Thursday, November 9, 2017

For the Love of the Devil - Pt 2

This was interesting...
Neon glowed, soft and red in the darkness; giving the space the feeling of internal, if not infernal warmth. Stepping through the door from the street marked a change, more than location, a change of state.
Though separated from the busy street outside by mere millimetres of glass and aluminium, the space, soft and warm was otherworldly. A gentle scent caught her attention. Looking around she could see no cause, though with each step the scent bloomed, earthy and fulsome. A gentle tickle at her neck explained all. Under the strange light, the tiny plantlet in her necklace was flourishing.
There were others there... had been others there, though she could not see them, she could feel them. Feel the effect they had had on this place, and how it had affected them in turn.
That was it... the cables on the floor, sockets and plugs, traced to outlets which were unconnected, and yet the lights still glowed. The power was coming from within, it was created by all who cared to come.

2 days remaining at the fabulous fundraising event For the Love of the Devil!  
Taxi :   For the Love of the Devil

Hair :  .Olive. the Robin Hair - Color Fades     L$ 395
Horns : DOUX - Demon hairstyle [Naturals]  L$ 149
Facepaint : Nightmare :: Bad Wolf Set   L$ 150
Necklace : :[P]:- Hydropine Jewelry & Rezzable:// Jungle  L$ 199
This set includes two necklaces and earrings!
Dress : [Cynful] The Oh! Dress - Devilish Purple  L$ 299
Beautiful ombre. Dress also includes chain embellisments, colour change via HUD - or removable - as shown here. 
Shoes : NX-Nardcotix Liz Stiletto Devil  L$ 250
Colour change via HUD, 6 different colourblend options!
Scene : /anxiety/ devil  L$ 149

Monday, November 6, 2017

For the Love of the Devil


She should know better. Walking around, even half asleep in her slippers was not usually a problem, but when she had jumped wholeheartedly into a late night idea to rewire, re-jig, and reinstall a lighting and music installation...

Huffing, puffing, and shuffling followed before she emerged again; this time fully clothed and in footwear eminently more suitable for electrical maintenance. The concept was there, ceilings, walls, floor... But, was there something missing?

Narrowing her gaze she reached out and tweaked one of the bulbs, settling the flickering light into a more pleasing rhythm, along with the others.

"There." The low growl of her voice, silk rippling over shards of slate belied her appearance for many who heard it. "That's better." Clapping her hands together, the room was ready, the gathered could come.

It's been a while! Not that long since Twisted, but since logging into SL for more than a few moments - not specifically for events such as the Fantasy Faire or Twisted - it feels like years. While I'm feeling all sad and blue today at the loss of what had been my own tight knit community, I'm taking heart from another I stumbled across. A group of people coming together, as I've witnessed time and again in SL, to help out and support someone they care about.
For the love of the Devil is a shopping event where 100+ designers have come together as one to help a fellow SL resident: Andrea Damone (Devil Damone) 100% of the proceeds go directly to her to help support her during a difficult time.
Please take a look - there is so much great stuff!
Taxi For the Love of the Devil
Information about the event from the Facebook page:
This year, in May and June a friend of many in Secondlife, Andrea Damone (Devil Damone) went in for what should have been a very routine surgery. But things did not go to plan, and Andrea spent many weeks in an induced coma fighting for her life. We are blessed that she has fought her way back and although her recovery continues, she is home and getting stronger by the week. Unfortunately the cost of keeping Andrea with us has fallen on her greatly. She has many expenses and bills resulting from this ordeal that she has to now face, while continuing to maintain her determination and fighting spirit through physical and emotional therapy.
Andrea had no idea of our plans, but many of her friends have wanted to do something to help. It's hard in Secondlife to offer support, when often we are so far away from a friendly hug, or a knock on the door with offerings of support. We decided, what we can do is try to help her with the burden of these expenses the only way we can.

Here's my first look created from items from 'For the love of the Devil'

Hair : .Olive. the Robin Hair - Color Fades Fatpack L$ 395
Soooo many pretty colours, each half of the hair is colour adjustable separately.
Horns : DOUX - Demon hairstyle [Naturals] L$ 149
Pretty horns, colour change via HUD. Comes in two versions - without hair - as shown here, or with strands of hair - not the full head.
Face paint : Nightmare :: Bad Wolf Set L$ 150
Pretty face adornment, different options included - Face without makeup (as shown here), with makeup and body versions, system and applier (Catwa, Genesis, Omega.)
Top : [[ Masoom ]] Naomi Top Ruby L$ 150
Keeps you warm... just about! Mesh top with a hint of bewb - shown here on a SLink Hourglass body.
Skirt : {ViSion} - Juliana Skirt - Dark Blue L$ 180
Two options of this lovely skirt included - the jagged patchwork shown here, and plain.
Boots : :::NOIR:::: Fleur Boots L$ 199
Love these boots, great leatherlook texture.
Sabots : #187# Devil Sabots L$ 187
Who doesn't love teetering around on devilish sabots?
Scene : Anxiety anxiety %devil L$ 149
Excellent scene for pictures, or to incorporate into any build. 22Li, neon lights on / off on touch. Lovely.

My apologies if the pictures are a bit clippy - I'm back on an elderly PC for a while!