Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dragoneggs on the hat

Looking into the world with eyes wide open and a bleeding nose. Sometimes white flowers are just a bit to white to be bearable.
dragonegg hat
Xelyn Xaris the owner of XX Millinery made the hat with the dragoneggs on it. They are not very big dragoneggs but the dragons might become big after hatching or the eggs themself will grow more. The like a prayer choker and wristlets come both from Virtual/Insanity. The choker looks like there would be some thin leather bands wrapped around it which also hold the cross. The wristlets consits out of two parts one which looks like being made of black leather and the part for the hand which is looking like being made out of metal. I adore the asia nails from the same store. They even come with a tintable glove layer to make the nails on the skin disappear. The black dress is being sold at Vanitas Vesture. Its one of those elegant and simple dresses which always fit. The shadeing is lovely and it comes on all layers. The nosebleeding skin is available at den-dou in the gacha.
pondering in black
Hat: .:XXM:. Dragon's Egg Cluster Hatinator (multi) (100$)
Hair: Magika Hair - Buns (I think its reduced now to 99$ or 49$)
Makeup: A:S:S - Drama shadows (one 20$ fatpack 100$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry DragonEyes_IndigoFrost (50 Linden)
Choker: [V/INSANITY] LIKE A PRAYER Choker (120$)
Nails and Rings: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] ASIA NAILS&RINGS (wear me) (62 L$ on sale at the moment)
Dress: Vanitas Vesture - Languid Party Dress - Charcoal (200$)
Skin: DEN-DOU : Keiko ate the chocolate by stealth (gatcha 200$ per round)
Tattoo:::::HORI-MUTO ::::KURIKARA-MONMON (850 Linden)
Highheels: Stiletto Moody - Silver StudSides Pump (Black) (I do not want to know how much they were, they were a gift)

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