Saturday, May 5, 2018

Symphony of the Sea - Fantasy Faire 2018

The shores of Ardessa seethed under skies still glowing with the warmth of day. This was a magical place at the most mundane times, and the golden hour of twilight was far from that. Bare feet sank into wet sand, the roiling waters sweeping close to her gown as she strolled toward the cavern.
This was the place. The source of so much life. Dank rocks, far from being scoured clean by time and tide, provided a foothold, which was all life ever really needed afterall. Twice each day, the sea poured into the cavern, flushing rockpools, sending the fronds of anemones swirling. Sharp spines, necessary for protection out in the wilds could soften here, under the benevolent luminescence dripping down the walls.
The cavern itself formed a natural amphitheatre. Acoustics came courtesy of the sea spiders, their webs spun from stalactite to craggy overhang, the glowing orbs of their eggs adding temporarily to the atmosphere. "Perfect" she murmured, surveying the scene. Carved into the rocks there was seating for the orchestra, the soft strains of which could be heard approaching from the land. As the tide receded, so the sands would dry, providing all the space the audience would need, continuing on out into rockpools and the depths for those who could not leave the water. Crystals within the cavern began to hum, resonating more and more with each crash of waves as the time approached. The Symphony of the Seas was about to begin.

These pictures were taken in the Fantasy Faire sim Ardessa All items are 100% donation to Relay for Life. So far we have managed to raise a record breaking ELEVEN MILLION L$ which is out of this world amazing. One night for a cancer patient or their family in the Hope Hostel in Nairobi can be covered with L$1500, so we are making a REAL difference. Come home, come relay!

Antlers: FF2018 - The Willows of Nienna - Willow Antlers L$ 50
This gatcha item can found now in gatchas at the TP point of Faireland sims. There are mementos available for each of the sims, a really lovely way to remember them!

Circlet: SoG Reminders of Hope Circlet - Free
Secrets of Gaia - Quest Prize. By completing the Fantasy Faire House of Garland Quest (Quest pack available at the TP point of Faireland sims), this is one of the huge number of excellent prizes. Delicate and pretty, this circlet embodies the Faire - clue's in the name. We are all about hope here!

Skin: :[P]:- Vyrian :// Nineve   L$ 1349
As you may know, not only are skins from Vae at Plastik beautiful, but they come with seventy four thousand bits to add and tweak the look making it fit anything and everything you own. 8 Eyebrow shapers, 3 system eye options, 3 mesh eye options, Body and head appliers for the range of mesh bodies, additional applier options for Femboy and Added Muscles, 3 system makeup tattoos, appliers for nails and EARS (which is a new one on me!) and of course, two system skins, with and without brows. Amazing as ever.
 Pools of Ethuil

Tattoo : -Endless Pain Tattoos- Ivar  L$ 425
Excellent as always, the Ivar tattoo is a mixture of traditional tattoo motifs, from celtic knotwork to dragons, mandalas as runes. System tattoo layer included, along with appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Signature and Slink.

Dress: Infinity_Sofia Dress Black  L$ 300
This is a truly grand gown! Beautiful gold trim around the top of the bust. There is a pose included within the gown - so bear in mind when buying - though it can be masked with an AO or poser if you are buying to take pictures! My other gown purchase from Infinity has two gowns, with and without the pose, but this is no mod, and has the pose.
Falls of Hope

Friday, May 4, 2018

Desert Dance - Fantasy Faire 2018

Life in the Sanorian desert was one of extremes. The dunes extended for thousands of miles, it was said. Few who took it upon themselves to venture far into their barren expanse came back to tell the tale. There had been a great civilisation here once, so the ruins told. But over how many centuries had it reigned? How quickly had it fallen?
These things had been lost in the sandstorms of time. Many of the people had been lost too, or had left by ship if they had the means to do so. Those who remained had not cared to maintain the day to day ways of the great civilisation from which they were descended, not in any great depth anyway. There were far more important things to take up their time, scratching the surface of the ever encroaching sands to farm what crops they could, building shelters for themselves and their animals. Adaptation was a harsh lesson, easy in its way, but harsh nontheless. Those who could not adapt, who tried to force the world to fit their previous experience of it were doomed to failure. Those feted to succeed were those who could look around themselves, see the nooks and crannies, areas in which shadows pooled, cool and refreshing even at the height of the sun. As it was there that life began, and there life was maintained with no need for intervention. Those who discovered this grew strong, and carried her with them, so there she revelled.
Once the sun began to fall, and shadows lengthened, she had more scope. Soon the heat held in shifting sands would dissipate, sinking lower and lower. Walking across the dunes she liked to feel the grains of sand between her toes, a tactile comfort which dancing across the heat haze of day could never hope to provide. The shimmering sunset glinted on the sea, igniting the fire in her eyes. While ancient ceremony had been lost and temples had fallen, the people who remained clung on to their beliefs, and so she endured. Civilisations would build up again, she had no doubt. People would come, develop, grow. From the sands, greatness would emerge. You could trust her on this. In the desert, you could always trust the Djinn.

