Friday, May 21, 2010

Fire in the sky

When i looked into the sky tonight i saw a falling star.
So i run into the house and grabbed my telescope and had a closer look.
I was quite surprised when seeing that the comet was female.
Even her hair was fiery. And also her skin.

So here the landed comet.
Outfit: LNL BOX OUTFIT O-66 -- M&L GIFT - Hepahestus (0 Linden)
Skin: {coZy in heLL} MakeUpBabe Full Avatar Skin (500 Linden)

The skin belongs to a full avi pack which is reduced at the moment to 500 Linden. Normaly it costs 1000 linden i think. The outfit is the gift from LNL from the Mysts and Legends hunt. It comes in a male and in a female version.

I need a job or more i need money

so i wear a shirt to apply. Its from 22769 and is on the midnight mania board there at the moment. Outfit: 22769 Outfit Sex Instructor (midnight mania board 0 Linden)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

flowers in spring

Resting in the garden after stalking the mnk lucky board. As it is still a bit cold the shirt from diapop is quite useful. Well to be honest im glad that it is still cold so i do not need to hunt moles over the island. At this time of the year its enough to stand in the garden and wait to glare them down.
So here a picture of the items.
Top: * [DIAPOP] * mijn trui ::brown green:: (145 Linden)
Skirt: MNK*SHOP Lucky item(Fleurir skirt candy) (0 Linden Lucky board)
Socks: (Slow Kitchen)Innocent_lady_socks (old hunt gift)
Shoes: Ingenue :: Audrei :: Raven ( 225 Lindens)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Macabre hunting

I started the macabre hunt because seeing a picture of this jester suit in the top secret blog. And i wanted to stop hunting when i went to the store which gives away this gift. The hunt item is hidden on a mean way and the place was also laggy. But it was worth to take the time to get the item. As it is rather nice.
Left: ::Gehenna:: The Cask Jester (Male)
Right: ::Gehenna:: The Cask Jester (Female)

This skin is from the lucky board at cozy in hell. It comes in six different versions. The makeup is very colourful. The lingerie is from violent seduction and was also hidden rather mean. But it turned out to be smart to join the hunters group as i met somebody i know in it and she helped me a bit.
Skin: {coZy in heLL} Elfi Party (Lucky board 0 Linden but you need to be groupmember to win)
Outfit: Violent Seduction - Lenore [Macabre Hunt Pack]

I have a thing for well made trousers and those are very well made. They go well with this sweet sweater from diapop and the cape from luster. The sweater comes with different versions of the arms and is very comfy.
Sweater: * [DIAPOP] * chunky grey jumper (i think135 Linden)
Trousers: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe : [*RD*]*Macabre Hunt Gift-Male*
Coat: *Luster - Little Red Riding Hood

Dresses Could Nudge You

Standing at home in a dress from the DCNY lucky chair. I always liked this Store. Last halloween i got a skin from there which i really like and which has also been my first decent skin.
This is the DCNY groupgift. To get it you have to be member of the subscriber for seven or more days.
Dress: DCNY "Joleen" Dress - Baby Pink (Group Member Gift)

But you don t need to be a member of the subscriber or group to be able to win those dresses at the lucky chair. Somehow a spider managed to jump into my hair while i was making the picture.
Left: DCNY "Fay" Dress - Sky Blue (0 Linden Lucky chair)
Right: DCNY "Miranda" Gown - Cobalt Blue (0 Linden Lucky chair)

Or this dress at the midnight mania.
Dress: DCNY "Olivia" Dress - Peach (0 Linden Midnight mania)

For this blogentry i used this skin : DCNY Halloween Skin GILLIAN Fair Freckled and of course dragoneyes from Sterling Artistry Eyes. I think it are those: sa_DragonEyes_MysticCrystal


I was looking around a bit on a japanese sim and found this wonderful jacket. The hair and the skirt are from an other japanese sim. Unfortunatly i don t know anymore where i got the tights from.
Knitjacket: -Demise-knit cardigan (0 Linden)
Skirt: *salire* knit check set (0 Linden)
Hair: :::{{trico}}::: GROUP GIFT 3 (0 Linden)

Dead dolls

When trying to do the dark katz hunt i liked the cut of the gift dress at the second store. When seeing that a dress with the same cut is on the lucky board there i spend some time there and finally managed to win this white dress.
Dress: ::DaRk DoLls:: Dead Flowers White 1 (Lucky board 0 Linden)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Becoming a victorian princess

Waiting for a new invention in a wonderful gown hundreds of poor widowed seamstresses made. Well to be honest its the groupgift from the white armory this week. And its pretty. As the one last week it comes with a resize script, so its easy to make it fit.
Gown: **TWA**Victorian Princess Gown Set-Group Gift (0 Linden)

New tomoto mainstore

Standing in the new café tomoto and trying to breath. Its under water so this isn`t an easy task. The flats are the opening gift from the new main store. The old store in symmetry will close soon. So if you don`t have the lucky board prize from there hurry to get it.
Dress: tomoto, ange apaisant (400 Linden)
Shoes: tomoto, opening gift (0 Linden)

