Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blue for water

Milena missed the spring. She loved flowers but somehow the weather at the odd island where she lived never changed to spring. The plants were arid although there was more than enough water around. But when seeing the iceflowers at the window of her room in winter she got an idea. She started to create iceflowers with her magic. But not for her window she planted them all over the island between the normal flowers.
Ezura water gown
Ezura takes part in the little big shop event. Its a faire to help raising money for the water project. For this event there are two dresses released. The Neelaa is a 100% donation dress. It comes with a partly sheer skirt and a shoulderdrape which lets it look very romantic. The blue and white which has been choosen for the design goes very well with the theme of the little big shop event. Of course all primparts have a resizescript.
wandering in blue
The aqua dress reminds a bit on a waterplant with all the softly moving parts. It is made in shades of blue which also fit to the water theme - the name itself fits allready perfectly to water. The system layer parts of this dress come on the tattoo, pants, undies, undershirt and shirt layer. The Primparts have a resize script. Both dresses are only available during the little big shop event.
Ezura water dress

Upper Dress: + ezura + TLBS Dress *Neelaa (388$)
Lower Dress: + ezura + TLBS Dress *Aqua (388$)

Friday, April 22, 2011

[shirts for free]

It's hunting-time, and April is slowly coming to an end, so I thought I'd share some stunning freebie tops with you before they're all gone!

[shirts for free]

To the very left is sf design's freebie for the month of April, a loose sitting button down that comes in tucked, untucked, vest and shirt only options and prim-cuffs and collar.

Following are two shirts you can grab for free at The Seasons Hunt. The [NSD] Bonjour Tank (I'm also wearing [NSD]'s other prize in the pictures, a pair of nicely made Gaucho pants - perfect for spring and summer!) has a sculpted bottom with a plain and graphic option. Alphavillain's contribution is this fresh white and light-blue striped longsleeve that instantly made me crave for ice-cream at the sea front.

On the right-hand side, I'm wearing Vitamen's April-freebie, a tank top you get in 4 variants: the one shown and in a sheer version, and the same shirt with a golden print, also in both solid and sheer and in all imaginable layers.

1) sf design - grandad shirt with vest blue (free)
2) [NSD] - BonJour Tank-Blue/ Seasons Hunt (free)
3) Alphavillain - Nautical Shirt for Seasons Hunt Spring (free)
4) VITAMEN - Monthly Freebie on Apr2011 (free)

Cutting Grass

The sharp grass was first irritating then it was just painful. Nobody knew where the grass came from. It only was growing a lot and at places where it should not grow. Suddenly greaves became very popular again.
wandering through odd fog
Ibizarre released some nice mixable items for the summer. For exampe this black shirt and the dots with the 50ties style dots. The lower part of the shirt is made of a prim. Its possible to modify it so it should fit all avatars. The Skirt is also mod. Anyusha the designer of Ibizarre managed to let the items look in a way which gives an idea about how they might feel unter the fingers. To look even a bit more like made for summer the shirt, which is available in six different versions, contains also a necklace in colours which fit to it and the theme.

Top: Ibizarre Summer Neckholder - Black (100 L$)
Skirt: Ibizarre Summer Skirt - Dots (125 L$)

The pictures have been taken at Delicatessen -Petrified.

Good Friday

 Good Friday! well on a non-religious point, this is a fashion post afterall, I'm certainly having a good Friday so far with my bargains. Firstly I want to say a big thanks to a lovely lady who goes by the name Xanthe Audeburgh who has been feeding my hair habit! not only does she give me great tip offs as to where to get great hair, she's a fellow blogger and also has a great store that sells perfectly proportioned shapes (CS Shapes) so have a sneaky look at her blog. So it's safe to say I love this hair which is an opening gift at Holic.

I do have to say a few quick words about the skin. For some reason I've never had an addiction to skin in quite the same way that I have for hair & shoes, but recently that has changed somewhat. I love the skins at Shine and previously blogged the mix & match skin & shape gift (which is still available). They are so pretty & exoctic looking, which is quite a contrast to my usual tone so I love it. There is a MM board & luckychair instore if you want to sample them for yourself, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Hair: L$0 opening gift > Holic
Hat & glasses: L$0 seasons hunt gift > Deco
Scarf: L$245 linen scarf (8 colour change textures) > Miel
Skin: L$900  Katie natural/tan/cleavage2 > Shine
Top: L$0 seasons hunt gift > Alphavillain
Trousers: L$0 seasons hunt gift > This is a fawn
Shoes: L$30 Gacha item > Mocha
Bag: L$180 Buckskin bag - natural tones > Les petits details

