Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013 - The Green Queen

The Green Queen surveyed her realm with quiet, content happiness. The land was flourishing under her benevolent rule, and the people prospered. She walked around in the castle garden, caressed a tree leaf now and then. Everything felt so... alive, vibrating, growing, multiplying. The Green Queen kneeled down and touched a flower. She was serene, yet a shadow of sadness veiled her heart. Her time in the realm was so brief.
The Green Queen
Indeed, she was to abdicate in a few weeks and her throne would pass to the Golden Queen... who, when her time came, would surrender the lands to the Red Queen and she, to the White Queen. The Green Queen was still sad, but when she remembered that the White Queen's reign would last but a few months and then she would ascend the throne in her full emerald glory again, she smiled and caressed another leaf.
Fields of Plenty
I've known of the existence of the two guys behind "22769" for quite a long time - I always pay attention when a friend, whose habits don't include showering anybody with easy compliments, speaks of someone in the highest terms possible. Alas, it also seemed that Paco Pooley and Manuel Ormidale would focus their attention mainly on modern clothing... well, they treated steampunk fans to some tidbits from their "22769 Vintage" series now and then, but that was all, as far as fantasy stuff went. Yet, a flicker of hope scintillated in the horizon... Paco and Manuel wear elf ears, together with their jeans and t-shirts and sneakers! And indeed, the call of the pointy ears has proven too strong to ignore, and this year 22769 have their store in the Fantasy Faire, filled with goodies for the fantasy folk to enjoy.
... and you two, you will continue the vintage line, will you...? Pretty please?

Outfit: "Queensdress" in Green by 22769 - FF exclusive (160 L$) that you can find in Paco and Manuel's store at Lumenaria.
Hair: "Poison" by EMO-tions in Brown - the hair is a "golden oldie" (245 L$) but you can find the latest creations of Mirja Mills at Evensong Woods during the Faire.
Ears: "Young Elven Ears" by 22769 - another FF exclusive (140 L$) which is a bargain as the ears come with a colour HUD so you can match the shade of your ears with any possible skin you have.
Skin: "Rainbow Skins" in "Corpse Pallor" by Grim Bros - you can pick up the gift package for free in the Grim Bros main shop and it indeed contains many skins in the colours of the rainbow, and some. Cutea Benelli is also present at the Faire, go visit her boot at Ravenshard.
Tattoos: "Demon Fades" in Cilantro (on hands) and "Soul Ink Reloaded - Jana" (around the eyes) - both by The Plastik. The tattoos are both previous hunt gifts (now available for 249 L$ and 89 L$ respectively) but Aikea Rieko has new creations to offer, so go and visit her store at the Fantasy Faire at Evensong Woods, and don't forget to pick up the two low lag avie gift packages, also by The Plastik, at the landing point.
Eyes: "Komodo Eyes" in "WisdomSage" by Sterling Artistry - this beauty is also a FF exclusive (85 L$) that you can find in Silverr's shop in Titans' Hollow.

Demons in the blood at the Fantasy Faire

Hathaema dwelt in a blood red world, it was all she saw through eyes of pure plasma. Each pulse within those around her sent a fresh wave of life through her. As the moon pulled at the sea to form the tides, so she was pulled by the rhythmic beating of others' hearts; she was mostly blood after all. She would argue that she was Blood, Blood with a capital B, its signifier, its emblem, its Queen. She was the blood of everything, the vitae in animals, plants and other more obscure creations. Ancient blood and bones, compressed over the centuries to be released at last, burned in engines, her latest altars. This oil, this newest form of her blood coated her skin, shining with the sheen of a puddle of gasoline. Moving through the world, wherever there was a pulse, she would be. Tongue flickering in the darkness, seeking out new blood, new ways of using its energy. Her cloak, fuelled by the millions of warmblooded beings wrapped around her, maintaining her heat as her wings extended, readying her for flight, tonight she would meet more of the cold machines who ran on her essence.

More Demony goodness... (or should that be badness?) from Alesandra Markova at Dark Goddess Designs 

This is the Blood Demon 2.0 Avatar.
Everything from Hooves to Horns is included - many items animated with a pulsing blood texture.
This is also the (DGD) Red/Black Skin Version2 which works amazingly well with the changing tones of red in the attachments.
The (DGD) Demonic High Priest/Priestess Cloak is decorated with a Pentacle clasp, ideal for any demons, or anyone else specialising in blood magic.

