Saturday, February 22, 2014


The sound she made when she moved was slight but he could nearly feel her boredom and even more her hunger. But they had just arrived in the town and now they would need to wait until the furniture they had ordered would be brought into their house. The house was new as well. When it would be fully furnished there would be nothing in it which had ever been used by a human. It was difficult enough to have to deal with items which had been build by them. But with the time the marks left by humans would fade and the house would feel like it should and not give them the feeling of being surrounded by food. If they would have known what it means to be human they would have described the feeling like starving while being surrounded by the smell of wonderful food without being able to see or even eat it. Not that it was about smell. They were not vampires.
Still they lusted for humans. But now they had to wait he was not willing to leave the house before it was not completed. Which meant he would need to distract her but there was no reason why demons should not have fun as well.

The whole female outfit is built around a collar 22769 is selling in a gatcha at an event called L'accessories. It is a unrigged mesh item which can be addjusted and used as a eyecatcher. To balance the outfit it is needed to keep the rest of it rather calm, for example by just using a reduced amount of colours. The corset from Ison is very well made and the skirt from hucci is short enough to make sure that the boots, which hucci is selling at collabor 88, are seen as boots not as some kind of leggins. The Mia hair from Wasabi Pills creates a very dramatic look. It is made of rigged mesh. On both avatars horns from Cerridwen's Cauldron are used. They are available in a gatcha at their store. It is possible to choose the colour of the horn as well as the colour of the glow. Here both are white. The horns are made of unrigged mesh and it is possible to edit them to make them fit. On him the hair also comes from Wasabi Pills. It is the Teeloh hair which is inspired by the German singer Tilo Wolf. The hair is also available for females. To have a more interesting look at the shaved part a tattoo layer from Jomo has been added. They have several with different patterns. The eyes are mesh eyes from A:S:S Vision called Naga which look like reptile eyes and are great for roleplay. The skin comes from Nivaro. At the same store there are also additional tattoo layers with beards sold. The clothes are being sold at the mens dept and come from epia. The suit is made of rigged mesh and comes in one piece. There are three sizes included. The shoes are not rigged and have a resize script.
The big picture in the background is made by Spyralle and sold at Futurewave, an event which will end tomorrow. The Voronoi House from 22769's Furniture/House line Bauwerk can also be bought at future wave or directly on their sim. It is a low landimpact mesh house with beautifuly detailed windows and asymetrical windows. The stonegarden on the terrace is a pretty and unique add-on. The Beanbags are being sold by Apple Fall on the Collabor88 event. They include several poses. The kitchen which is seeable on the side on some pictures comes from Kuso.
The used poses come from Captivity Co., Ma Vie and Purple poses. Especially the suitcase poses are great for travel or moving themed pictures.

On Her:
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Mia Mesh Hair - Iceberg
Horns:  [Cerridwen's Cauldron] Ram Horns, 
Collar: 22769 ~ [accessories] Materia Organica Sparkle Gold RARE (sold at L’accessoires)
Top: ISON - leather shape corset (black)
Skirt: ::HH:: Hucci Dallas Skirt - Midnight
Boots: Maitreya Thigh High Boots - Black Gold Snake (sold at Collabor88)

On him:
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh MALE Mesh Hair - Iceberg
Undercut: **JOMO** etched hair 15
Eyes: Vision by A:S:S - Naga
Horns: [Cerridwen's Cauldron] Ram Horns,
Skin: -NIVARO- James Skin - ghosttone
Suit: (epia) - Pinstriped Business Suit GRAY - MD Edition (sold at the mens dept)
Shoes: (epia) - Dress Shoes BLACK (sold at the mens dept)

House: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Voronoi House
Kitchen: Kuro - Candy kitchen
Beanbag: Apple Fall Leather Beanbag (Tiffany)(sold at Collabor88)
Fractal Art: Spyralle Orrery Panel (Mesh) - Silver (sold at Futurewave)

Chair: Captivity Co. Poses- Louis Chair
Shocked way of standing: Captivity Co. Poses
Luggage: Captivity Co. Poses- Moving

Picture 3:
Him: Purple Poses
Her: Ma Vie

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jack and Jill part 2

The motel had seen better days, better months, better years. Decades had passed since any new coat of paint had licked across the frontage, aside of course, from the nightly daubings of local gang tags claiming  territory. The Orachtes Hotel had over time, with the smashing of each neon letter, become the Rat Hoel. 3 All the facilities remained, only a little different from the original brochure, still tacked up on the reception wall as testament to the hotel's long history. Room security was guaranteed no longer by the friendly night watchman, but by thick iron bars across each window. You could still sleep sound, so long as whoever had a copy of the skeleton key had missed any dull glow from the rooms single lamp. 5 Amazingly, the diving board remained. Burned in places, and splintered, yet it loomed as large as it ever had, over a pool with more life in it now, though smaller and slimier, than the laughing splashing bodies it had once contained. Perhaps, come this summer, the place would be cleaned, tidied up, made welcoming once more to road trippers. 4 The new owners were, after all, a little unconventional. 

More lovely stuff from the Depraved Nation Jack or Jill hunt!

On Her:
Shape -  .:Panda Punx.: Body Shop Briella Shape
Skin - .:Panda Punx:. Body Shop Briella {Crush} Sunkissed Cleav
Lips - Pink Acid Pum Pum Lip Gloss - Barbie
Tattoo - PMS - Bulletproof Tattoo
Necklace -  [Atooly] Little Star Necklace Blue
Dress -  :[P]:-Maluli Dress [M]:// Ribs
Pedicure Appliers :  Virtual Insanity Squares # winter slink nail appliers
Poses -  Ilayla poses

On Him:
Shape -  -Excell- Manu Shape
Eyes -  .:ellabella:. Iccarus Eyes
Piercing - \\Twizted & Reckless// - Loopy
Stubble - .: VyC :. Neat Scruff Beard
Tattoo -  GrungeInk - Evil Within (Faded) 3
Hoodie -  AITUI CLOTHING FACTORY - Slack Hoodie - Blue_m
Backpack -  Riske - Bomber Backpack (Aqua)
Boots -  Loordes of London - Matterley Biking Boots
Poses - Elephante poses - Lie to me

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bloody grief

Bloody grief In her grief she wore white. Some traditions you never could get away from, especially those with roots buried deep in the heart that no longer beat inside her chest. Seven years. Seven years had passed. From the elusive stranger hanging upside down in a bus station, to friend, to sister. Bonds stronger than familial ties wove them together. Through love, madness, loss and more; this connection endured. The ever changing constant. Dawning realisation scythed through the thick fog of the former empath's mind. The Gordian knot cut by death. Grief flowed through her veins, turning red eyes and black hair to white. In the night the candles burned, and blood rained down...

Just a quickie today - Items shown are from Earthstones (Pentacle Locket), Magika (Hair) and Stone Misery (Witches Altar), REPULSE (Eyes) +REDRUM+(Blood)