Thursday, April 21, 2011


They had been traveling for a month, now they were back at one of the maintransport stations. Of course they were two it always needed two women to fly the spaceships. The world population had grown massivly in the 21th and 22nd century. The lack in food caused riots and chaos. Desperate science fiction fans sent out calls for help into the space and were surprised when getting an answer. The answer contained detailed construction plans for spaceships. Nobody knew anything about the race which sent the answer, if the builders of the ships had known that they were dealing with vermin technology the following tragic events maybe would not have happend. It was seeable from the plans that the spaceships needed two pilots and that it would also be possible to transport more people with them. But when the first four spaceships were tested the seven male pilots became insane. Only the woman who had replaced the eight one who had gotten an allergic reaction from a bee-sting came back in her normal state of mind.
entering the resting zone
After that some more men tried to fly the ships but all of them became insane so that at the end only women flew the ships. Men had only the chance to be passenger. After the fist humans had been transported to other planets by women the society started to change. Women were more important than they used to be. The pilots started to develop close relathionships to each and their spaceship. For that they wore special collars and implants. After a while they realized that they became much older than normal humans. But none of the pilots ever managed to get pregnant after her first flight.
I got to know Sian Pearl because of flickr. She commented some of my pictures there so I had a look at her flickr stream and was stunned by her pictures and the beauty and uniqueness of her avatar. A month ago she sent me a message to ask me something about an item I blogged so we started to talk and she sent me the amazing cyberpunk accessories she built. At the moment she sells two sets on the marketplace. The choker with the gautlets and the tattoo with the prim jewels are sold as one set and several versions of the headphones in an other one. The items are mod so it was no problem to make the choker smaller. When touching it beams appear around the choker and wristlets. I did not need much time to adjust the gems so that they were placed correctly on their places on the tattoo (the tattoo comes on the tattoo layer).
The earphones come in several versions. I like it that there are versions of only the right or the left one included. They also come and with particles which look like electricity.

Choker, wristlets, gems and tattoo: sian's cyberpunk accessory set (250 L$)
Earphones: sian's retro sci-fi earphones set (150 L$)
Thong: belongs to ELIXIR Queria Set- WHITE (400 L$)
Stockings: belong to + ezura + Acha Cyber Latex Bodysuit *White Set (488 L$)
Bodysuit: + ezura + DIGI Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Silver (488$)
Boots: + ezura + DIGI Boots Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Silver (388$)

The pictures have been taken at Insilico.


Does my bum look big in this? I'm loving these hipsters which are the latest freebies from Jane, just like those delightful lacy mini skirts too there is a pack of 6 to choose from, wow she's so generous! Also do look sharp and pick up these delicious boots, which come with the fedora (worn) and a sexy little red & black dress (not worn) which is the current 20K members group gift at Thalias fashion! go go go!!

Hat & boots: L$0 group gift > Thalia's fashion collection
Top: L$0 seasons hunt item > Mocha
Hipsters: L$0 hipsters - strawberry > Jane


Just a short post about a Lucky Board I've found yesterday and wanted to share. You can win this neat set of subtle tribal facepaints at -Sorry.Asia-, and there is also a pack of lovely eyes loaded into one of the three boards that change every three minutes! Good luck!


Facetattoo: -Sorry.Asia- - Tribal 1 LuckyBoard (free)

In which she headed for the Easter parade

Oh Easter! I get all excited about it whiffs of Chocolate and family get togethers providing many happy calorific, if not slightly embarrassing memories. If your family is anything like mine that is, yep father is guaranteed to  decorate his being with hankies & tea towels, tuck his trousers in his socks & pretend to be a Morris dancer if he feels the party spirit is anything less than lively.

So anyway I'd rather like to be part of a very civilized high tea drinking lady, for my SL easter thank you very much, no sign of drawn on moustaches and monobrows with the eyeliner 'borrowed' from my handbag. No Morris dancing or wearing anything on your head that isn't meant to be there, no fat lady in the bath jokes, ooof the list goes on! Meh!! tell you what I'll take both thanks :) right now check my very civilized Easter lady, thank you please.

I just have to mention the hair. It's a Seasons hunt gift, but I just absolutely adore the packaging it's so cute, quirky & clever. It comes in this little basket of eggs that I hold, and you simply choose the colour egg to correspond with the colour hair that you want! how fabulous!

Hat, Necklace & shoes: Easter special (pack comes with 3 colour of all items) > artMEfashions
Top: L$120 Philosophy top   > Les petits details
Skirt: L$130 like a bride     > Les Petits details
Hair: L$0 seasons hunt gift > Tiny bird
Hall stand: L$0 seasons hunt gift > Cheeky pea

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fresh faced for spring

Is it about time you organized your inventory, In order to  push aside those dark drab winter colours & introduce some fresh airy light springtime colours? well I certainly think so! I adore this this pretty feminine outfit, The dress  and comes in a range of beautiful pastel colours, but this green happens to be my personal favourite. It goes great with this pretty lacy bolero jacket does have an extra prim bottom which I removed for this outfit.