You can find Dark Goddess Designs at the Fantasy Faire in The Dragonspire Sim

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013 - Prickly Rose

She was given the name "Rosalee" and it determined her destiny from immediately after she'd been born. Can someone practice any other profession than a rose fairy's, with that name? Of course not. Her loving mother pampered little Rosalee, taught her grace and manners... better to say, she tried to do so, she made every effort possible, she insisted, begged and threatened, to no avail. Little Rosalee was a tomboy. A tomfairy. A reckless and stubborn thing.
The Beauty of Thorns
"What shall we do with Rosalee?" - the almost rhetorical question hovered over the deeply worried fairy community like a black cloud with a promise of thunderstorm. One of their own, proven so inadequate for the task! "Imagine Rosalee pollinating a rose! Ha! Stomping over it, more like!" - grumbled the elders, until...
... until, at one of the weekly assemblies, the oldest fairy granny asked out loud something that first caused a deep silence, then some astonished murmuring, then the happiest and loudest cheers the fairy community had ever heard. What the oldest fairy granny asked was rather simple, "Do dog roses have a custodian? If not, who would be more able to handle their prickly thorns than our beloved Rosalee?"

When I opened the blogger package I got from Jackal Ennui, my first thought was, "Please, someone make a dress and a pair of boots like these IRL, and very very soon!" I particularly love the tendril-like pattern on the gothic doll corset set and the matching bolero, and the delicate embroidery on the boots tells us that the patient creator spent many, many hours working on it.
Then, when I opened another box that De La Soul Charlie dropped on me with love and compliments, I immediately knew I had to combine the sophisticated elven dress and the slightly macabre Kno'hr horns. I'm not sure I'd like to wear them, too, IRL... but in the fantasy world delicate and spooky match quite well.

Outfit: "Gothic doll corset dress" by Lassitude and Ennui - there are various colours available but only two of them, a black/white and a pink/white version are RFL donation items (280 L$). The matching jacket is sold separately (140 L$).
Boots: "Edenion" boots by Lassitude and Ennui - like the dress, the boots are also sold in many colours but only the red version is a donation item (280 L$). Jackal's shop is located in Crimson Fields.
Skin: "FallnPersephone" in Light Red by FallnAngel Creations - the skin is a previous Advent Gift still available in the shop (599 L$). If you want to check out the latest FF exclusive creations by Azriel Demain, you can find his shop in Crimson Fields.
Horns: "Ceredil Kno'hr Horns and Mouth" by De La Soul - the male and female horns and teeth with mouth tattoo are available together with a horn texture HUD (199/180 L$). You also find De La Soul in Crimson Fields.
Eyes: "Fantastical Eyes" in Clarity by Sterling Artistry - a FF2013 exclusive item (85 L$). You find the floating kiosk of Silverr Andel in Titans' Hollow.
Hair: fantasy hair by Tokyo Girl, not available any more.
Poses: "Fantasy Poses" by !Musa!. The poses are a regular item (30 L$) but you find lots of intriguing FF exclusive items in Filomena Quinnell's shop in the Magnificat sim.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dragons dance at the Fantasy Faire

Nagendra danced in the darkness...
Deep down under the snowcapped peak of the mountain was her home. The doorway, the only way into her realm, was hidden away behind broken pines and shattered rock; a most unassuming, and forgettable cave.
Few found it, those that did were unlikely to return to their own worlds to share a tale of what they discovered. She would steal out in the darkness to seek what she desired. Gold and jewels were rarities these days, even in the high wilderness, much that had been plundered from the earth now lay locked up tight in iron chests. Prizing the beauty of gems and metals, such actions seemed a crime, and while crimes in general were none of her concern, Nagendra certainly enjoyed righting that particular wrong.
Here, deep under the mountain, she kept her own trove safe... out of the sight of others of course, but always on display for her. The movement of the earth, soft scratchings of rats and deep muffled booms of drums in distant dwarvish caves would occasionally send a pile of coins toppling over. Minute changes in the delicate balance started a soft note ringing in the hollow crystals she wore at her ears and neck. Gold slithered over pearls and jewels as riches beyond measure settled into new resting places. This gentle sound sent a shiver through her, tail flexing as plumes of flame licked her fingers. Raising her hand, eyes that rarely needed light to see would survey each alteration, each movement. This fire was hers, this treasure, hers also.

In an ode to the dragon whose absence, especially at Faire time, is felt so keenly - and mentioned already so wonderfully by Ursula - here I present some beautiful items from {Lemon Tea} and c( Two Cats ) available at The Fantasy Faire.

{Lemon Tea} Drakodaimonen Tail - RFL - Dark Wood (Light wood tone also available)
c( Two Cats ) Elixir Earrings - Glass
c( Two Cats ) Elixir Necklace - Glass 
c( Two Cats ) Magical Poses       (The flames are my addition - but I think they work really well with these poses!)
c( Two Cats ) Miqo'te Poses

Fly down to the Faire on swift leathery wings; or just grab a free ride.

Hallo Dragon Lady...

