Saturday, March 12, 2016

Fashion for Life - Different Stars

The stars look very different today...
It's been such a long time, so many things have happened.
It's been the blink of an eye, and so much has been lost.
For all the people who live well, enriching the lives of others.
For all those who are taken away from everyone and everything they love.
For all those who have loved them, and will come to love them through great gifts they left behind.
Fashion for Life.
Relay for Life.
Make up : ::DS:: Legion Makeup    L$ 175
Pack includes several colour options
Top : *FW* Dance in the Rain    L$ 99
Pack includes mesh comfy pants!
Pants : Mesh Head - Leather Patched Biker Pants    L$ 155
So many sizes tailored to mesh bodyshapes, colour change via HUD

These items can be found in the Relay for Life vendors across the 8 Fashion for Life SIMS. The price you pay for items in these vendors goes entirely to Relay for Life, the American Cancer Society. Go shopping, and help kick cancer the hell out of humanity.
Fashion For Life