Saturday, January 22, 2011

Everything's just peachy

  Ok so the Jacket is a steal at 1L from Lemon Ginger and it's all  peachy for me! I  have a few of these scarves from Milk Motion, and so you can imagine how thrilled I was to pick up this freebie at the Euphoria hunt to add to my collection. Along with the freebie jeans from Doppelganger at the Seasons hunt and the free hair from Exile , I think on this occasion it would be a positive thing to call me cheap. P.s still haven't found any culottes bah!.

Jeans: Free seasons hunt item > Doppelganger
Jacket: L$1 cotton Linen jacket > Lemon Ginger
Scarf: Free Euphoria hunt item > Milk Motion
Hair with multi texture change hat: Free gift Jane - brown sugar  > Exile
Shoes ( no longer available sorry )


Join the Euphoria hunt which started today! Simply join the group and look in group notices for the notecard which gives landmarks of participating stores, although a small handful did not seem to work for me ( maybe it was the lag though ). You are hunting for a small purple letter E. There is a great hair from Loq  although I can't wear it due my my fussiness with skins I don't have one with a hairbase ( also a few nice skins in the hunt  too ) and the fact that I have an ancient viewer that won't allow for this new modern viewer hairbases. From the hunt I am wearing a jacket from The secret Store and Jackie O glasses from Donna Flora , although by self admission I look more like Harry Potter than Jackie O. Lastly a most unusual brooch which is a target with darts in ..hmm guess you could have fun attaching it to different body parts......

Jacket: Free hunt item > The Secret Store
Shades: Free hunt item > Donna Flora
Brooch: Free hunt item > LaGyo
Bracelets: Free group gift > MonS
Trousers: L$215 Emily Trousers - Autumn beige  > Paper.doll

Thursday, January 20, 2011

All that Jazz

I'm not quite sure why, but I feel like some sort of jazz artist in this outfit. Maybe it's the hat? or perhaps the jacket?  which by the way is the top half of the 'Mellissandre' outfit for a bargain 1L at Dany French touch (which is the jacket , undershirt and cuffs). There are a  great many 1L items for men and women scattered around the store. Beware though they are not all in one specific place, but inbetween all the other things for sale.

Jacket: L$1 > Dany French Touch
Skirt: Free group gift > Pesca
Hair with hat: Free group gift > Heart softens
Leggings: Free gift ( parcels under the tree ) > JEM
Shoes: L$10 > KKBB
Belt: Free lucky board > milady's

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[indigo man]

Underground yard
Lilly white

He's the charted lover
An indigo an indigo man
He's the black of the night
An indigo, an indigo man
Watching your underground yard
An indigo, an indigo man

Morning comes
Lilly white man
Your holy water

[indigo man]

Darker than as morning fine
Watch the steps of an indigo man
Wants torment your secret lie
Open to hold your lilly white hand

Longing to mix your holy water
Romancing on his planet mars
With the clearing of the sun
Making love amongst the stars

Where where go

[Deine Lakaien ~ Indigo Man]

Skin: LaVie - Azriel (previous huntgift)
Eyes: negaposi - Lunar EYES - Water
Hair: Maitreya - Lila (ebony)
Beard: -dD- Beards - Rodrigo (Jet)

Shirt: sf design - poets shirt (blue)
Pants: Poison - Black Leather Pants
Tank: *FIR* - Wife Beater Black


People turned around when she was walking throught the streets. Wearing two eyepatches at once to hide the empty holes in her face. The wounds never seemed to heal. She didn't know when she woke the last time without having the metalic taste of her own blood in her mouth. People who were new to the city sometimes tried to rob her. They all wanted the silver shining earring she wore.
free dress and mask
But they normaly learned quickly that being blind does not mean being helpless.
This great black dress and the Mask and the Earring are on the lucky boards at Silver*Roses. A great store for gothy dresses and awesome masks. They also got great Makeuplayers. Its just a store absolutly worth to visit. And the dress is just sweet. It looks like having a corset at the front and comes with a skirt with white lace unter it. The textures are well made so that they look realistic.

