Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter walk in the woods..OMG!

✯Jersey Shore presents: OMG - Oh My Gacha!✯
The magical nature of the forest in the snow beckoned her from her bed. Glinting lights strung between trees marked the way down the inviting path, ice crystals shimmering beneath her feet. Bear in arms, she began to explore... Further down the path strange shapes lurked under the blanket of snow. Trees around her shifted excitedly as she drew near, a soft jingling high in the branches as she reached out her hand, brushing away the white covering. Beneath, to her suprise, a machine! Pressing silver coins into the waiting slot, pulling down the handle, with a crank and a swish a drawer opened, and inside... what treasures! Scampering now from snowy bank to berm, she uncovered these machines, and marvelled at all they contained. Shiny jewels and big fluffy coats, prints and plains and characters galore. Even... some new friends so small they could live in a pocket! Unveiling each device, fingers tracing 'Gatcha' on metal, plastic and wood. She had only so much silver with her, she had to pick and choose but there was so much to see. She would pick her favourites, a first round of favourites, some things so beautiful she knew she would be back again for more. Pulling on each treasure, replacing the last with feverish haste she bumped into a fellow forager, who with a grin draped a fluffy bunny scarf around her neck.. "The best of it all is that we can share!"
✯Jersey Shore presents: OMG - Oh My Gacha!✯

The doors for the Winter Edition is now OPEN! If you can tear your eyes away from the beautiful SIM they have created, you can focus on gatchas sprouting all along the winding pathways.

Hosted by Holli Pocket : Sponsored by Gachatopia, Seraphim, Remarkable Oblivion, Essences, Sakide, Epic, TRS, Tentacio, TSG, Mon Cheri, 1 Hundred, Devious Mind, Fappy, Birdy, Anc Ltd, Geek.

✯ Event Details ✯

• Event Dates: January 1st - January 31st. 2014
• All items are exclusive for the duration of the event.
• Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/omg-ohmygacha


Shown here -

Tabou Irresistable - Black Horn Belted Horns - gatcha  L$60

SNAP  - High Waist Skirt  - Pine  - gatcha  L$50
5 sizes  XS - XL and 2 alpha layers

!TLB The Little Bat  - Morte Corset - Teal  - gatcha  L$40
5 Sizes XXS- L

Le Fil Casse - House Baratheon Necklace - gatcha  L$50

Emporium - Hoodie Cute  (HUD with 4 fabric options) - gatcha  L$75
5 sizes XXS - L

Tentacio - Bunny Scarf  - gatcha L$65

yumyum  - Powdered Sugar Bear - gatcha L$50