Water Dragon

… wave back if you read this. :) The Fantasy Faire is in full swing this year, too, everything is amazing, yet we miss your presence rather much. Many people ask about you, and we all agree that the Faire without you chatting, organising and being generally present, lacks a unique shade. Have a great time IRL and please know your friends send you their best wishes and love…

… I hope I wasn’t too sticky-and-sweet emotional, huh…? :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life in Atlantis - Part 2

As Jaimie tended the gardens, and maintained the kelp forests that obscured Atlantis from many a prying eye, Isabelle had her own areas of expertise. From the surface, she would barely be seen; her colouring, all those tones of teal, turquoise and blue in her fins helped her blend seamlessly into the waves. Up at the surface, near the border with the world of air above, she was the eyes of her people, capable of sounding the alarm while any approaching ship was still safely out of sonar range
As night fell, and others took over the watch, she would sink back down to the ruins of the old city, still the heart of Atlantis. Just as they had when the city had been in the air, fathoms above where it now lay, moonbeams still focused on the town square. Their light dissipated through the depths, but Isabelle still shone. Phosphorescence, energised by her time in the sunlight near the surface, brought new light to the deep.
Danielle, just like her sisters, spent time at the ruins when she could. It was important to their survival to have food, and to not be found and treated as curiosities of course; but without their history, none of that would matter much. This was where she excelled. The ways her people had swum flowed in her veins. She studied their ancient texts, long since transcribed onto stone tablets capable of enduring under the water where ink would not. These she would care for, replacing or recarving when salt and tides blurred the edges of their words. Of course, much of their history was passed from Mer to Mer, their stories and songs pieced together threads of fact and myth, weaving the fabric of their people, and all those they met. All histories can be shared, and Danielle could spend whole tides conversing with the whales or the starfish. All these lives came together in the heart of the city, forever remembering their pasts, and looking to their futures.

More Mermaids at the Fantasy Faire!!!

Isabelle is a new creation from Theta Marseille at Mermaid Treasure & Boutique. It is available at the Faire for L$ 500. The set includes includes Top, Pants, Leg hider, Spine, Pelvis, Hip, and Leg Fins, and Earrings - check out the other pictures on my Flickr for a close up of these.

Sparkly Danielle Mermaid in Red Mix is an AUCTION item at the Fantasy Faire. This Red colour option is made just for the Auction and will not be available after Fantasy Faire 2013.
Danielle includes Top, Pants, Leg hider, Spine, Pelvis, Hip, and Leg and Arm Fins, and a matching red pearl necklace. 

Hook on to your underwater taxi here to the Fairelands 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013 - One Wee Goat

Marjoriana considered herself a smart, no-nonsense girl. In summer, when the whole village worked in the fields and the old women entertained the kids with spooky stories about the creatures that lived in the woods, Marjoriana giggled, wrinkled her nose and tried to look superior. Nobody would feed her that, for sure. Dancing lights that sing a lullaby so you fall asleep for a century? Sweetly smelling mushrooms that taste like strawberries, but after you eat one your skin turns scaly like a snake's? Bah, and bah again, Marjoriana thought.
Wee Faun
One very hot summer afternoon Marjoriana became so thirsty that, instead of going back to the village well, she decided she would look for some water in the woods. The "enchanted" forest looked peaceful and the girl soon found a pretty spring, the water was sweet and Marjoriana was quickly sated. "Well, y'know-all aunties, what do you say now?" - she giggled, stood up, and started walking back, towards the village... but she stopped immediately as she didn't know where those cloppity-clopping noises came from. Then she looked down her feet and started screaming like a banshee.
Enchanted Faun
I don't really believe in "destiny" but I admit I was quite amazed when I first read the list of the designers whose work I was to show you during the Faire, and I found the names of Baldur Darkwatch and Vital Tigerpaw, the owners of "!Completely oBVious!", on it. It was an act of divine justice, more like... because I still have a bad conscience about a gift I didn't blog during the last Medieval Fantasy Hunt. It was a splendid Elven warrior lady outfit, created by Vital; what left a deep impression in me was not only the outstanding quality of her work but also the accompanying notecard, in which Baldur and Vital politely apologised for the imperfections and promised to do better next time. Then my RL became busy, the hunt ended, and I've had a remorse ever since... until now. Please visit Baldur and Vital's shop in The DragonSpire, where you can buy not only the pretty silks but many other Medieval/fantasy creations, too, because !Completely oBVious! caters to the Medieval gentleman as well!

