Sunday, April 21, 2013

Raindance for the Fantasy Faire

The rain poured down that night just as it always had, on good and bad alike.
Aithea had never been able to decide into which of those groups she fitted best. As with so many things, she reasoned while high above thunder cracked and rolled across the dark sky, the answer depended entirely on the situation, and who happened to be trying to decide at the time...
In the midst of the squall, she remained unchanged. The warm and cool breezes which inspired the storm came from the soft beating of her diaphanous wings. Here in the epicentre, with raindrops falling like daggers from the sky, Aithea could look up and smile. Lightning flickered as it formed in the depths of her horns.
She could never be harmed by her own creation.
Blessed and cursed as she was in equal measure when she arrived, her work was boon and disaster, life giver, and destroyer. Always she was the blade of a knife. Always apart from those she visited, prayers and questionning shouts of dismay washed over her as easily as the rain. Noone could do without her.

Ooooh Yeah! More from the Fabulous Fantasy Faire!

Here we have some of the beautiful items from {Lemon Tea} and (Two Cats) available at the Fantasy Faire.

Horns : {Lemon Tea} Filum Horns (Ethereal)
Earrings : c( TC ) Touche Earring - Glass
Wings :  {Lemon Tea} Aithein Wings

Taxi to the Faire :

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