Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pattern overload?

Can you overload with pattern? debatable isn't it. Can you put spots with stripes? won't they clash? ....well I happen to be one of those people who think you can put as many patterns together as you like and here is my example of how it can work.In this case it's the colour co-ordination that brings them together but throw whatever colours you want bold break the rules! and do check out these shorts (no punt intended) they are part of a romper suit at Doux couture.

Hair with hat: Free posh rosie love - Coffee@ Savoir hair
Striped boob tube: Free gift >  Just me
Sweater: Free group gift > Coco
Shorts: Free subscribo gift > Doux couture
Tights: Free gift > S@BBiA
Boots: L$10 ( Black ones seem to have vanished but other colours available) Urban girl

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