Thursday, April 17, 2014

The magic of Butterflies

At the beginning they had tickled her a lot. But with the time the skin in her face had become less sensitive to the touch of hundreds of little legs. Her teachers had been surprised when she choose butterflies, most of her classmates had chosen bigger animals as their weapon. But every time somebody tried to talk her out of her decision she just smiled and whispered "you will see and others will feel".
Of course it would have been more easy to use wasps or bees but they would not have looked as pretty as butterflies.
But they had benefits. It was possible to use them as jewelry. And that was what she did. Now and then people who had laughed about them had to learn that magical butterflies could have very sharp wings and that they could grow.

wandering-in-grass 22769 made lovely masks for L'accessories . The butterflies are made of mesh and available in many colours they can be worn either with holder or without. The Hanako hair from Wasabi Pills looks romantic and elegant. It fits well to roleplay and also sporty look. The hair is made of rigged mesh and sold at the seasons story. The Kimono is currently sold at the Japan fair but also available in the main store of *...Silvery K*. It is made of one piece of rigged mesh and not only available in white but also in red and black. The set contains also fitting shoes. The poses used in the post come from *Ma Vie*.
Mask: 22769 ~ Mes pensees sont des papillons (sold at L'accessories)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Hanako Mesh Hair - Iceberg (sold at the seasons story)
Kimono: *:..Silvery K..:* KimonoMesh(Rose_white)
Tattoo: Dragon Tattooo = Kurikara MonMon = Irezumi
Poses: *Ma Vie*