Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Forest awakening

Fearful heart Deep in her heart was the forest. In the heart of the forest she dwelt. Pines and sentinals formed a near impenetrable barrier around the border; stray trees grew here and there, camouflage in the wilderness. Through the labyrinth of  thickets and thorns, near the centre of the forest, the trees grew less dense. Needles gave way to broad leaves, boughs and branches spread under sun and moon. The clearing ringed a tarn, neither deep nor broad enough to be called a lake, but it brought life to the whole wood, and to her. 3 Each season she woke, covered in fallen leaves or encased in ice. The creatures of the forest scuttled over her skin rousing her from slumber. Water dripped from her hair as her bare feet curled into the leaf litter and loam. Sun and moon beams dappled her skin as she moved slowly around the clearing, her touch caressing bark and fur as she came back to life. Flames flickered, kindling into being on her horns, lighting up the night. 3 Fully awakened, fully alive the forest around her bloomed or withered as was its season. In the clearing she held her court. The throne's eyes were open, the time for judgement was at hand. All the business of the forest must be conducted before the moon waned, and her candles guttered. So little time each season to take in all the beauty her energy created. The woods were so beautiful. She would take the time to enjoy them. 2

Skin :  :[P]:- Astrali Skin :// Auriga L$ 1099
This skin comes in three versions, basic - shown here, cover up and toned down. Seven eye shadows, six other lip and face make up mods and eight brow options.
The Plastik
Hair :  (r)M Hair No.25'14 - Cherry Brown - from Blacks Pack L$ 287
Incredible value here for this amazing hair. The Blacks colourpack contains five tones.
( r e d ) M i n t
Eyes :  :[P]:-Haunt Collection-The Cell L$ 119
Corset :  :[P]:- Anasaze Corset :// Wrought Leather with Hips  L$ 289
Beautiful tooled leather under bust corset. Can be worn with or without the additional hip sections.
Horns : :[P]:- Living Light Horns [Complete-Light]:// Bound  L$ 449
Twelve. That's right, twelve different versions of these beauties. With and without candles, with and without ribbons. There are additional packs available for yet more colour options at the mainstore.
Armour :  [The Forge] Lorien Bracer Set - (Rustic Gold) L$ 450
This pack comes with four coloured gemstone options. They are much brighter in colour than shown here - but are mod! I've darkened them considerably (to 16 from 100) for the look I wanted here.
The Forge
Pose (Picture 1) : Del May - Fearful heart #1 L$ 50
Del May
Chair : Boudoir - UnSeelie Fairy Queen Wearable Throne L$ 250
Natural and super creepy with its eyes! Prim heavy - wear - don't rez!
Setting : Studio Skye : Four Season Enchanted Pond from 100% MESH  L$ 699
This is a great section for landscaping, especially if you already have similar items from Studio Skye. One click changes the season of all sections you have rezzed. This Enchanted Pond comes in two versions, one with prim water, and one without. For those lucky enough to have land at sea level, this can be rezzed and placed slightly in the water, so you get all the windlight options for water in your scene.
Studio Skye