Saturday, April 27, 2013

Demons in the blood at the Fantasy Faire

Hathaema dwelt in a blood red world, it was all she saw through eyes of pure plasma. Each pulse within those around her sent a fresh wave of life through her. As the moon pulled at the sea to form the tides, so she was pulled by the rhythmic beating of others' hearts; she was mostly blood after all. She would argue that she was Blood, Blood with a capital B, its signifier, its emblem, its Queen. She was the blood of everything, the vitae in animals, plants and other more obscure creations. Ancient blood and bones, compressed over the centuries to be released at last, burned in engines, her latest altars. This oil, this newest form of her blood coated her skin, shining with the sheen of a puddle of gasoline. Moving through the world, wherever there was a pulse, she would be. Tongue flickering in the darkness, seeking out new blood, new ways of using its energy. Her cloak, fuelled by the millions of warmblooded beings wrapped around her, maintaining her heat as her wings extended, readying her for flight, tonight she would meet more of the cold machines who ran on her essence.

More Demony goodness... (or should that be badness?) from Alesandra Markova at Dark Goddess Designs 

This is the Blood Demon 2.0 Avatar.
Everything from Hooves to Horns is included - many items animated with a pulsing blood texture.
This is also the (DGD) Red/Black Skin Version2 which works amazingly well with the changing tones of red in the attachments.
The (DGD) Demonic High Priest/Priestess Cloak is decorated with a Pentacle clasp, ideal for any demons, or anyone else specialising in blood magic.

You can find Dark Goddess Designs at the Fantasy Faire in The Dragonspire Sim

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