Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Driving to the training with Shiki Design

When standing next to the gun rack i recognized that i haven`t trained shooting for ages. But when looking down on me i realised that the dress i wore was pretty but not handy for shooting. So i quickly jumped in some old jeans and my favourite jeans jacket. Grabbed a gun and walked to the car.
But the day ended on an unpleasant way. The car didn`t work. And somehow it had shrinked secretly. And somehow some parts of the tires wasn`t where they should have been. So my plans to visit the shooting range ended swearing in a very small car.
Shiki Design is taking part at the fashion fest, this dress is sold there at their booth. It has a very unique skirt which manages to look feathery without any feathers. What i like a lot is how versatile it is. With some battle boots it looks punky and changing the boots to high heels and adding a necklace and a wristlet it becomes an elegant short dress. The corset has seams on the side and also ruffles on the top.
Dress: SHIKI-Corset Dress TIMES SQUARE TRIBAL (590 Linden)

The jeansjacket in stonewashed is very comfy. The sleves, the lower parts and the collar are prim parts. The collar comes even in two versions with different attatchment points. The Jackets are unisex. So the prim parts are included in a version for men and a version for women. In my opinion they are perfect for the time from spring till autum. In winter they might be a bit too cold.
Jacket: SHIKI-Denim Jacket Stone wash Grunge (390 Linden)

The blue jacket has other patterns than the stonewashed one. Its amazing how much the textures transport the surface feel of jeans.
Jacket: SHIKI-Denim Jacket BLUE (390 Linden)

I think with the black jacket it is possible to join a second life motorcycle rockers club. It also has a light stonewashed look - i mean some parts of it look a bit faded.
Jacket: SHIKI-Denim Jacket BLACK GRUNGE (390 Linden)

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