Thursday, November 4, 2010

[kimono komfiness]

I've always had a liking for traditional, far-eastern (inspired) clothing, so the discovery of those nice kimonos for men instantly made me run into the photostudio to share the silken goodness with you.

[kimono komfiness]

The first outfit is one of 22769's latest releases called Rator, here shown in black. It comes in several layers, and you can also decide to wear the obi (belt) only and combine it with the system-skirt to get a slimmer looking bottom line. Here I am wearing the obi with attached silk panels, and the matching pants with cuffs underneath.

[kimono komfiness ]

The second kimono is a blue-shaded piece called MoonlitForest that FallnAngel Creations contributed as a prize for THE SILK ROAD HUNT. I'm showing two ways to wear it here, but there are many more, and a notecard explains which of the gazillion pieces you have to pick to achieve a certain look. The socks and shoes are also included.

1st pic:
Kimono: 22769 - Rator Black

2nd pic:
Kimono: FallnAngel Creations - SILK ROAD HUNT prize (look for a red pagoda)

In lime

Lately i had not much luck with the lucky board groups i joined. I even managed to get kicked out of "sit here slap this". But so i decided to look a bit around myself and found a dollarbie butterfly dress. Its cute and might be useful for people who think of starting to roleplay as humanbutterfly or as fae. It comes with two skirts a long one and a short one. On the picture you could see the long version of the skirt. Dress: *Pas De Deux* Jade Butterfly (1 Linden)

AddiCt give out a cute subscriber gift. Its a very short dress in rose wit a long collar. If its too short for you its still wearable as sweater with jeans.
-[AddiCt]-ZIOMARA Sweaterdress/Rose Group Gift (0 Linden Subscriber gift)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Journey to Asia

Smiling on a trip to Asia while wearing a wonderful china dress. 22769 created a new set of asian inspired clothes. They managed to combine Steampunk and Asia. The Kimonos have been made for men. But i like them a lot for female. They got little wheels on the obi. The kimonos are worn with trousers under the skirt. There are also steampunkthemed decorations on the trousers.
The kimono is available in black and orange. I like the black one better as i like the black red combination very much but thats just personal taste. Im rather curious how Storm will look in one of those Kimonos as he is going to show them on an avatar they are made for.
22769 released some more asian outfits. Here a compilation of some of them.

1. 22769 ~ casual couture Vintage Series "Schwawu" (190 Linden)
2. 22769 ~ casual couture Vintage Series "Rator Black" (210 Linden)
3. 22769 ~ casual couture Vintage Series "Kuku" (210 Linden)
4. 22769 ~ casual couture Vintage Series "Rator" (210 Linden)
5. 22769 ~ casual couture Vintage Series "Lito" (230 Linden)
6. 22769~ casual couture Vintage Series "Ledao" (210 Linden)

Jasmine and Rose

Ambrosia is a cute japanese store - well somehow most japanese stores are rather cute - and the store name always reminds me on a song by Clan of Xymox. The song has the title Jasmine and Rose and the singer sings "Dream of ambrosia ...". Ambrosia moved to an other sim. When takin a look i won a brown dress with flower pattern with fitting stockings.

The pose used for the picture is a new one from No Strings Attached. The set is named Demure and is sold at ZombiePopcorn. The poses are elegant and sweet. The pack contains even the mirrored version of the poses. Dress: ***Ambrosia***chocolate rose (Lucky board 0 Linden)
Pose: 'NSA' - Demure (inc. mirrors) (Set 150 Linden (10 Poses)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

[lotn: leaving the crime scene]

[lotn: leaving the crime scene]

He'd overdone it a little on Halloween... but there had been just too many willing necks within his reach, too many camouflaged, drunken smiles -not- to embrace the opportunity, and so the one with the bleached curls had invited no less than a dozen souls to dance with death. Unfortunately, he'd been a bit too eager with some of them... and two nights later, he considered the air in the city getting too thin and the police too nosy. Time to grab his bike and leave to never come back... at least not until next Halloween.

[lotn: leaving the crime scene]

Skin: [Buried] - Vampire Skin
Hair: Gritty Kitty - Abel
Ears: Schadenfreude - Mer-elf Ears
Eyes: Nomine - Stained Contacts (subo-gift)

Jacket: - Halloween Hunt gift
Tank: Vitamen - October Gift
Gloves: sf design leather gloves black - free at the KMadd gift wall
Pants: Goth1c0 - Infinite Regret Leather pants
Belt: .:Hermony:. - LuckyDeath-Belt
Boots: Male Goth Riding Boots - free in your library!

Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: - Mayhem Tattoo

Monday, November 1, 2010


The new monthly freebie for November is out at Vitamen, something camouflaged to help you hide from the cold-viruses!


Get it here!