 Loving the skin for a fresh pretty feminine look with the  liquid eyeliner effect which I definitely favour! Oh and lets not forget these pretty sparkly eyes which have tiny flecks of pink in love it! you really must check out this eye store! so overall I'm rather pleased with my girly look.

Hair: L$280 GIC128 hair - brown > Boon
Dress: L$150 Mrs spring dress - green > Les petits details
Jacket: L$220 summer lace jacket - white > artMEfashion
Shoes: L$0 seasons hunt item > Un jour
Bracelets: L$0 M&MH item  ( hint 4 steps & you're there) > Mustang trading post
Skin: L$750 - Layla light skin - 5  ( shiny ) > JeSyLiLo
Eyes: L$100 for a 4 pack ( slight variants of the same)   Inverno 5 - 2 > Perception

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dragoneggs on the hat

Looking into the world with eyes wide open and a bleeding nose. Sometimes white flowers are just a bit to white to be bearable.
dragonegg hat
Xelyn Xaris the owner of XX Millinery made the hat with the dragoneggs on it. They are not very big dragoneggs but the dragons might become big after hatching or the eggs themself will grow more. The like a prayer choker and wristlets come both from Virtual/Insanity. The choker looks like there would be some thin leather bands wrapped around it which also hold the cross. The wristlets consits out of two parts one which looks like being made of black leather and the part for the hand which is looking like being made out of metal. I adore the asia nails from the same store. They even come with a tintable glove layer to make the nails on the skin disappear. The black dress is being sold at Vanitas Vesture. Its one of those elegant and simple dresses which always fit. The shadeing is lovely and it comes on all layers. The nosebleeding skin is available at den-dou in the gacha.
pondering in black
Hat: .:XXM:. Dragon's Egg Cluster Hatinator (multi) (100$)
Hair: Magika Hair - Buns (I think its reduced now to 99$ or 49$)
Makeup: A:S:S - Drama shadows (one 20$ fatpack 100$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry DragonEyes_IndigoFrost (50 Linden)
Choker: [V/INSANITY] LIKE A PRAYER Choker (120$)
Nails and Rings: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] ASIA NAILS&RINGS (wear me) (62 L$ on sale at the moment)
Dress: Vanitas Vesture - Languid Party Dress - Charcoal (200$)
Skin: DEN-DOU : Keiko ate the chocolate by stealth (gatcha 200$ per round)
Tattoo:::::HORI-MUTO ::::KURIKARA-MONMON (850 Linden)
Highheels: Stiletto Moody - Silver StudSides Pump (Black) (I do not want to know how much they were, they were a gift)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Gebet in gold

Spending some time with exploring ruins.
dreaming in a golden dress
Schön also released a golden version of the gebet gown. It is build like the blue one, the skirt is being made of three parts and all prim parts are mod which makes it possible that it should fit every avatar. Saya Littlething also asks to donate in real life when getting this gown. The dress will be available till 15th May.
watching a turtle
Gown: Schön : Gebet Gold (0 L$ but worth a donation in real life)

Red Tweed

Enjoying a walk at the shore in the evening. Its not really the right ground to wear highheeled boots but its always a good thing to wear boots. Just in case if meeting a great guy or needing to annoy an unkind woman, its useful to look hot.

The outfit is also useful for that as it is half open but looks elegant. It is called tweedsuit and has a short red skirt and a jacket. The jacket comes on the jacketlayer so it is possible to wear something under it. It is the gift at the Halcali luckyboard. To win the outfit it is needed to join the Halcali group. Its free to join and there is a groupgift as well available in store and a second lucky board with scarfs on it.
red knit for free
Dress: Halcali:::Tweed Suit [red] (0 L$ Lucky board)

A little Spring Seasons hunting

How many amazing hunt items are there in the new seasons hunt? blinkin loads that's what! I haven't even got a quarter of the way through, but I love everything so far! If you've not done a seasons hunt before , you need to join the group inworld, look in notices and pick up the hunt list, there are no clues that I know of, but if you're stuck ask in group and I'm sure someone will give you a hint. P.s you're looking for a lil bumble bee.I absolutely love this outfit, the colours are so vibrant and fresh! 

The glasses, jacket, and vest are hunt items but as soon as I saw this gorgeous jacket I knew instinctively what I would put with it, yes these fabulous hareem pants from 22769. They are not a hunt item, but if you want them and frankly I don't know who wouldn't?! they do come as part of an outfit along with a cute floral blouse, so you're literally getting 2 for the price of one! Oh yeah you know you can count on me for a good deal!

