Friday, July 9, 2010

Waiting for the party

The go4goal hunt ends soon. So the participating stores are going to have a party together. So while they built up the party area and placed their items in their boothes there i played some football in a dress i found there.
I had a lot of fun. But somehow they got a bit annoyed when i shoot the ball into their boothes and told them "sorry i thought its a goal".
The party will take place in the backyard of 22769 near the entrance of Lust4Art, a gallery which showes at the moment a small but very cute exhibition. At the closing party some dj's will play and you got the chance to meet some of the designers who took part in the hunt. It starts at 10am SLT and ends at 5 pm SLT at the 10th of July. For more information have a look at the huntblog.
The orange dress is a dollarbie from Hasi's at the party place.

Dress: Hasi`s Babydoll Dress orange (1 Linden at the go4goal party (its allready available)
Poses: Juice - 6 Football Poses (200 Linden)

Street sport

Playing football in the streets. And running fast.Shirt: Juice - GOALIE Soccer Shirt (go4goal hunt 0 Linden)
Trousers: Hasi`s G4G#45 Gift- (go4goal hunt 0 Linden)
Pose: Juice - 6 Football Poses (200 Linden)

But then i found a skateboard and tried to ride it.
Skateboard: 'NSA' - Skater (NotSoPro) (50 Linden at the rocking friday)

I balanced a bit on it.
Top: Hasi`s G4G#45 Gift- (0 Linden)

Soon i became better with dealing with it.
Shirt: Go4Goal Ladies gift from cacao (go4goal hunt 0 Linden)
Skateboard: 'NSA' - Skater (Pro) (50 Linden at the rocking friday)

After changing my clothes i tried some tricks.
Shirt: Alphabet Soup Bazaar #Before Sleep# Tubetop [Army] (25 Linden)
Trousers: >>>Poison<<< Grey striped_jeans (0 Linden Midnight mania board)

And managed even to perform a handstand on the board.

And even a more impressing trick.

The skateboards are from No Strings Attached. They are in the rocking friday so they only cost 50 Linden today. The designer is currently working on a attachable version and all who bought the rezz version will get the attacheble version as free update. The boards have a colourchange hud so they could have 4 different looks. Im very glad that this pose set is now available as i haven`t found a comfy way to make pictures of tricks with my normal boards.
I used some outfits from the go4goal hunt in this blog entry. No strings Attached and has some great football poses as gift so if you don`t have them yet go there and get them.
The go4goal hunt will at the 11th July.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

EMO-tions at the Gor Fest

On the planet Resuna all grownup women had the same skin. The reason was that only women lived on the planet and they all have been clones. The only chance they had to look different was to colour their hair and to cut it in different ways. Beside their cloning technology Resuna was a medivial planet. But that just to the background.

Persephone wanted to fight she was full of power and on the way to get the black castle back. She hoped to conquer the red sorceress. She was called red sorceress because she always wore black. And she was tricky.
When reaching the bridge which was the only way to the castle of the sorceress Persephone suddenly became rather tired. She decided to take a rest. If she would have taken a look into the water she would have seen the bones of lots of warriors who had a rest there before.
The red sorceress went regularly, whispered with her crow and performed a ritual. It was secret but worked well. She only had to do it every week.
What she didn`t knew that one of the woodrunners watched her behaviour now for several month and had also recognized that the ritual worked best when it just had been performed and got weaker at the end of the week. She also had developed a technique to rescue the tired women from the bridge. She only needed to aim well with her lasso. She rescued one or two of them every week so she hoped to have enough warriors in a year to get the castle for herself.
.:EMO-tions:. is one of the two sponsors of the GorFest & Merchant Fair 2010. A fair which helps Relay for Life. .:EMO-tions:. have a lovely tent there. They sell great medivial/fantasy outfits and stunning hair. When seeing the outfits its just obvious who much Mirja Mills, the designer of EMO-tions, loves to create them.

The serenity dress comes with a skirt in two lengthes and a shawl. The skirt has a very well made leather belt. The hair i used with the outfit is also from EMO-tions. Its named NALA and it was rather easy to make it fit my avi. I like it that it looks a bit messy.

The Persephone dress is perfect for every warrior. For owned warriors it comes with a fitting collar. I like it that the coat is attatched to the shoulder armour. The armour on the arms is asymetric so you could wear a sword on the right hand and use a shield on the left. The outfit also could work as lingerie as a thong is inclueded and the corset is very sensual. In the set are also two kinds of skirts included a closed and a open one. And what i don`t want to forget to mention the hair is included. It is side partened and contains a resize script.

Immortal is a nice red gown with a corset over the top. It has very long sleeves which follow the movements of the arms. The square neck has a black seam.