The new store is quite nice. And there is a new dress sold there. Its named Barbara and available in six colours. Those two girls bought the blanc and the rose version.
Right: tomoto, barbara RedRose (100 Linden till the 23th of May)
Left: tomoto, barbara blanc (100 Linden till the 23th of May)

I bought me the barbara dress in red. Its kind of a modern version of a flapper dress.
Dress: tomoto, barbara rouge (100 Linden till the 23th of May)

Here some more dresses from tomoto. I really love this store.
Left: tomoto, pas fillette - deux (450 Linden)
Right: tomoto, pas fillette - un (i haven t seen that in the store anymore)

Its possible to wear this dress on many ways. It comes also with a top which is combineable with trousers.
Dress: tomoto, holo amour (120 Linden)
Top: tomoto, holo amour (120 Linden)
Trousers: tomoto, comme un garcon (120 Linden)

Those short dresses are really nice. I like the textures very much. The tights are also from tomoto they come in a set with six colours. And all are very colourful.

Left: tomoto, camisole tunique astre (80 Linden)
Right: tomoto, camisole tunique azur (80 Linden)
Tights: tomoto, dot tights full set

back to the 70ties

Just comming home from a 70ties party. And of course i was wearing a fitting dress. Its made of my old blanket.
Well to be honest i found it on a store which is on the same sim as Encemble. So i stalked the lucky chair there a bit and managed to win it. The hat is also from cozy in hell. The colours of the dress and hat fit quite well together. The leg warmers are a gift from *salire*.
Dress: Pure Style : *~PS~* Patchwork(strwberry) (Lucky chair)
Legwarmers: *salire* Group gift(5) (0 Linden)
Hat: {coZy in heLL} Millner Heat Needle (50 Linden)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dark kittens

I have to admit i was rather lazy with the dark katz hunt. After not finding the first item I simply had a look at the blog and went to the stores i knew and liked.

So i started with my favourite eye store, Sterling Artistry eyes. And it was quite a good desicion. Silverr made a set of six cat eyes for the hunt. Here are four of them. They look a bit like the dragon eyes but are more cat like.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes : Dark Katz 2 - #006 Sterling Artistry (0 Linden)

Then i went to Zenith Fashion and won first a dress on the lucky board.
Outfit: =Zenith=Sweet Dress Pink(Lucky Board 0 Linden)
Necklace: +Fallen Gods Inc. : Elemental Choker and Necklace (Lucky Chair 0 Linden)

And then i found the hunt item.
Outfit: =Zenith= Fur Neko Boots& outfit (Gift Bag) (0 Linden)

This is the dress from the second store in the hunt. I like the cut very much.

Dress: ::DaRk DoLls::^V^DKH>2<^V^ {GIFT} (0 Linden)

Unique black

Oh, no my teddy prisoner is escaping secretly. But the hat is so huge i doubt that my arms are long enough to keep the teddy in the hat. It will escape and tell all about my plans to gain world domination.

The dress is an item from the umi usagi lucky board. You have to be a groupmember to be able to win it. I like the hat very much, its funny and the textures are well made.

Dress: --Umi Usagi-- "Black Rabbits" (0 Linden Lucky board - need to be groupmember)
Hat: {coZy in heLL} Millner Teddy Heat (50 Linden)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Make me fly

For those who don`t have wings. And also for those who have wings but can t fly as well as dragons there is a great possibility today. A bouncy castle. It comes with a script which is modifyable so you could use it to build your own bouncy castle. Maybe even one which has this place where you could put your shoes.
Castle: .:it's Cake:. Cupcake Moon Bounce (0 Linden only today 16th of May)

Happy Anniversary Lika Ruby

Its the first Anniversary of Lika Ruby. And because of that there is a gift for the groupmembers. Its a dress in the typical Lika Ruby design. The pattern made me grin as it reminds me on the bavarian flag. Although the blue is a bit too green for that.

Dress: +Lika Ruby+ 1stAnniversaryDress (0 Linden groupgift)

Hunting at the 9

Its the first anniversary of +grasp+. To celebrate that a hunt through 9 stores takes place. When having found all hunt items its possible to get a special gift from +grasp+. The hunt works with a hud which is getable in every store which takes part in the hunt. So here a picture of some items i got in the hunt. I think its best not to start the hunt at +grasp+ as the bonus gift is also there so its smartest to hunt everything else first.
1. Hair: +grasp+ - Beanie+hair/DarkBrown (hunting9 0 Linden)
Bikini: Miamai_Teka Bikini Pink (hunting9 0 Linden)
2. Dress: -AZUL- grasp hunting9 (hunting9 0 Linden)
3. Outfit: +grasp+/1st annversary special prize/womens (hunting9 0 Linden)
4. Outfit: Amerie - Maid (hunting9 0 Linden)