Saturday, May 5, 2018

Symphony of the Sea - Fantasy Faire 2018

The shores of Ardessa seethed under skies still glowing with the warmth of day. This was a magical place at the most mundane times, and the golden hour of twilight was far from that. Bare feet sank into wet sand, the roiling waters sweeping close to her gown as she strolled toward the cavern.
This was the place. The source of so much life. Dank rocks, far from being scoured clean by time and tide, provided a foothold, which was all life ever really needed afterall. Twice each day, the sea poured into the cavern, flushing rockpools, sending the fronds of anemones swirling. Sharp spines, necessary for protection out in the wilds could soften here, under the benevolent luminescence dripping down the walls.
The cavern itself formed a natural amphitheatre. Acoustics came courtesy of the sea spiders, their webs spun from stalactite to craggy overhang, the glowing orbs of their eggs adding temporarily to the atmosphere. "Perfect" she murmured, surveying the scene. Carved into the rocks there was seating for the orchestra, the soft strains of which could be heard approaching from the land. As the tide receded, so the sands would dry, providing all the space the audience would need, continuing on out into rockpools and the depths for those who could not leave the water. Crystals within the cavern began to hum, resonating more and more with each crash of waves as the time approached. The Symphony of the Seas was about to begin.

These pictures were taken in the Fantasy Faire sim Ardessa All items are 100% donation to Relay for Life. So far we have managed to raise a record breaking ELEVEN MILLION L$ which is out of this world amazing. One night for a cancer patient or their family in the Hope Hostel in Nairobi can be covered with L$1500, so we are making a REAL difference. Come home, come relay!

Antlers: FF2018 - The Willows of Nienna - Willow Antlers L$ 50
This gatcha item can found now in gatchas at the TP point of Faireland sims. There are mementos available for each of the sims, a really lovely way to remember them!

Circlet: SoG Reminders of Hope Circlet - Free
Secrets of Gaia - Quest Prize. By completing the Fantasy Faire House of Garland Quest (Quest pack available at the TP point of Faireland sims), this is one of the huge number of excellent prizes. Delicate and pretty, this circlet embodies the Faire - clue's in the name. We are all about hope here!

Skin: :[P]:- Vyrian :// Nineve   L$ 1349
As you may know, not only are skins from Vae at Plastik beautiful, but they come with seventy four thousand bits to add and tweak the look making it fit anything and everything you own. 8 Eyebrow shapers, 3 system eye options, 3 mesh eye options, Body and head appliers for the range of mesh bodies, additional applier options for Femboy and Added Muscles, 3 system makeup tattoos, appliers for nails and EARS (which is a new one on me!) and of course, two system skins, with and without brows. Amazing as ever.
 Pools of Ethuil

Tattoo : -Endless Pain Tattoos- Ivar  L$ 425
Excellent as always, the Ivar tattoo is a mixture of traditional tattoo motifs, from celtic knotwork to dragons, mandalas as runes. System tattoo layer included, along with appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Signature and Slink.

Dress: Infinity_Sofia Dress Black  L$ 300
This is a truly grand gown! Beautiful gold trim around the top of the bust. There is a pose included within the gown - so bear in mind when buying - though it can be masked with an AO or poser if you are buying to take pictures! My other gown purchase from Infinity has two gowns, with and without the pose, but this is no mod, and has the pose.
Falls of Hope

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