Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Standing at home and planing to go out. But as not being used to walk on high heels jumping from foot to foot.
So i decided to choose a comfy american outfit. And which is most important more comfy shoes. But had to recognize that the posing wasn`t as sexy as in the other dress.
The dress with the american flag is the july groupgift from evaki. The range from Evaki goes from sporty over elegant to sexy. For example the cute baby baby doll outfit on the right. It comes with a pair of halflong leggins and a nice top in red. Its possible to wear it at many occasions. It comes even with shoes but as they didn`t fit my avi i wore other shoes. But the sandals of the colourful outfit on the left fit. I like the way they are put on the foot. Its a nice elegant way. The top is
Left: ::Evaki:: Fashionstiva
Right: ::Evaki:: Red Heat! Babydoll outfit

This short kimono is very sexy. It comes with the shoes and a fan. The stockings are strapless and fit very well to the sensual design. I think its an outfit which many men might like and which makes a woman feel just sexy.
Outfit: ::Evaki:: Cherry Blossoms Short and Sassy Kimono

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