Hair: L$280 - GIC128 hair - brown > Boon
Glasses: L$0 seasons hunt item> Epoque
Jacket: L$0 seasons hunt item > The secret store
Vest: L$0 seasons hunt item > Ingenue
Trousers: L$210 Part of the flora dress outfit > 22769
Belt: Former 50L friday item unable to find instore (Miel) 
Shoes: L$190 Hippy shoes - brown Les petits details

Sunday, April 17, 2011

[and on the 7th day he invented the guitar]

And there was a certain silence at the end of the first day of them all that was the beginning of a myriad of sunrises and -downs, a silence not even the soft whispers of rolling waves and the birds' drowsy tweets managed to fill. Sounds speaking of passion and loss, like the voice of a shadow-veiled seducer rolling from a luring tongue, noises that would touch the longing heart and would make it want to sing along to the melody of creation wafting through warm air. Like caressing a long-missed lover, he let his fingertips brush over the curves of polished wood and strings made of steel, enjoying the subtle susurration and vibrations of a yet unknown song - and he knew that it was good.

[...and on the 7th day he invented the guitar]

A little ode to solitude and the beauty of music in this post about the colour "eggplant" for Luna Jubilee's blogger challenge. Unfortunately, I couldn't do the last two colours and am still trying to get back into the vibe, so I chose a rather calm motive and soft colours to go with this picture to lure the muse back into my mind again. Wish me luck!

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Shaved
Hair: RAW :: HOUSE - Destroyer
Eyes: [Plastik] - Jerusalem - BlueBrown
Hairbase and Beard: *Plume* - 7&8a/LJ Attachment Option

Tee: A:S:S - Dusk tee
Vest: +grasp+ - Hooded Vest - BlackLeopard
Jeans: +grasp+ - Stone Skull Jeans
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: - Reservoir Dogs
Nailpolish: A:S:S - Nailpolish - Jet Black
Necklace and Armband: +grasp+ - Skull Necklace/Beed and Leather strap bracelet [group gifts - joining fee!]

Guitar: Cleo Designs - Guitar
Poseprop: +KiiToS!!+ - *mini Benchi*(4pose)

Blue Sunday

Standing at the shore and relaxing after a exhausting day. The water is still a bit cold and the sky looks very unique at this day.
Blue dress
This blue dress comes from Iren. It has a top which looks like being closed with buttons. The skirt is blue with many anchors and birds in white on it. It is included in a wide and a normal version in the set. The sleves of the top are sculpted. They are mod so its easy to make them fit although I did not have to adjust anything at the dress. So it fits smaller avis very well.
The strapless dress also comes from Iren. It looks like being made out of a very thin cloth. The top looks like being closed with a bow. I also did not have to adjust this dress but the prim part is mod so you could make it fit easily.
The wristlets are from Virtual/Insanity. They come with and without resizer and consist off two parts one which is wrapped around the hand and one for the wrist. So they look like wearing a necklace around the hands. In the set are black prim nails included.
blue grey dress

Dress upper picture: Iren-=Shirtdress=-blue (75 L$)
Dress lower picture: Iren -=Minidress=- violet (75 L$)

The pictures have been taken at Sere's Bunnies a sim I found by reading the wonderful Avatars in Motion blog.

Blue Prayer

It was hard do be the bridesmaid at the wedding of the man she loved. She had managed to controll herself all the time but after the meal she was not longer able to do so. So she walked out and watched the flowers in the wind while crying a bit.
Gebet blau backside
This wonderful gown comes from schön. Saya Littlething the owner of schön put the gown out for free but she asks the ones who get the gown to donate in the real life for those who suffered from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Saya wrote some words about the gown on her storeblog which are worth reading. The gown is called "Gebet" which is the german word for prayer. It is a very pretty gown. The flowers at the chest are mod so I was able to adjust them so that they fit. I like the floating design of the dress too. This makes it good for pictures. The top comes on the jacket and the shirt layer.
Gebet blau front
Gown: Schön : Gebet (0 L$ but worth a donation in real life)

With a spring in my step

 It's a glorious day and I feel full of the joys of spring and oh ho ho what could be more joyous than picking up a super bargain or two!  well if you don't want to miss out on this cute outfit from 22679 which is on offer at 10L yes 10L how crazy is that?! then you'd better hop down there a.s.a.p as it is only available at this promotional price until the 18th April (there is also a mens promotional item for the same price too) ...Love these jeans!! they also come with prim cuffs for a different look.

OMG these shoes! I adore them so much! It's  a struggle to find summer style footwear thats looks as good as this, so it's no wonder I have a spring in my step.

What is that random chair doing in the pic? well I like it that's all :)) psst it's from pop art if you like it too.

Top & jeans: L$10 ( for limited period)  - spring promotion outfit >  22769
Hair:  L$280 -  IAH461 > Boon
Shoes: L$190 Hippy shoes - pearl > Les Petits details
Bag: Free seasons hunt gift (you're looking for a small bumble bee) > Tokidoki