Thursday, April 21, 2011

In which she headed for the Easter parade

Oh Easter! I get all excited about it whiffs of Chocolate and family get togethers providing many happy calorific, if not slightly embarrassing memories. If your family is anything like mine that is, yep father is guaranteed to  decorate his being with hankies & tea towels, tuck his trousers in his socks & pretend to be a Morris dancer if he feels the party spirit is anything less than lively.

So anyway I'd rather like to be part of a very civilized high tea drinking lady, for my SL easter thank you very much, no sign of drawn on moustaches and monobrows with the eyeliner 'borrowed' from my handbag. No Morris dancing or wearing anything on your head that isn't meant to be there, no fat lady in the bath jokes, ooof the list goes on! Meh!! tell you what I'll take both thanks :) right now check my very civilized Easter lady, thank you please.

I just have to mention the hair. It's a Seasons hunt gift, but I just absolutely adore the packaging it's so cute, quirky & clever. It comes in this little basket of eggs that I hold, and you simply choose the colour egg to correspond with the colour hair that you want! how fabulous!

Hat, Necklace & shoes: Easter special (pack comes with 3 colour of all items) > artMEfashions
Top: L$120 Philosophy top   > Les petits details
Skirt: L$130 like a bride     > Les Petits details
Hair: L$0 seasons hunt gift > Tiny bird
Hall stand: L$0 seasons hunt gift > Cheeky pea

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