Monday, April 18, 2011

Red Tweed

Enjoying a walk at the shore in the evening. Its not really the right ground to wear highheeled boots but its always a good thing to wear boots. Just in case if meeting a great guy or needing to annoy an unkind woman, its useful to look hot.

The outfit is also useful for that as it is half open but looks elegant. It is called tweedsuit and has a short red skirt and a jacket. The jacket comes on the jacketlayer so it is possible to wear something under it. It is the gift at the Halcali luckyboard. To win the outfit it is needed to join the Halcali group. Its free to join and there is a groupgift as well available in store and a second lucky board with scarfs on it.
red knit for free
Dress: Halcali:::Tweed Suit [red] (0 L$ Lucky board)

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