All items shown are 100% donation to Relay for Life. These pictures were taken in the Fantasy Faire sim Sanoria

Hair: Wasabi // Mayra Windblown Mesh Hair  L$ 250
Two versions included Mayra, and Mayra Windblown as shown here (Included are also options A for small heads and B for large heads of both). 20 HUD driven regular colours and 15 colours with emphasis on the roots.

Eyes: !TLB - Aed Eye  L$ 200
HUDs included for Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega. Also if you don't have a mesh head, but like me, don't mind mesh eyes, theres another HUD by which you can control the colour of each eye independently, there are 12 colours possible for each eye. Great!

Headchain: !TLB - Kur Headchain  L$ 150
HUD offers three different colours of metal, silver, black and gold. There are 16 different tonal options for the scales in the headchain, so you get a wonderful iridescence rather than one colour.

Skin: [NM] - Immortal - Cleavage - Brows - Severina
This skin is a prize in the House of Garland Quest at the Fantasy Faire - You can get the Quest Pack from the TP point of all Fantasty Faire sims. This gift includes male and female skins, female includes six system skins - with and without brows for three cleavage options, natural, cleavage and corset. Also included are a huge number of appliers for mesh bodies and heads.

Tattoo: Fallen Gods ~ Balance Sak Yant, Gold
This is another of the fabulous prizes you receive at the end of the House of Garland Quest. It comes with three system tattoo layers, so you can choose to wear it all, just on the front, or just on the back. Omega appliers are included for each for your meshness.

Necklace : [HarshLands] FF X Necklace - ULTRA RARE - Demon  L$ 49
This is a GACHA item, one of three Ultra Rares available. This one is delightfully creepy!
Willows of Nienna

Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Ashryn Top and Skirt - Cream L$ 180
Lovely delicate patterned cream outfit, with a very low cut skirt at the back! XD
The Bazaar Dungeon

Swirls : Tai'Dyed - Mandelbrot Edge 05 Nebula Dance Costume L$ 325
These amazing adornments can form a swirling dancing avatar, as a full body alpha is included. The costume can take up all your attachment points - I know, I maxxed out! The pieces each slowly change colour, shifting through teal, blues and purples.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Haven of Words - Fantasy Faire 2018

The Halls of Story were a dream, a dream within a dream, or simply such stuff as dreams are made on. This was a land conjured up firstly by words. In the years that followed, by paint daubed on walls and gradually, over time, by ink until eventually its existence was woven anew by tiny squares of light grouped and shaped into characters which breathed life into the Halls.
In this incarnation, the world outside was certainly dreamlike, the view from the upper balconies was truly something to behold, out as far as the horizon where the lilac sky kissed the lavender sea. Each year the library which made up the main chamber of the Halls grew bigger, the shelves had more depth to hold the increase in volumes, large and small. Some stories were short, only a page, in crayon or spidery ink, while others ran to folios, their words and illustrations bound in the finest silk. Like all libraries, the serenity of this peaceful refuge belied the world ending battles contained within its pages.
At times, the weight of words was too much. No matter the beauty cocooned within, there were terrors too. When the world leaned in that direction, for a time, so did their tales. This was when she was glad she was the author of her own story, tied to the tales of others no doubt, but master of her fate, captain of her soul. This was when she would leave the words of others behind, to walk in the wonders of the world. Lofty silence but for the low resonance of crystals left far behind her now, strains of music from the distant Fairechilde carried to her. As she walked, she wove the narrative of her own story, fresh pages washed clean by the salt of the sea.

These pictures taken in the Fantasy Faire sim Halls of Story So far, we have raised L$ 10828782! The Fairelands are here until the 7th, please, go RELAY FOR LIFE! All items shown are 100% donation to Relay for Life.

