Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hallo Dragon Lady...

Water Dragon

… wave back if you read this. :) The Fantasy Faire is in full swing this year, too, everything is amazing, yet we miss your presence rather much. Many people ask about you, and we all agree that the Faire without you chatting, organising and being generally present, lacks a unique shade. Have a great time IRL and please know your friends send you their best wishes and love…

… I hope I wasn’t too sticky-and-sweet emotional, huh…? :)


  1. When I first glanced at the picture here, I thought "omg, Ursula managed to make herself look just like Dagmar!" Then of course, I realized it was a picture of the One And Only. ;)

    And yes, Dagmar, I concur. Fantasy Faire is happening right now, and it doesn't seem quite the same without you around. I used an image of you in my shop display for the v.2 Dragon Eyes, so at least people get to see you there, a little.

    Wishing you well, and hope your life is simply spectacular. :)


  2. I love this. Thank you so much for posting this Ursula. x

  3. I'm happy you like it, and somehow I was quite sure you would agree with the idea, Vyl...;-) Everybody wanted to know about Dagmar, me included, then I just took the initiative, that's all... *grins and waves in everybody's general direction*

  4. I commented here yesterday, but apparently it didn't "take", hmph. I was surprised when I first saw the picture because I thought, "omg, Ursula was somehow able to make herself look just like Dagmar!" Then I realized it *was* Dagmar, lol.

    Yes, we all miss her. Having Fantasy Faire currently doesn't seem quite the same without her. I used a picture of her to illustrate the v.2 Dragon Eyes, so I "see her" each time I enter my FF shop. Hehe, sneaky.

    Dagmar, I hope life is being truly spectacular for you, as you deserve. :)