Saturday, January 15, 2011

Autumn in January

This coat from the lucky board reminds me very much on autumn. Maybe because of the colours. All in all its a really lovely coat. The skirt and the prim parts of the coat are one piece. Under that there are some primparts worn to make the skirt more fluffy. Jacket: LYCEE@Pea coat long red&green (0$ Lucky board)

An other nice free item is this top from DCNY. Its on the midnight mania there. The target is low so its very possible to win it. The trousers have been sold in the courtiersloft last month. They are from 22769. And nice well made jeans with flares.
Top: DCNY "Laura" Sweater - Black *Midnight Mania Exclusive* (0$)
Trousers: 22769 doublecuff jeans (89$)

Ladies that lunch

Well here I am ladies ready for a lovely lunch and make mine a large G&T. Well earned too after all that hunting I did today at the Seasons hunt. That are over 60 hunt gifts to pick up and I have put together a few of my personal favourites. I adore this knitted fox stole which is part of an outfit that comes with a blue dress from & bean but I'm sure you'll agree that it goes perfectly with this pretty green floral dress with belt & matching hair bow from Tokid, but of course the sunglasses from Alphavillain complete the look.

Dress: Free Seasons hunt item > Tokid
Stole: Free Seasons hunt item > &bean
Sunglasses: Free Seasons hunt item > Alphavillain
Hair: Free group gift > W & Y
Bag: Brown fur bag L$125 > Awram Viie
Boots: L$690 Dark brown suede boots > Bax Coen
Bracelets: Free subscribo gift > The sea hole


VITAMEN's freebie for the month of January is this shortjohn as a debut of the store's new Adult-Mix line that features erotic swimwears and undies in the shop's branch stores on adult sims. Until the first issue is released this month, shorten the time with this really comfortable piece of underwear (and no worries, the kitty doesn't have claws).

Underwear: VITAMEN - Monthly Freebie on Jan. 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cute Ink

Actchio does not only sell great tights. Its also a good store for very very colourful tattoos. And they just released two new ones. One for the upper body and one for the legs and lower stomach.The upper is named orchid geisha and comes with a picture of a geisha on the arm. The lower one consists of snakelike textures with many many colours.
The orchid geisha has a blue flame on the back. Both legs of the peony dragon tattoo look different. The tattoos come on all layers.

Upper Tattoo: actchio. orchid geisha tattoo (250$)
Lower Tattoo: actchio. peony dragon tattoo (250$)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Women's Sneaker Boots (20 L$)

For the pictures i wore two layers of the tattoos to get the tones more intensive. The pictures were taken in a free photostudio.

Go to Gato

Wandering around in a wonderful feathery dress i found by mistake. I wanted to see if there is still a lucky board at Leafy. There wasn't one but i decided to look into the other stores on that sim. So i found Gato. And i saw this great dress and wasn't able to resist it. Its short and blue with pink dots. The skirt looks rather feathery. Gato also has a cute freebie at the moment. The trousers on the left side. They have a unique pattern. The cuffs are made of prims the belt is painted on the trousers.
Trousers: GATO loves you! (4) (0$)
Top: TrendStyle - Sexy Zipped red (199$)
Dress on the right: GATO- Veil Dress (150 $)

Earphones on the upper picture: K_gs StepNote Pink kamo (0 $ Lucky board)
Ears: Pixie Ears w/flowers by Caverna Obscura (0$ Lucky board you need to be a groupmember joining fee is at 500$)

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Ribbon has to be one of my favourite stores for many reasons.  The quality items and  the affordability of them, but also there's always something new and unique and this weeks new addition to the 3 lucky boards currently on display is no exception.
Dress: Free lucky board ( limited time) > Ribbon
Socks: Free trix  sheer socks - Green > Modd.G
Boots: Free MM board  Open collar dark olive > Yogi's shoes

Pattern overload?

