Review policy

Of course we are always glad about review items and normally do our best to let your items look great.
Our intrests are wide. We blog clothes, bodyparts, hair, shoes, vehicles, weapons and stuff for tinies and of course everything for house and garden.
You could see that blog like a mix of a mature and a pg sim. We love to show off in lingerie but even when blogging skins all the bits will be covered at least with pasties. To say it short we won`t blog any sextoys or other adult stuff.
All our bloggers have their own style. If you like to find out what style a blogger likes best have a look at their "look of the day" blog entries.
We can`t guarantee that your preview items will be blogged. One way to increase the chance to be blogged is to contact the blogger before sending him or her the item. Getting in contact is also a good way to build a friendship. And a friend will always make your item look better than a stranger might do that.

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