Horns: :[P]:- Gilded Fae Tangle Horns   FREE
Beautiful strand strewn horns, free as part of the low lag avatar from Plastik, available at the TP point of each Fairelands sim, and at the store in
Pools of Ethuil

Skin: :[P]:- Vyrian :// Nineve   L$ 1349
As you may know, not only are skins from Vae at Plastik beautiful, but they come with seventy four thousand bits to add and tweak the look making it fit anything and everything you own. 8 Eyebrow shapers, 3 system eye options, 3 mesh eye options, Body and head appliers for the range of mesh bodies, additional applier options for Femboy and Added Muscles, 3 system makeup tattoos, appliers for nails and EARS (which is a new one on me!) and of course, two system skins, with and without brows. Amazing as ever.
Pools of Ethuil

Top : =Kio= Half Top- Delight  Mermaid L$ 199
This top is super cute. Look at the gold. LOOK AT IT SHINE! Love it. The pack includes tops fitted for Freya, Isis, Venus, TMP, Maitreya, Hourglass and Physique mesh bods.

Skirt : Infinity - Broken Style_Ninfa Skirt Green L$ 300
This light and breezy, semi transparent skirt is fastened with a bright daisy. Fitted to Maitreya body, this pack also includes a matching bandeau top.
Falls of Hope

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Aetherean Opposites - Fantasy Faire 2018

Eos brought the dawn to Aetherea, in a place this beautiful, her work wasn't work at all. Sunlight glinted on golden memories of yesterday, illuminating the shining possibilities of today. The dawn was calm and quiet, a peaceful time in what could be an almost impossibly busy place. Marble held the stillness, the pools untroubled by ripples from passers by. The world warmed with the breath of day.
Sunset, in this place, paradoxically existed at the same time as the dawn. Aetherea was just that special kind of place, where opposites not only attracted, but collided. Perhaps that was the truth of its conception, the nexus of being resided here. As the dawn blossomed above, so the dusk bloomed below. The moments of twilight held their own kind of magic, strong enough to make anything possible. In the ever shifting light, in this upside down world, you could dance on air.
Aetherea had a difficult birth, but its beauty is well worth the struggle the world builders and Lindens had! Come and enjoy it! All items are 100% donation for Relay for Life. So far we have raised over TEN MILLION LINDENS!!!

Hair: Raven Bell - Chronos Hair 2 [Mystic]  L$ 200
This pack contains, Chronos Hair, Chronos Hair 2, Mirrored versions of both of these, and an Undercut version (and its mirror). HUD driven colours offer 16 different options for pastel to more vivid rainbow tones. Erstwhile
Mask : (*<*) 1313 Cthaeh Mask - Lower LOD  L$ 99
Well damn, this is what happens when your attention slips when blogging! This mask is available in three RFL colours, Pink, Purple and Blue. I had these on a HUD which I forgot to add... Options for the mask include Lower and Higher LOD
The Bazaar Dungeon
Skin : [NM] - Mortal - Fairy - Female - N1 - (Add HUD)  L$ 300
System skins , 6 options (3 different cleavage each with and without brow) 21 different appliers for mesh bodies and heads Severina
Tattoo: :[ET]: FF Magical - Ocean  L$ 50
Pretty shaded tattoo, comes with a system layer, and a HUD, Omega Advanced for your mesh needs.
Earrings: SoG Goddess Eos
Secrets of Gaia. Ok, hold on to your hats. These lovely earrings, an ode to the goddess of the dawn, are available along with a matching choker as a pack which is not RFL. They are part of a MUCH bigger set, with literally everything you need from your shoes to your hair, all themed to Eos. There are three goddesses however, Dawn, Day and Night, and these are, as a threesome, what is available (heavily discounted from their individual prices) to a RFL 100% donation of L$ 2500 Just don't shout at me when your inventory groans under the sheer number of items included!
The Bazaar Dungeon
*OAL* Memorial Locket ~ Eternal Circle L$ 300
On A Lark locket to which you can add photos you want to carry with you. HUD options allow selection of three different metals, Copper, Silver and Gold, each with eleven different gems to choose from.
Dress: *LE* Petal Pearl   L$ 175
Pretty mesh dress, five standard SL Mesh Sizes from XXS to L, and a Fitmesh version too.
Willows of Nienna

Dusk Hair, Skin and Tattoo as Eos

Mask: ~ThatChick~ (P) High Queen Masque  L$ 75
You better have an idea in mind for what you want this mask to look like before you put on the HUD, or you too will be in there for hours playing with the seven textures, their full RGB spectrum options, brightness, shine, glow, two sets of gems (each with 30 colour options) and five different gem settings. Not that its a bad way to spend the day!
The Bazaar Dungeon
Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai - Aziza - necklace - silver  L$  240
Beautiful necklace, reminiscent of seaglass, each set of beads is carved in a different shape.
Dress: [EvelineIntheBox] Cherena Flower Green L$ 189
Lovely not too florally floral dress, reminds me of beautiful ivy and light foliage. Comes with options for Freya, Isis, Venus, Hourglass, Physique and Maitreya. Also in 5 standard mesh sizes from XXS to L.
Willows of Nienna