At Saturday 11 SLT a fashionshow is going to take part at the gorfest. There also outfits from EMO-tions will be shown so thats a good chance to see the dresses in 3-D.
Left: .:EMO-tions:. *SERENITY * dress (399 Linden)
Middle: .:EMO-tions:. * PERSEPHONE * outfit (599 Linden)
Right: .:EMO-tions:. *IMMORTAL* dress (399 Linden)

For this blog entry i used the landmark of EMO-tions at the Gor fest. This is the link to their mainstore. I also want to mention that the shoulder raven is from a hunt some time ago and not included in the Immortal dress it just fitted rather well to a sorceress.

By the way the Gor Fest is fun. The Organisators are kind and helpful and they know how to deal with lazy hatchlings.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New groupgift from D-Desing

Before going to bed i d like to post a picture of the new groupgift from D-Design. Its a dress which has a bit of a sari with that veil-like cloth on the back. The skirt is worn diagonal on the hips but has the same lenght at the bottom. The other asymetric dresses i know are the other way around. The top is also very lovely its amazing how well yellow and baby blue could fit together. The skirt is a bit sheer but only at the parts where it is yellow so there is no reason to be afraid that something which should be hidden is seeable. Dress: D-DESIGN Free Memb. Gift 2010-July (0 Linden)

Santa Lucia for black haired girls

As its summer now its a good time to start to train for santa lucia. So i spend some time with walking gracefully around singing Santa Lucia songs. The owl pressed her eyes closed and i suppose she also wished to be able to close her ears too. But then i saw myself mirrored in the window and thought "oh no only blond girls could be Santa Lucia". So i decided that there also must be a Santa Nocturna and changed my dress. Instead of a white one i picked a black one. The owl looked a bit irritated when i started to sing "Santa Nocturna" instead of "Santa Lucia".

Adam n Eve
take part at the fashion fest and have those dresses as new release there:
The black dress comes with different skirts and of course pants in different lengthes to wear under the skirts. Its nice with the shawl around the hips.
Outfit: Adam n Eve Amelia Black (600 Linden)
What i like to add is that the pants which are included in the outfit fit very well to other clothes. So with a tanktop and some tattoos they make a good outfit to go skateboarding in.

The white dress which reminded me somehow on Santa Lucia comes also with different skirts. The long ones are very elegant and the short one is rather sexy.
The details on the top are very cute and very well made.
Dress: Adam n Eve Rose White (600 Linden)

Driving to the training with Shiki Design

When standing next to the gun rack i recognized that i haven`t trained shooting for ages. But when looking down on me i realised that the dress i wore was pretty but not handy for shooting. So i quickly jumped in some old jeans and my favourite jeans jacket. Grabbed a gun and walked to the car.
But the day ended on an unpleasant way. The car didn`t work. And somehow it had shrinked secretly. And somehow some parts of the tires wasn`t where they should have been. So my plans to visit the shooting range ended swearing in a very small car.
Shiki Design is taking part at the fashion fest, this dress is sold there at their booth. It has a very unique skirt which manages to look feathery without any feathers. What i like a lot is how versatile it is. With some battle boots it looks punky and changing the boots to high heels and adding a necklace and a wristlet it becomes an elegant short dress. The corset has seams on the side and also ruffles on the top.
Dress: SHIKI-Corset Dress TIMES SQUARE TRIBAL (590 Linden)

The jeansjacket in stonewashed is very comfy. The sleves, the lower parts and the collar are prim parts. The collar comes even in two versions with different attatchment points. The Jackets are unisex. So the prim parts are included in a version for men and a version for women. In my opinion they are perfect for the time from spring till autum. In winter they might be a bit too cold.
Jacket: SHIKI-Denim Jacket Stone wash Grunge (390 Linden)

The blue jacket has other patterns than the stonewashed one. Its amazing how much the textures transport the surface feel of jeans.
Jacket: SHIKI-Denim Jacket BLUE (390 Linden)

I think with the black jacket it is possible to join a second life motorcycle rockers club. It also has a light stonewashed look - i mean some parts of it look a bit faded.
Jacket: SHIKI-Denim Jacket BLACK GRUNGE (390 Linden)

Innocent but only on the surface

Standing in the garden and doing the best to look innocent. But thats a bit tricky with those lingerie under the clothing.
This is the outfit from ezura. Its wearable as dress with pants under it but it offers a lot of sensual options. For example there are corsets included which do not cover the breasts. The stockings and gloves from the set repeat the pattern which is shown on the skirt.
With taking of the skirt and the bolero jacket the dress turns into sexy lingerie. The pants come with and without the garters, and there is also the possibility to wear just the garters without the undies.
Outfit: + ezura + Insomnia *Dark Erotic Set (488 Linden)

But thats not the only sexy set which is been sold at + Ezura +. Also available there is for example this black lace outfit. I like very much that the included necklace has the same look as the piece which connects the sides of the top over the breasts and the wristlets. For this picture i wore pasties under the shirt. The dress has very wide sleves which have the same pattern as skirt and top.

