Friday, April 26, 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013 - Prickly Rose

She was given the name "Rosalee" and it determined her destiny from immediately after she'd been born. Can someone practice any other profession than a rose fairy's, with that name? Of course not. Her loving mother pampered little Rosalee, taught her grace and manners... better to say, she tried to do so, she made every effort possible, she insisted, begged and threatened, to no avail. Little Rosalee was a tomboy. A tomfairy. A reckless and stubborn thing.
The Beauty of Thorns
"What shall we do with Rosalee?" - the almost rhetorical question hovered over the deeply worried fairy community like a black cloud with a promise of thunderstorm. One of their own, proven so inadequate for the task! "Imagine Rosalee pollinating a rose! Ha! Stomping over it, more like!" - grumbled the elders, until...
... until, at one of the weekly assemblies, the oldest fairy granny asked out loud something that first caused a deep silence, then some astonished murmuring, then the happiest and loudest cheers the fairy community had ever heard. What the oldest fairy granny asked was rather simple, "Do dog roses have a custodian? If not, who would be more able to handle their prickly thorns than our beloved Rosalee?"

When I opened the blogger package I got from Jackal Ennui, my first thought was, "Please, someone make a dress and a pair of boots like these IRL, and very very soon!" I particularly love the tendril-like pattern on the gothic doll corset set and the matching bolero, and the delicate embroidery on the boots tells us that the patient creator spent many, many hours working on it.
Then, when I opened another box that De La Soul Charlie dropped on me with love and compliments, I immediately knew I had to combine the sophisticated elven dress and the slightly macabre Kno'hr horns. I'm not sure I'd like to wear them, too, IRL... but in the fantasy world delicate and spooky match quite well.

Outfit: "Gothic doll corset dress" by Lassitude and Ennui - there are various colours available but only two of them, a black/white and a pink/white version are RFL donation items (280 L$). The matching jacket is sold separately (140 L$).
Boots: "Edenion" boots by Lassitude and Ennui - like the dress, the boots are also sold in many colours but only the red version is a donation item (280 L$). Jackal's shop is located in Crimson Fields.
Skin: "FallnPersephone" in Light Red by FallnAngel Creations - the skin is a previous Advent Gift still available in the shop (599 L$). If you want to check out the latest FF exclusive creations by Azriel Demain, you can find his shop in Crimson Fields.
Horns: "Ceredil Kno'hr Horns and Mouth" by De La Soul - the male and female horns and teeth with mouth tattoo are available together with a horn texture HUD (199/180 L$). You also find De La Soul in Crimson Fields.
Eyes: "Fantastical Eyes" in Clarity by Sterling Artistry - a FF2013 exclusive item (85 L$). You find the floating kiosk of Silverr Andel in Titans' Hollow.
Hair: fantasy hair by Tokyo Girl, not available any more.
Poses: "Fantasy Poses" by !Musa!. The poses are a regular item (30 L$) but you find lots of intriguing FF exclusive items in Filomena Quinnell's shop in the Magnificat sim.

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