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Dungeon Escape - Fantasy Faire 2018

Waking up in the darkness was disconcerting. Eyes open or closed, at first it didn't matter. At first, it was hard to tell if there was any difference at all. It took a little time, then gradually, the edges began to appear. The texture of cold stone, warm stone, dank corners and humid halls opened into an expanse of darkness, thin violet light glinting from the foxed surface of a giant mirror. This had been the way into the dungeon realm; now the reflections betrayed no door nor even whomever stood before it, only the shifting forms of the guards.

It was dangerous to walk the dungeon halls alone, as, so often, it turned out you were not alone at all. Walking with others trapped in the deep was rarely any better, chit chat carried through the darkness and the slightest misstep could shift a pebble, and call down more than spiders...

The longer you remained in the dark, the more you could see. Over time, through exploration, tunnels became familiar. Navigating well worn rat runs with some semblance of safety gave the courage to press on, ranging further into the unknown. The dungeon was bizzare, it seemed to reward bravery. Tunnels blank and dark bloomed with trails of light giving life, however poisonous looking the toadstools might be, it was these she followed now.

The dungeon was bazaar... literally. Strange paths led here eventually, darkness banished by flaming torches, the monotony of stone lifted by banners hanging the colours of the rainbow. It was here she met The Mokki. Even in these heights of the dungeons depths, to find a being so full of light was unusual. Butterflies danced around the essence of sunlight this creature seemed to exude, wise words on lilting melodies keeping them aloft. It was easy and pleasant to pull up a cushion, rest for a while, and listen. The Mokki offered comfort and conversation, and on her third visit, a gift. "The dungeon has no hold on you past the grip you have on it in return..." The Mokki mused, reaching up and wafting one of the iridescent menelaus in her direction. "There is good to be done here in the dark, you bring the light... See?"

The butterflies multiplied as she walked. 'Follow the light' The Mokki said, and so she did, the delicate and ever growing swarm flying ahead, leading the way. Past corridors and alleyways she knew, to those she barely recognised, and through caverns she had never seen in all the long years in the dungeon, yet which had existed all along, intersecting paths she could, and apparently had, walked with her eyes closed.

Were her eyes decieving her? She paused, even as wings fluttered past, moving ever on. Was the lamp at her belt burning brighter? Were those wings reflecting more light? The toadstools at her feet, glowing with more intensity toward the end of the tunnel? Then it was gone, the darkness left behind , no trace of an exit, no shard of mirror to mark the spot. Toadstools here had a benign appearance, no poisonous miasma swirled at her feet. And sunlight. Finally, true sunlight lit her face.

Some excellent news following the Linden Jail and Bail the Fantasy Faire has another week to run!
If you've not yet been - now's an ideal time! Raise those L$, Raise Hope. These pictures taken in Faireland Sims The Bazaar Dungeon and Ardessa

Hair, Horns and Skin: :[P]:- Fantasy Faire RFL Low Lag Avatar 2018  FREE
This beautiful creation includes a system skin, 3 eyebrow shapers, appliers for Belleza, Maitreya (worn) Omega, Slink, Mesh eyes, System eyes in addition to the lovely Gilded Fae Hair and Gilded Fae Tangle Horns
Pools of Ethuil
Butterflies: Wasabi // Butterflies swarm (for photos) - Fantasy Faire 2018 
This is a prize from the Fantasy Faire Quest - more info on that to follow! The HUD for the quest is available at the TP point of all Fantasy Faire Sims for L$ 250
Chestpiece, [The Forge] Plaid Vest (Gold) L$ 250
Beautiful woven top, gives an impression of luxe strength, while delicate straps keep it super feminine.
Belt: [The Forge] Gatekeeper's Belt, V2, Brown (Female) L$ 250
Stylish belt with copper accessories including a handy dandy lamp if you find yourself in dark places! Resizable too!
Skirt: Dreaming Thicket - Verbena Skirt & Scarf - Hellebore  L$ 169
Skirts include Alpha, Standard Mesh Sizes XL - XS, Belleza Venus, Maitreya, Slink Physique. So amazing, I was hanging around during set up hoping this would be a RFL item, and yeay it was!