Friday, January 14, 2011

Go to Gato

Wandering around in a wonderful feathery dress i found by mistake. I wanted to see if there is still a lucky board at Leafy. There wasn't one but i decided to look into the other stores on that sim. So i found Gato. And i saw this great dress and wasn't able to resist it. Its short and blue with pink dots. The skirt looks rather feathery. Gato also has a cute freebie at the moment. The trousers on the left side. They have a unique pattern. The cuffs are made of prims the belt is painted on the trousers.
Trousers: GATO loves you! (4) (0$)
Top: TrendStyle - Sexy Zipped red (199$)
Dress on the right: GATO- Veil Dress (150 $)

Earphones on the upper picture: K_gs StepNote Pink kamo (0 $ Lucky board)
Ears: Pixie Ears w/flowers by Caverna Obscura (0$ Lucky board you need to be a groupmember joining fee is at 500$)

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