Thursday, July 8, 2010

EMO-tions at the Gor Fest

On the planet Resuna all grownup women had the same skin. The reason was that only women lived on the planet and they all have been clones. The only chance they had to look different was to colour their hair and to cut it in different ways. Beside their cloning technology Resuna was a medivial planet. But that just to the background.

Persephone wanted to fight she was full of power and on the way to get the black castle back. She hoped to conquer the red sorceress. She was called red sorceress because she always wore black. And she was tricky.
When reaching the bridge which was the only way to the castle of the sorceress Persephone suddenly became rather tired. She decided to take a rest. If she would have taken a look into the water she would have seen the bones of lots of warriors who had a rest there before.
The red sorceress went regularly, whispered with her crow and performed a ritual. It was secret but worked well. She only had to do it every week.
What she didn`t knew that one of the woodrunners watched her behaviour now for several month and had also recognized that the ritual worked best when it just had been performed and got weaker at the end of the week. She also had developed a technique to rescue the tired women from the bridge. She only needed to aim well with her lasso. She rescued one or two of them every week so she hoped to have enough warriors in a year to get the castle for herself.
.:EMO-tions:. is one of the two sponsors of the GorFest & Merchant Fair 2010. A fair which helps Relay for Life. .:EMO-tions:. have a lovely tent there. They sell great medivial/fantasy outfits and stunning hair. When seeing the outfits its just obvious who much Mirja Mills, the designer of EMO-tions, loves to create them.

The serenity dress comes with a skirt in two lengthes and a shawl. The skirt has a very well made leather belt. The hair i used with the outfit is also from EMO-tions. Its named NALA and it was rather easy to make it fit my avi. I like it that it looks a bit messy.

The Persephone dress is perfect for every warrior. For owned warriors it comes with a fitting collar. I like it that the coat is attatched to the shoulder armour. The armour on the arms is asymetric so you could wear a sword on the right hand and use a shield on the left. The outfit also could work as lingerie as a thong is inclueded and the corset is very sensual. In the set are also two kinds of skirts included a closed and a open one. And what i don`t want to forget to mention the hair is included. It is side partened and contains a resize script.

Immortal is a nice red gown with a corset over the top. It has very long sleeves which follow the movements of the arms. The square neck has a black seam.

At Saturday 11 SLT a fashionshow is going to take part at the gorfest. There also outfits from EMO-tions will be shown so thats a good chance to see the dresses in 3-D.
Left: .:EMO-tions:. *SERENITY * dress (399 Linden)
Middle: .:EMO-tions:. * PERSEPHONE * outfit (599 Linden)
Right: .:EMO-tions:. *IMMORTAL* dress (399 Linden)

For this blog entry i used the landmark of EMO-tions at the Gor fest. This is the link to their mainstore. I also want to mention that the shoulder raven is from a hunt some time ago and not included in the Immortal dress it just fitted rather well to a sorceress.

By the way the Gor Fest is fun. The Organisators are kind and helpful and they know how to deal with lazy hatchlings.

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