Can you overload with pattern? debatable isn't it. Can you put spots with stripes? won't they clash? ....well I happen to be one of those people who think you can put as many patterns together as you like and here is my example of how it can work.In this case it's the colour co-ordination that brings them together but throw whatever colours you want bold break the rules! and do check out these shorts (no punt intended) they are part of a romper suit at Doux couture.

Hair with hat: Free posh rosie love - Coffee@ Savoir hair
Striped boob tube: Free gift >  Just me
Sweater: Free group gift > Coco
Shorts: Free subscribo gift > Doux couture
Tights: Free gift > S@BBiA
Boots: L$10 ( Black ones seem to have vanished but other colours available) Urban girl

Teal Armor

Today i'm in the mood for teal , which in fact is one of my favourite colours! Now this dress has GOT to be seen as no picture could ever do it justice, the movement is fabulous!. The circles move and twinkle just like chain metal and the top prim part has an armor feel about it too, it's surely the most glamourous armor i've ever seen!
Dress: Free Luv's free shop ( look through the book on the floor to find the dress )
Shoes with socks: Free lucky board Tara
Hair: Free Exile hair Susan - coffee @ Savoir hair

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love for sweaters

Walking around, listening to loud music and wearing just a sweater. But being well dressed. The sweater from halcali could be either worn with the shoulder thingies or without them. With them the outfit looks a bit more formular. The cut is great. Its elegant, comfy and even a bit sexy. Because of the texture it looks absolutly not slutty even when wearing just the sweater. Of course it could be worn with trousers but i personally like it better that way.
Sweater: Halcali:::Vneck sweater (one 240 $ all 720$)
Poses: { Just A Pose } Simply Sexy pose pack

The word on the street is.....

The word on the street is I'm still on the hunt for culottes but of course I get side tracked along the way with so many fabulous items, and none more so than this pretty harlequin print dress with contrasting colour cuffs and colur ( I have plans to use this collar with another outfit ). The belt does not come with the dress , it was part of the an outfit from G&N which has a weekly freebie outfit at the back of the store. It's worth a look and sometimes accessories are included such as shoes and belts etc.

Hair: Free group gift ( with colour change hat) Amacci
Tights: Free group gift  Latte
Dress: Free group lucky board  !1mm
Boots: Free lucky board: Yogi's shoes
Belt: Part of a free old gift outfit (no longer available but worth checking out LM for weekly freebie) G&N

I need culottes

I've been hunting high & low in SL for a pair of culottes and so far I haven't managed to find a suitable pair ( if anyone finds some let me know! ) I love how adaptable clothes can be and so instead I have taken to wearing this fantastic skirt ( minus the top layer ) which in fact does look like a pair of culottes. I am also wearing the socks minus the prim layer which ordinarily makes them appear lacy. The hunt for culottes continues.............

Skirt: free lucky board Solita
Blouse: Free lucky board Ribbon
Hair : L$100 Chinatsu - onyx  ( has a changeable colour & texture ribbon ) D!va
Fur collar/necklace: L$20 gacha item !1mm
Glasses: Free Maschienenwerk
Boots: L$400 western ( dark brown) J's
Socks: L$39 Awram Viie

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Filthy with some blood

Hoc seems to have a sale or something like that. At least you get there lots of cool stuff for free at the moment. For example a filthy apartment house with four apartments and a cellar. It might be cool on rp sims. They also give away japanese school furniture and even a choke vending automat.Also great for roleplay might be those barrels and the asian screen with the blood. Its just lovely in my opinion.
Even a drow got attracted by the blood. Or maybe she has caused it. Although her Lloth gown from Caverna Obscura seems to be clean. But maybe Drow have a very unique cutting technique. Or the spider on the top quickly drinks the blood before it gets into the cloth. All in all its a lovely gown.
Dress: Caverna Obscura: Lloth Gown (0$ Lucky board but you have to be a groupmember fee for that 500$)
House, barrels, furniture: Hoc (0 Linden)

The outfits on the upper picture were all gifts in the beat clash hunt some months ago.