Silks and jewellery: "Fata Morgana" in Copper by !Completely oBVious! - exclusive FF item (225 L$)
Skin: Plastik "Khulthi" Fantasy Faire Low Lag Skin - a free gift at the Faire that you can find at the landing points (0 L$).
Hair: "Bonnie" in Espresso by Truth - there's a sale at Truth until May 3rd so if you're lucky enough and you can smuggle yourself into the permanently overcrowded sim, you can pick up a regular pack for 75 L$.
Eyes: "Fantastical Eyes" in Enspirited by Sterling Artistry - exclusive FF item (85 L$). You can find Silverr's shop in Titan's Hollow.
Faun hooves and ears: "Brown Raven" by Rotten Defiance - an old hunt gift now available for 200 L$.
Horns: "Aries" by Illusions - the horns are a regular item (150 L$) but you can find "Illusions" in Evensong Woods where Siyu Suen offers you the latest magical accessories.
Pose: Gown Pose 004 by !Musa! - the poses are a regular item (30 L$) but you find lots of intriguing FF exclusive items in Filomena's shop in the Magnificat sim.

Smoke and Flame at the Fantasy Faire

2 Burn baby burn... It was no disco inferno  sweeping through the forests that evening. Music curling with the smoke around tree trunks as they blackened, then began  to glow, was the hot rush of air, carrying with it the screams of those creatures and plants not quick enough, or just unable to evade the flames.
Each step she took, the earth would bake, rocks and stones melted into magma at her touch. Anything her long tail brushed against turned to smoke. Spreading her wings, she seemed every inch the destroyer of worlds. These misunderstandings made her chuckle. People weren't so wrong... just a little shortsighted. Sometimes life needed a little trauma, a little danger, a little damage to be able to bloom to its most beautiful. Her fires brought forth new growth, cleared away all that was damaged, lighting up the night with the inferno. At the dawn, new shoots would break through the scorched earth, and life would begin again.
More darkness tonight - from Alesandra Markova of Dark Goddess Designs.
Shown here is her Female Smoke Demon Avatar - available at the Fantasy Faire. It includes the Shape, Spines, Horns, Hair, Eyes, Tail, Hooves, Skirt and Bra, along with a HUD with flame control! Also shown are the Smoke Demon Wings, for when you want that added fuel for your fire!

Grab your Limo here to the Fairelands - before they are all aflame...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Darkness strolls through the Fantasy Faire

Out in the darkness she strolled through the mists, Ghaun'dril was light of foot, though her heart was heavy obsidian. Moonlight filtered through the high canopy of trees, gilding with silver the bats taking flight to feast on insects in the night. Dark creatures moved in the dense undergrowth and she was one of them. Pale spiders streamed from camouflaged positions in the tresses of her hair to scatter before her.
These, her many legged minions out to collect what they could to add to her cache, myriad eyes searching for stones glinting in the shadows, the telltale glow of riches within.

Avarice was no sin to them, they did only as they were instructed, her every whim catered for with minimal fuss. Ghaun'dril had few whims really, the burning desire in her dark heart was to furnish her lair with as many crystals as could be found, this passion overrode all else. For the spiderfolk, there was safety under her care, her hunger for these gems could not always be sated peacefully, and her shadowy ministrations let many of their kin grow beyond nightmares. They served as guards as well as treasure hunters, and each dawn, as they returned to the depths of the lair, she would sit in her throne, and weave with them the stories of the night.
Some dark loveliness tonight from Luna Barak of FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK at the Fantasy Faire

Shown above is the !! FANTAVATAR !! MALICE - Drow Avatar
This is a complete drow avatar - Shape, Skin, Eyes, Ears, Hair, MESH Leather bodysuit, Webbed pants, Leather Bracelets, and Boots.
If you ever fancied spending a few of your nights as a Drow, this is your chance!
These pictures were taken at the Fantasy Faire sims, Valley of Ishnar and The DragonSpire

Taxi to the event -

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Raindance for the Fantasy Faire

The rain poured down that night just as it always had, on good and bad alike.
Aithea had never been able to decide into which of those groups she fitted best. As with so many things, she reasoned while high above thunder cracked and rolled across the dark sky, the answer depended entirely on the situation, and who happened to be trying to decide at the time...
In the midst of the squall, she remained unchanged. The warm and cool breezes which inspired the storm came from the soft beating of her diaphanous wings. Here in the epicentre, with raindrops falling like daggers from the sky, Aithea could look up and smile. Lightning flickered as it formed in the depths of her horns.
She could never be harmed by her own creation.
Blessed and cursed as she was in equal measure when she arrived, her work was boon and disaster, life giver, and destroyer. Always she was the blade of a knife. Always apart from those she visited, prayers and questionning shouts of dismay washed over her as easily as the rain. Noone could do without her.

Ooooh Yeah! More from the Fabulous Fantasy Faire!

Here we have some of the beautiful items from {Lemon Tea} and (Two Cats) available at the Fantasy Faire.

Horns : {Lemon Tea} Filum Horns (Ethereal)
Earrings : c( TC ) Touche Earring - Glass
Wings :  {Lemon Tea} Aithein Wings

Taxi to the Faire :