When taking of the sleeves and the skirt the dress becomes even more sexy. The undies are as small as possible. It only might be a problem that it maybe makes people nervous so it might become torn when somebody is trying to be so kind to help you to take it off.
Outfit: + ezura + Gothic Lacey Sexy Lolita *Black (338 Linden)

I'm up

I'm up well past my bed time.. Don't tell anyone! But I just had to show off my new PJs
and look! I haven't even taken off my makeup... the lipstick matched the night clothes so well i just HAD to keep it on!
PJs - Miseria July Subscribo Group Gift
Skin - Corrupted Innocence (Free)
Saff xx

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dancing fail

I was so excited before the great ball. I hoped that Lord Washmouth would be there and maybe ask me to dance with him. So i wore the most beautiful dress i could find. And when he came in i took a deep breath, tried my best to stand elegant and pressed my chest out.
And he looked so elegant in his green suit with the small tie. I nearly felt his hands on my shoulder guiding me to the dancefloor. But oh what happened.
He only had eyes for the huge redhead with the tan skin. Tan skin even.
So when he asked her to dance with him i quickly ran out. Being sad i started dancing around the horse sculptures.
This wonderful copper gown is a relay for life donation item from bellissima!. It has wonderful details and the texture is well made. For example the halter, when looking closer at it it looks like lots of small black pearls are stitched on it. The lower part of the skirt looks in a similar way. The gown comes with fitting gloves in white.
Gown: _Bell_Natalya Gown RFL (250 Linden)

The party dress the sensual redhead wears has also very many little details. For example the backside of the top has a seam in the middle and on the front are some patterns which are repeated on the lower end of the top. The dress comes with fitting boots and a wristlet. It is also a relay for life donation item.
Dress: _Bell_Lace Party Dress - Purple RFL (100 Linden)

And here the mens outfit, gladly i had picked a shape and a skin for guys in the make him over hunt so i was able to show that too and to put it even in a romantic story. It comes with a jacket and a collar with a tie. I like the striped trousers very much. The colours of the set fit perfectly together. I think it could be worn for many events like going on a hunt, a meeting for drinking tea and other events a Lord has to attend. The outfit is a donation item for relay for life so if you buy it (or force your man to buy it) you do something of noblesse.
Outfit: _Bell_Pinstriped Vest Suit for RFL (275 Linden)

The relay for life items from Bellissima! are on the backside of the wall where also the 60 Linden Weekend items are sold.


Standing at home and planing to go out. But as not being used to walk on high heels jumping from foot to foot.
So i decided to choose a comfy american outfit. And which is most important more comfy shoes. But had to recognize that the posing wasn`t as sexy as in the other dress.
The dress with the american flag is the july groupgift from evaki. The range from Evaki goes from sporty over elegant to sexy. For example the cute baby baby doll outfit on the right. It comes with a pair of halflong leggins and a nice top in red. Its possible to wear it at many occasions. It comes even with shoes but as they didn`t fit my avi i wore other shoes. But the sandals of the colourful outfit on the left fit. I like the way they are put on the foot. Its a nice elegant way. The top is
Left: ::Evaki:: Fashionstiva
Right: ::Evaki:: Red Heat! Babydoll outfit

This short kimono is very sexy. It comes with the shoes and a fan. The stockings are strapless and fit very well to the sensual design. I think its an outfit which many men might like and which makes a woman feel just sexy.
Outfit: ::Evaki:: Cherry Blossoms Short and Sassy Kimono

Some freebies on the way

Sneaking home sunburned after haven fallen asleep at the beach. The skin hurts a bit. But the top is short and the trousers comfy so its bearable. Top: Prim and Pixel Paradise: Summer Tied Blouse - Primrose BLOUSE BONANZA GIFT (0 Linden subscriber gift)
Trousers: -antebellum- side button cotton pants (grey) (0 Linden Midnight mania board)
Flip-Flops: #Before Sleep# Flip-Flops [Brown/Black] (Alphabet soup bazaar 1 Linden)

Here two more gifts from the alphabet soup bazaar.

Left: T Junction - Gingham Orange Bikini(Limited Edition) (0 Linden)
Right: *MPD* Inspired--Rez Day Freebie (0 Linden)