[sl inked]

Luna has blessed us with the colour 'sienna' in the 10th week of her blogger-challenge, and once again I asked myself what it is that turns my inventory into 30k if I don't even own a piece of clothing in each colour. There is a lot of browns in there... the most different shades, but since I don't know what colours might still come up, I usually try to stay as close to the pictured one.
[sl inked]
And this time, I thought I wanted to focus on a hair from Discord Designs, a store that offers a lot of nice prim beard styles and pretty cool braided hairdesigns with matching hairbases. But just showing a plain and simple profile shot didn't really feel like a challenge, so I went along with the idea that popped up in my head at night: the cover of a fictional SL-tattoo magazine. I hope you enjoy!

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Chinstrap
Eyes: MADesigns - EYES_LIGHT
Hair: -dDx- - EFB01 (previous groupgift)
Tongue: -RC- - Split Tongue Twisted (only on the Marketplace)

Tattoo: TATS - Full BodyTattoo Tribal Tats
Necklace: KOSH - Lotus Necklace
Brow-Piercing: .: JZ Design :. - Improvised Eyebrow Piercing (store not found anymore, creator Buddy Charleville)
Nose-Piercing: [DE] - Septum Ring
Nipple-Piercing: - .HoD. - Lust Nipple Rings v.2

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The asian fleur

Lika Ruby has designed a new kind of dress. It looks like the skirt would be a very big and very pretty flower which is even knitted. The dress is worn with lace under it and comes with lovely tights which have the same pattern as the cloth which covers the arms and the upper part of the chest. Most lovely is the collar which repeats the flower theme with a flower on the side of it. The pink version of the dress is currently on the lika ruby lucky board. To win its needed to be a member of the group but its free to join. Dress: +Lika Ruby+ knit dress (magenta) (0$ Lucky board)

[the newshunter]

On his travels around the world, always eager to catch information before anyone else could lay their greedy hands on it, he needed a both elegant and heardwearing wardrobe. StarChild Designs' contribution to the What's The News-hunt perfectly meets his demands since the checkered, brown-olive coloured trenchcoat comes in two different lengths (with a prim-bottom) and a matching hat to protect him from the rain. The fact that all the prim-parts are resize scripted turn it into a real winner. Go and grab yours now!

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Chinstrap
Eyes: MADesigns - EYES_PROMISE
Hairbase: [PXL] - Male Hair Razored

Trench & Hat: StarChild WTN Hunt Prize - Trenchcoat (free)
Tee: *BOOM* - Essential T (Men/Unisex)
Gloves: .:Hermony:. - / LeatherGloves / (dollarbie)
Necklace: KOSH - Betel Nut Necklace


diavolicious takes part in the polishfashionweekend. During the shows they give out this dress as gift. Im a bit late with blogging but i wanted to make sure that at least some people might manage to get this tree dress. The Fashionshow will start at 7 AM SLT. Dress: *diavolicious* Ki Female (0$ gift at polishfashionweekend)
You have to take the teleport up to the concert room.

Sign of 'The Times'

Feeling a little bloated after all the over indulgences recently comfortable clothes are the just what I need to cover my....ummm winter skin. Yes just as animals fur gets thicker for the winter so does my skin! so I was thrilled to find this  sweater in the Snowbunny hunt ( hope i'm not too late posting this as the hunt is only for a week ) and having a bit of a scarf fetish I've been waiting for an opportunity to wear the cute necktie style scarf from C'est la vie. Grab your bargains quick!

Leggings: Free gift ( newspaper pants )  > IMANI
Shoes: Free ( dirty denim) > In her shoes
Sweater: L$5 hunt item snowbunny girl sweater > AJA
Scarf: Free group gift > C'est la vie
Hair: Free 1st anniversary group gift ( haruka- peridot) > D!va