Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Black and short

!Right has some great black dresses which are even on sale at the moment.They are all short with some nice accessories. The one on the left comes with a belt. It has a good length to be worn with boots. the one in the middle reminds me very much on a flower. The flowerlike attachments on the top and the skirt have a resizescript (it might have been a good idea to use it a bit more but well). The dress on the right is the one i like best. Its called tiny flower dress and comes with a boa and a necklace. The included stockings are also cute. It is sold in a sale where only german designers sell their stuff. Left: !RIGHT Marie black (60$)
Middle: !RIGHT Clodet black (79$)
Right: **GDU** !RIGHT Tiny Flower Dress (99$)

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