Thursday, April 21, 2011


They had been traveling for a month, now they were back at one of the maintransport stations. Of course they were two it always needed two women to fly the spaceships. The world population had grown massivly in the 21th and 22nd century. The lack in food caused riots and chaos. Desperate science fiction fans sent out calls for help into the space and were surprised when getting an answer. The answer contained detailed construction plans for spaceships. Nobody knew anything about the race which sent the answer, if the builders of the ships had known that they were dealing with vermin technology the following tragic events maybe would not have happend. It was seeable from the plans that the spaceships needed two pilots and that it would also be possible to transport more people with them. But when the first four spaceships were tested the seven male pilots became insane. Only the woman who had replaced the eight one who had gotten an allergic reaction from a bee-sting came back in her normal state of mind.
entering the resting zone
After that some more men tried to fly the ships but all of them became insane so that at the end only women flew the ships. Men had only the chance to be passenger. After the fist humans had been transported to other planets by women the society started to change. Women were more important than they used to be. The pilots started to develop close relathionships to each and their spaceship. For that they wore special collars and implants. After a while they realized that they became much older than normal humans. But none of the pilots ever managed to get pregnant after her first flight.
I got to know Sian Pearl because of flickr. She commented some of my pictures there so I had a look at her flickr stream and was stunned by her pictures and the beauty and uniqueness of her avatar. A month ago she sent me a message to ask me something about an item I blogged so we started to talk and she sent me the amazing cyberpunk accessories she built. At the moment she sells two sets on the marketplace. The choker with the gautlets and the tattoo with the prim jewels are sold as one set and several versions of the headphones in an other one. The items are mod so it was no problem to make the choker smaller. When touching it beams appear around the choker and wristlets. I did not need much time to adjust the gems so that they were placed correctly on their places on the tattoo (the tattoo comes on the tattoo layer).
The earphones come in several versions. I like it that there are versions of only the right or the left one included. They also come and with particles which look like electricity.

Choker, wristlets, gems and tattoo: sian's cyberpunk accessory set (250 L$)
Earphones: sian's retro sci-fi earphones set (150 L$)
Thong: belongs to ELIXIR Queria Set- WHITE (400 L$)
Stockings: belong to + ezura + Acha Cyber Latex Bodysuit *White Set (488 L$)
Bodysuit: + ezura + DIGI Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Silver (488$)
Boots: + ezura + DIGI Boots Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Silver (388$)

The pictures have been taken at Insilico.

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  1. I should add that my lips and eyeliner were made by Nuuna Nitely and my blue eyeshadow by Lilian Shippe. And the nipple tapes by Jackie Graves, part of G222 Crossfire White.