Monday, February 17, 2014

Bloody grief

Bloody grief In her grief she wore white. Some traditions you never could get away from, especially those with roots buried deep in the heart that no longer beat inside her chest. Seven years. Seven years had passed. From the elusive stranger hanging upside down in a bus station, to friend, to sister. Bonds stronger than familial ties wove them together. Through love, madness, loss and more; this connection endured. The ever changing constant. Dawning realisation scythed through the thick fog of the former empath's mind. The Gordian knot cut by death. Grief flowed through her veins, turning red eyes and black hair to white. In the night the candles burned, and blood rained down...

Just a quickie today - Items shown are from Earthstones (Pentacle Locket), Magika (Hair) and Stone Misery (Witches Altar), REPULSE (Eyes) +REDRUM+(Blood)

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