger like prim hair. The long hair is of course rigged mesh.
The background comes from Garden of Dreams. It is the Space Dream Scene. Besides of being awesome for pictures it gives the possibility to meditate or to do other things with friends.

On Him:
Skin:  DEPTH male  +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Fortune Ed. (0 L$ Fortune Teller)
Outfit: 22769 ~ [homme] floating sunrise (160 L$ sold at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Hawk MALE Mesh Hair - (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)

On Her:
Skin: DEPTH female  +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Fortune Ed. (0 L$ Fortune Teller)
Outfit: Arcangel Outfit Black +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (500 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Skye Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack sold at ZombiePopcorn Brand)

Background: ~*GOD*~  Space (2000 L$)
Couple pose: ::WetCat:: First Light (60 L$ sold at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Female Pose: Miamai Poses
Male Pose: Purple Poses