Mask and Earring: S*R eye mask&chainpierce 001(box) (0$ Lucky board)
Dress: S*R Crset Shortdress Green LB(box) (0$ Lucky board)
Katana: [needful PIXEL] Uesugi Katana v1.0 (200 Linden)
Lower Tattoo: actchio. peony dragon tattoo (250$)
Hair: +BM+ RIUS Black (0$)

Black and short

!Right has some great black dresses which are even on sale at the moment.They are all short with some nice accessories. The one on the left comes with a belt. It has a good length to be worn with boots. the one in the middle reminds me very much on a flower. The flowerlike attachments on the top and the skirt have a resizescript (it might have been a good idea to use it a bit more but well). The dress on the right is the one i like best. Its called tiny flower dress and comes with a boa and a necklace. The included stockings are also cute. It is sold in a sale where only german designers sell their stuff. Left: !RIGHT Marie black (60$)
Middle: !RIGHT Clodet black (79$)
Right: **GDU** !RIGHT Tiny Flower Dress (99$)

Wearing black when walking on snow

Being dressed in black when going for a walk in the snow. The northern lights flickering. Its useful to wear gloves against the cold.As the dress does not cover very much of the back.
This black gown is currently sold by Abia Capalini in the Courtiers Loft. Its a great gown which could be either worn with the lace on the top or without (i liked it better with the lace but thats a matter of taste). The primskirt could also be worn without the lace overskirt. I really like the cut of the top. Its very simply but very elegant at the same time.
Dress: Abia Capalini Design Audrey black sequin/Couturiers Loft (50 $)

Yellow Knit

If somebody would ask me for a list of my ten best friends in second life Paco and Manuel, from 22769, would always be on top. We know each other for a long time and lived even for half a year together on a sim. So if they would have asked me "Hey we are planing to make a yellow version of the causual knit dress what do you think about that?" i would have said "omg yellow? That won't work at better make a black version or a green one". Luckily they didn't ask and simply made a yellow version of that dress which is now sold in the Courtiersloft. It looks really great. The dress could be worn as kneelong dress, as short dress or with the jeans which come with it. The skins on the pictures are also sold in the courtiers loft at the moment. The belt on the right is in an outfit which is sold currently in the jaunty sale. That sale just for guys clothes.Dress: 22769 ~ casual couture Designer Loft (casual knit dress yellow) (100$)
Tan Skin: WDB Skin Miranda Sin - Dream Tan for TCL (70$)
Light Sin: *Mayden couture* - Melinda V2 Skin (The Couturiers Loft) (80$)
Belt: 22769 : Jaunty Sale outfit 2 (49$)

22769 also has a new groupgift. This month they made pants with a cargo pattern (i hope thats the right name of that pattern) and a fitting shirt.

Outfit: 22769 groupgift january (0$)

Monday, January 17, 2011

[lotn: pink and wet in brooklyn]

Recently, I had the questionable talent to leave the house and get soaked to the bone by some heavy rain not only 5 minutes later - even when the horizon looked clear and inviting while I was still inside. This beautiful jacket though, which is a win from so what?'s Lucky Board, will surely protect me in the future: you can win three different colours (brown, black and green) and wear it with or without the hood. Good luck!

Skin: ::DUTCH TOUCH:: - ::iAN::
Hair: booN - UEJ006 hair - pink
Eyes: MADesigns - EYES_AUTUMN night

Vest: A:S:S - Cotton vest - grey
Pants: A:S:S - FF Pinstripes - black
Jacket: so what? - Warm court (free on Lucky Board)

Rose laces

Trendstyle seems to have a very productive designer. And not only productive the clothes are also rather pretty. For example this black lace gown. It comes with a nearly sheer top (everything seems to be covered) and also such a skirt before the skirt widens in a primskirt. On the skirt the patterns of the top and upperskirt are repeated. The gown comes with a systemskirt and on all layers but it works also to wear it without the systemskirt. It only looks more seducing then.Dress: TrendStyle - Brocade Gown black (99$)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I've called this post Chocolate because not only am I an addict of the stuff itself, it just sounds a little more glamorous than brown, which is basically all this outfit consists of. I even changed my usually green eyes just to be consistent with the theme, now how's that for commitment, especially since you can't even see my eyes! ( hence no link for them). If you like the boots ( which I adore and you'll see me wearing them on many occasions)  there is also a purple pair available free as a group gift at the main Courtisane store.

Hair: Free HCT - Vanessa - coffee@ savoir hair
Trousers: Free lucky board  part of a mutli-pack ( half pants in brown) >  .:[K]:.
Top: Free- seasons hunt item ( look for the snowman)  > Ingenue
Scarf: Free group gift (part of the 'naturalizer' outfit) >Bubblez design
Boots: L$1 - Courtisane boots @ Enky's dollar store